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  1. TimmyT

    Wondering what my kick start is telling me?

    Ok so after opening the top end the pistons look 35 years old, cause they are. The rings are ok although there are no rubber ones left. The hones look in decent shape, but I cant get over the top of the pistons and the wear around the top before the first set of rings. The wrist collars are...
  2. TimmyT

    oil in stator/some say yes..some say no???

    If you use the center stand and not the side stand you should only have a spoon full or less of oil to clean up... I had my oil overfilled a little bit and still only a spoon full. there will be oil under the stator case... that's why there is a gasket on the rotor cover, another gasket on the...
  3. TimmyT

    SOHC Top End Rebuild Time! Veterans Needed

    Compression test showed 100 psi on the left and 75 on the right. So I took it in my hands to tear the top end down. Set gas tank to PRI and remove (good to have a working petcock). Drained the float bowls and pulled the carbs. Removed ignition coils. Removed top end engine mounts. Then got into...
  4. TimmyT

    Wondering what my kick start is telling me?

    OK so a dry compression test tells me everything I need to know. 100psi on the left cylinder and 75 on the right. So I got my balls in check and pulled the top end. I figured what the hell then I can make sure the cam and timing and all seals are good from the inside out. Huge carbon deposits on...
  5. TimmyT

    Need help; timing/ignition issue after head gasket change

    Put it on the center stand you will only loose a spoon full when you take the rotor cover off. You should be able to get it set fairly quickly without mishap.
  6. TimmyT

    Back at it again

    I would think to go up on the pilot jet size to a 45. you could also raise or shim the needle height which should be done if you have to go to 4 turns out on the pilot screws then start back at 1 and 1/2 to 2 turns after raising or shimming. I would go by what your plugs are telling you for...
  7. TimmyT

    Finally riding my XS400, but still not ready for the road?!?

    sorry to wake the dead here but we all have our own sob story I have 2 kids and got laid off at the beginning of the week, times are tight and everyone is broke unlucky ones are poor. I have had my bike for 2 years and hopefully by the end of the weekend I will hear it finally run for the first...
  8. TimmyT

    The handy 'TIPS & TRICKS' thread

    Don't let this thread die there are lots of good things here and Im sure even more that people are holding back. I wish I knew the magic behind one guy @ 150lb getting these on the center stand! lol that group hug almost ruined my beverage and my computer! Timing and Valves and making it all...
  9. TimmyT

    Regulator Rectifier

    I paid just over $50 including shipping for my rr38 from its like amazon or ebay except it is an eastern free trade site. If you did not have a combo reg/rectifier before then you might have to find a creative way to mount it. It is going to be bigger and may interfere with wiring...
  10. TimmyT

    Wondering what my kick start is telling me?

    Ok so I checked and this compression gap is actually happening on both left and right sides with the kick. Bear with me cause apparently in my inspections today I tried the signal short with the flasher relay out and the signals are good and relay is bad. Neutral light was not working but I...
  11. TimmyT

    looking for stator suggestions

    If you have a stator it is probably still good, just needs a re-wire I dont think they can go bad as it has no moving parts and is mounted to the frame. In my searches I did come across some suzuki stators that would fit in the same CC range with the same mounting pattern.
  12. TimmyT

    turn signal electrical short

    should be brown and green, cant remember which side is which but they would match up with whatever you have set up on the rear signals as they run in tandum. I tried the brown and brown/white jumper trick and was overjoyed that it was only both my flasher relays are crap (0 for 2). Also I think...
  13. TimmyT

    Wondering what my kick start is telling me?

    Just put it all back together, to note another dumb electrical bug, loose ground clips under the headlamp and mystery short to ground somewhere I have yet to trace. No big deal I can fix the turn signals later... A blown fuse actually caused my brake lights to stay full on and keep the horn from...
  14. TimmyT

    Make your own Gaskets, PDF Scans for some DIY

    As a disclaimer I would never use it myself and I do would not recommend cereal box cardboard though it could work. I have tried gasket maker gunk as well, and it held the oil in alright but there really is no clean or orderly application other than goop it on and hope not too much squeezes into...
  15. TimmyT

    Make your own Gaskets, PDF Scans for some DIY

    Sorry should have posted these sooner, but thought it would be nice to share. My bike is a 1978 SOHC so if anyone else has more to share post them here or at least the links. These were all scanned to PDF format and with scales on the x and y axis for refrence. Stock up on your corn flakes...
  16. TimmyT

    Igintion problem

    Is there really a diode spliced in the harness???? the diode controls current flow and only works one way, isn't this referred to as rectifier on these bikes or will I find another diode somewhere in my harness too? after looking at your pics I see somewhat whats going on. that black wire you...
  17. TimmyT

    Where can I get a decent cheap ohm meter.

    should be pretty standard to replace, you can get ones with probes or clips. If they are hard wired into the meter itself and soldered straight to the board you may have to weigh this mod against buying another meter. But that's only if the wires seem damaged in any way. My cheap meter the...
  18. TimmyT

    Feild Coil and startor Re-Wire and Fail.

    UPDATE Opened it up again, and sure enough when tightening the stator back into the side case the solder joints pulled apart on me. New solder job and more careful and mindful assembly this time around and Im getting 4 ohm readings required. Also ordered another voltage regulator. So now I...
  19. TimmyT

    Where can I get a decent cheap ohm meter.

    Start by changing the battery on the ohm meter you have. most cheapo meters only have 200ohm range as the lowest setting. Mine is no different, the 200 ohm range will be ok for 3 number slots and should have at least one decimal point. If you read .7 or .8 consider this should be fine as you are...
  20. TimmyT

    Stator Wires

    Test with a multimeter on lowest ohm setting and you should get 4ohm plus resistance added by the meter itself (test this by connecting meter leads to each other and see what your base reading is). Also should read infinite when touched to any body ground through any ohm range on the meter...