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  1. Lou Ranger

    engine wont start

    New gas, spark plugs, test wet and dry compression, then, virtually inevitably, carb cleaning.
  2. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    Nice bike. Looks like you might have to look to the Dakota for drama - if she hasn't already delivered enough.
  3. Lou Ranger

    Restricted XS400 DOHC 1983

    Bardzo ładna prezentacja Sello. Gratulacje. :cheers:
  4. Lou Ranger

    Maxim Part bike
  5. Lou Ranger

    My lil maxim

    I''m not sure, but I think you're asking about what happens with a sprocket swap. Here's an old thread from when I tested my Maxim several different ways with a 16T front, and duplicated the tests with the 17T. The only difference that was really significant and which I definitely...
  6. Lou Ranger

    My lil maxim

    My lovely wife is from Ohio, so I owe you one. First of all, nice choice! I loved mine and only parted with it when I stumbled on a really nice 650 Maxim and couldn't resist. Second. I never tried pods and decided not to after reading all the horror stories. It ran great and I wanted to ride...
  7. Lou Ranger

    What model is this XS400 exactly?

    I recall reading about power restrictions being in effect for beginner and/or young riders in Germany. Apparently manufacturers lowered the horse power to the requisite 27 with air flow restrictor plates, I think in the carbs. I also recall discussion on the forum about how to undo the...
  8. Lou Ranger

    Two-to-one Carburetor Conversion

    Before I bought my 250 after 37 years of not riding, I tested a Honda 200 "Twinstar" which had one carburettor, as designed and built by Honda. Maybe, since it was such a tiny, light bike, Honda deliberately sacrificed "unneeded" power in favour of simplicity and production cost. Hitting price...
  9. Lou Ranger

    Looking for more speed from a sprocket

    It won't be an exact comparison since the SECA and the MAXIM are set up so differently. The rear wheels are a different rolling circumference, the Seca has a 6 speed while the Maxim has a 5, and, I believe the rear sprockets are different too. My goal was to have a lower "note" at cruising...
  10. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    ... for colour choice alone ... :wink2:
  11. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    You'd be surprised how much ethanol free gas is available - as long as you're willing to pay for premium (unless you can find an independent who caters to recreational boaters). Check out this old thread: All the outlets listed are still...
  12. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    For the first time ever, I changed the oil and filter on a motorcycle and didn't spill a single (not one) drop of old oil, anywhere. Every single drop went into the catchment tray, and none of the bolts or washers went keplunk. :smoke:
  13. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    lol. Give 'em hell(fire) Dave!
  14. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    You did what? When? It sounded okay the other day, you sure you weren't just looking for a good sounding excuse? :wink2: I'm interested to find out how the Seca motor works. Some time ago, I was led to believe that the overall final ratio in top gear was the same with a Seca, however, you...
  15. Lou Ranger

    How-to: What to do first with your new XS400

    I chose to leave my DOHC completely stock after reading how hard they were to customize because of the mono-shock frame, etc. Some members have been able to do nice jobs in spite of this and here is my personal favourite thread on the subject. While it does kind of peter out at the end when...
  16. Lou Ranger

    Top speed problems

    Welcome to the Forum Daryll. Dave is undoubtedly correct about how to maximize the performance of the bike, no one gets more out of this little dohc than he. Running the 400 will certainly save you gas money over driving any kind of car, however, when I changed my front sprocket from 16T to 17...
  17. Lou Ranger

    To Winterize or NOT to Winterize?

    Rachael: Pretty much exactly what I do successfully. I take the added precaution of not trusting the full tank of stabilized fuel in the spring. I always siphon it out and add it to a nearly full tank of gas in my car, then fill the bike tank with fresh gas. I bought one of these...
  18. Lou Ranger

    What did you do with your XS today?

    "Dave", or should I say Mad Dawg? I could have sworn you were sighted there Friday!
  19. Lou Ranger

    This is why you should not smoke crack

    I must have missed it on the news (nothing but Trump, 24/7). When did Australia devalue the peso 12:1 ?
  20. Lou Ranger

    DOHC carbs removal UGH!

    :agree: . . . Well it's worth something to you - knowing that you are right, not only about aesthetics, but about preserving value . . . :bow: