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  1. Tombo

    LED Brake Lights! (Pictures and Poll!)

    Chris - aren't you the little snowflake, sticking with stock bulb! :laugh: I would assume you don't get the dimming because your headlight isn't drawing more than it should. Dave - how involved was your hid modification, and what did it cost? I know there is a thread you talk about it. But...
  2. Tombo

    Another dumb question

    Paints work best with the dryest conditions, including relative humidity. I live SF, very humid pretty much all the time, so I can relate to your GA humidity. I recommend painting when your spouse isn't home, and using the oven at a relatively low temperature (like 200) after the paint is touch...
  3. Tombo

    My build progress so far......

    I've got a buddy who does lots of art, including comic books and stuff. He's always hard up, but has always admired my bikes. He is also not mechanically inclined. Been looking for a bike I can get cheap and fix for him, then trade him for a paint job on one of my bikes, perhaps the xs. He said...
  4. Tombo

    LED Brake Lights! (Pictures and Poll!)

    :lol: Chris! Those bikes are trick. Especially the one on the left, which is called a "tricycle" in the Philippines. This example is very elaborate, but they are, along with the jeepney, the staple transit for people on the islands. Also for Chris: you say no dimming, but does your headlight...
  5. Tombo

    xs400 head swap??

    "The gear in the case is bad" - do you mean the cam chain gear? Are you sure there isn't a starter problem? Solenoid a go bad and when they do you will hear sometimes grinding sounds, sometimes just a "click" sound. Also a "bad starter" will often just be a question of new brushes and/or a...
  6. Tombo

    Carb/Exhaust issues

    Sounds like a real rats nest! Glad you got it figure out. These bikes have a relatively easy loom to replicate, and there are some good how to's. I haven't done it, but aspire to it in the future as the cosmetics of my bike undergo some changes. Cheers
  7. Tombo

    SgS build

    Vey shiny carbs! Almost looks like a walnut tumbler polish, and given the size of the carbs, I'll guess you nut blasted them! (Walnut shell)
  8. Tombo

    some modded xs400's

    When I think cafe racer I think of the tech assholes that are making my city too expensive for working saps like me to survive. They buy really sweet machines, rip them and tear them apart, make them work like shit all for a look, and then they sell them for way too much money on craigslist to...
  9. Tombo

    N8's '81 XS400 Special Build

    Glad to hear y'all like the gold leaf idea! Can't wait to see it. I would use it like shadow - not outlined, just on lower ends of sun rays, as an example (the suns shadow is gold, right?) I am currently stock airbox with aftermarket pipes. Chris, I know you use uni pods, would you say they...
  10. Tombo

    My build progress so far......

    Funny you should mention rattle can side covers. My XS is stock paint still (week need to repaint tank in next free years due to minor tidy that van only get worse here in foggy salty San Francisco) However, my xj650 had the 1980 maroon tank with the 81 bright red side covers when I got it...
  11. Tombo

    backfireing with flames

    My guess would be lean from going to a less restricted exhaust. To explain the flames, I'm not sure. Could be that it is just the extra hot flame from combustion lasting till the exhaust valve opens, or perhaps it is that your bike misfires from time to time from fuel starvation and then that...
  12. Tombo

    My build progress so far......

    Good call! If it were my life riding on the SS bolts, I'd certainly choose stronger if I knew about it. I admire people who can see the big picture the way you can. I can get down and dirty, clean, make shit work nice - but I'm never particularly proud of finishing work when it comes to paint...
  13. Tombo

    The adventure of a first bike and the young guy that owns it

    Here are some pics. Hope they help! The last picture that is the clutch cable going under the gas tank through the headlight harness. Notice that both go over the ignition and upper tree.
  14. IMG 20140203 124506 708

    IMG 20140203 124506 708

  15. IMG 20140203 124451 987

    IMG 20140203 124451 987

  16. IMG 20140203 124426 918

    IMG 20140203 124426 918

  17. IMG 20140203 124402 485

    IMG 20140203 124402 485

  18. Cable routing

    Cable routing

  19. Tombo

    LED Brake Lights! (Pictures and Poll!)

    Scorpio - I'll compromise - I'll ignore your bullshit in future, and hope others will too. Fair is fair.:thumbsup:
  20. Tombo

    For Sale - For Sale: 1977 restored/custom 3yr restoration

    I would have if these bikes were more common in my area. The prices for these bikes are a Sellers choice. Lots if rich dot comers with hipster dreams and no mechanical silks. Plus I don't have another running bike right now. Plus I have a soft spot for thus bike. :bike: Posted via Mobile