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    Our Bargain Basement Cafe Build Finally Finished

    Looks great and still a bargain at that price for the quality.
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    New to Me- 1981 XS400

    I would say you did good on your purchase, I paid $600.00 each for both of mine and yours looks considerably nicer than either one of mine. It's weird but, bikes bring good money around the PNW if they run. I mean it's hard to find a runner for under 5 or 6 hundred.
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    just got a 77 xs360

    Pretty cool little bomber there, looks fun.
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    1969 Yamaha TD-2 GP race replica build

    Cool, and can't wait to see the progress with the machine. I did a little mock up with the tank but, have not found my direction yet. Haven't had a lot of time for the other bits and I think the first order of business is maybe try out the mufflers. Been riding mine to work on the nice days though.
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    New Indicator with cafe look

    Maybe you could tape if off and black that out or find some wood-grain contact paper to cover up the HONDA logo. Looks sleek and simple.
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    1969 Yamaha TD-2 GP race replica build

    Yeah, pictures. How did you survive your ink-poisoning?
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    Sounds pretty good for straight pipes

    Man, that fella on the bike is a big dude, makes it look like he is on a "mini" bike.
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    Its alive ! Almost finished 81 XS400 Cafe Racer pics and video

    Heck, you should be pleased, has a really great look to it and is very clean and simple, what's not to like.
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    New Guy

    I also like the fact that you didn't use a boring flat trailer style rear fender. Your looks more like a 36 Ford spare tire cover band, I have a few kicking around. Looks aggressive.
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    New Guy

    When you lowered the rear, did you just relocate the top of the rear shocks forward? And are they the stock shocks? Looks easy enough. I want to do one of mine up in that style. And maybe in green, OD, Flake or really been kickin around British racing green.
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    1981 XS400 Special II Cafe Racer Build

    You big fellas will do that to a bike, but man ya look good doing it and that's a handsome bike. So clean and simple looks killer.
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    Bike starts only sometimes

    I have one that if it sits for more than 2 days it won't start at all. No electric start, kick only. Now if I get a buddy to push, it'll start right up in 2nd gear and when it warms up for a few minutes, you can go and kick start it in one kick almost every time. It will start like that all the...
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    New Guy

    Awesome, you are a wild-man. Would like to see some more pictures, I dig this style a lot. That big front wheel looks proper.
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    New Guy

    That is a very handsome bike and I bet it's a hoot to bomb around on. How does it stop?
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    New cafe build

    Steeze you are very ambitious and your progress is moving right along. I am in Marysville, not to far away, in fact I bought my last xs400 in Oak Harbor about 4 months ago. Funny the link to to HAMB, I've been signed up over there since 99 and actually had beers with a few of the guys in that...
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    Carb screws giving me a hard time!

    I too had to use vise grips. Here's my experience.
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    Wow, flashback, kind of has an asteroids vibe to it.
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    Picked up another one, 82 heritage special

    I love this site, so much fun and by God you gotta have a sense of humor. I may however get off the muffler bearings and my extra blinker fluid
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    Robb Z from Milwaukee WI (MilVin guy)

    That's handsome.
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    Greetings from Vancouver BC

    He was drinking American beer. Any updates?