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  1. kshansen

    I did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Road...............Sort of......

    One idea for foam would be to visit a junk yard for cars and see if you can find something out of a car with a damaged seat they might let you have it for next to nothing. Never tried it but have heard that an electric carving knife works good for shaping foam, just do it while wife is out...
  2. kshansen

    I did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Road...............Sort of......

    Sounds like the next project is about to start! Looks good! As for seat color I'd be tempted to find something as close to the color of the brown leather you can find and just mock up a seat to take a couple pictures to get an idea of how it would look. Heck even duct tape some cardboard...
  3. kshansen

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Parting out a 1977 XS400 Central NY

    Sorry saw the PM and thought you were talking about some other parts, as for the 1977 I did end up selling it more or less whole to someone else, sorry about the confusion. Need to see how to remove this post!
  4. kshansen

    Piston head ruined. Need a completely new engine or just put on a new piston head?

    My thoughts are what you do would be depending on what you want from this engine. Is this going to be a bike you will be putting say 10,000 miles on a year or attempting a 48 state Iron Butt ride? Or is it something you will ride short local trips on weekends and maybe take in a bike-night...
  5. kshansen

    Just Broke Something - Unsure What

    I see this on many forums be the ones for Vespas right up to the ones for D10 Cat bulldozers! Posters forget that not everyone knows what piece of equipment everyone has out in the shed. One good example of something to do is like Petew does right down at the bottom of his post it shows what...
  6. kshansen

    80 tank on 77 frame and tail

    Sent seven pictures by "Private Message". Ken
  7. kshansen

    80 tank on 77 frame and tail

    Pete I do have that blue tank that I think I showed you when you picked up the bikes. It does need some work as it appears someone smacked the top of the filler cap hard one time. but with a little work it might be salvageable. Not 100% sure if it is a 400 tank but the front mounts do fit the...
  8. kshansen

    Give me a brake (front cable)

    Check out this link: This is the kit I used to make the front brake cable that is on Petew's 1978 which I sold him a while back. If that kit is not long enough for your application contact them and they can get you...
  9. kshansen

    Comment by 'kshansen' in media '100_1459'

    Sorry to be late replying. Bike was sold a few weeks ago.
  10. kshansen

    Wanted - 1977 400D Tank ( yeah, one of "those" )

    Pete, Sent you a PM a bit ago today just in case you did not see it I may have a good lead on a tank for the 1977. Guy wanted to know if it was red or blue he is my go to guy for NYState inspections. He told me once that his first bike was a XS400 1977 or 78 I don't recall. He is going to look...
  11. kshansen

    81 XS400SH dowel pins help

    When you say the one on the right is loose, how loose is it? If it wobbles about an 1/8 of an inch I might be a little worried but if "loose" means it can be slipped out with just fingers but no real noticeable play then I would not have a problem reusing something like that. I have heard of...
  12. kshansen

    Sold / Found / Inactive - 77 XS 400 Red Gold Rebuild?

    Where's Petew? He needs this one so he could have a matched pair of 1977's
  13. kshansen

    For Sale - Parts 78,80 and 81

    Petew, That sure is a nice looking bike there. Any chance I could "loan" you a 1978 XS650 for a couple weeks then come get it when it looks that nice?;) Glad to see it getting some love, was parked for too long due to too many "projects" here! Guess I need to change my Avatar over to the left...
  14. kshansen

    What the heck is this bike???

    I'm thinking xschris is right on the xs400 Here is a "forsale" link to one and other than being a bit cleaner and shinier it looks the same in many details:
  15. kshansen

    For Sale - Anyone need front forks or headlight bucket?

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in what I believe to be a set of forks and tripple trees or headlight bucket for a Drum brake XS400. The chrome tubes do have some rust on them. If interested I could try some close ups of just the worst parts. They are located near Syracuse NY. And...
  16. kshansen

    1978 2e exhaust replacement

    Pete, Those two XS400's made the trip to there new home okay?
  17. kshansen

    Kickstart issue, again...

    Just a thought or two. Have you tried putting bike on center stand and shift it into gear and turn the crank with the wrench on crank bolt? Try doing it in each gear. Then for "kicks" (no pun intended) pull plugs out and see if you can turn engine over by putting it into gear and pushing bike by...
  18. 100_1455


    1977 on left 1978 on right
  19. 100_1456


    1978 left side
  20. 100_1457


    1977 right side