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  1. 1979XS4002-F

    1978 XS400-2E

    Remove the bulb and turn the signal switch on and stick and the your multimeterprobes one n the edge and center too see if you have juice.
  2. 1979XS4002-F

    Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

    Apparently there arent any school buses anywhere across the
  3. 1979XS4002-F

    Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

    Ok , since everyone is scared of a wheelie I'll change the challenge! NEW CHALLENGE is........... I pic of your XS next to a school bus
  4. 1979XS4002-F

    Got a little carried away - time to customize

    Congrats and good luck!
  5. 1979XS4002-F

    What did you do with your XS today?

    Drove to work today, 19mi of fog so thick my visor was open the whole way, bike got a bit wet along with my jeans..but a damp morning due to riding is a good morning!
  6. 1979XS4002-F

    Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

    Hells yeah..jumping is a win!
  7. 1979XS4002-F

    Wiring in a new Regulator/Rectifier (need help)

    Oh and the function of brown wire is to distribute power.. I.E. the end result of a functioning regulated elec. Sys.. Your regulated 12V'S .. So your green is battery to field coil input and brown is field coil to bike/main power.
  8. 1979XS4002-F

    Wiring in a new Regulator/Rectifier (need help)

    ^what he said... Start with the fieldcoil/razor/feeler guage magnet test, then report back.
  9. 1979XS4002-F

    Vecta's 79 xs restoration

    Sweet, A bit of advice for removing that bird sheit from your speedo, warm soapy water and a sponge:D Nahh, seriously, great thread, good luck your doing just fine!
  10. 1979XS4002-F

    Here we go! My 79 restoration/ cleanup

    The brake lever/light issue seems like you just need to adjust the free play by using the knurled cable ends right on the perch..this will tighten it up pulling it back off the switch, As for the turn signals maybe your flasher is bad, but to test start the bike, flip your turn signal on and rev...
  11. 1979XS4002-F

    Kick start works intermittently

    Drewp is all over this...Search the will find my name with this issue..listen to drewpy...and then use rotella as the search results highly reco.. I did it..this is no longer an issue, even on the coldest mornings..cheers!!
  12. 1979XS4002-F

    Need help getting it running. 1977 xs360

    after the starting fluid burns off and your kicking/cranking it over with the throttle applied your plugs show wet when pulled?...also, is your vac tub hooked up from the petcock to the carb? and the opposing carbs vac port capped off?
  13. 1979XS4002-F

    Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

    Your XS wit the front tire elevated while the bike is in motion..:) aka, wheelie.. the disclaimer for the witty posting bike lift pics..
  14. 2012 08 05 15.11.51

    2012 08 05 15.11.51

  15. 1979XS4002-F

    Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

    missed bad..nice!! We also have a chubby pug...good lil dogs!
  16. 1979XS4002-F

    Carbs leaking gas

    or, there are holes in your floats, and they are now sinkers.
  17. 1979XS4002-F

    Anyone up for Riding/Photo game?

    Doesnt FUBAR choose next pic?
  18. 1979XS4002-F

    Carbs leaking gas

    or...there is dirt in your float seats...and they are fine
  19. 1979XS4002-F

    Tell-On-Yourself Thread

    LOL, love this thread!! Ummm I'll start with the complete teardown and gasket replacement of my her all back together minus the tranny/stator side covers and thought putting the kicker on and rolling her over for spark to confirm all wiring connections were good (I was really green at...