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  1. MerlinDudley

    For Sale - 1982 xs400RJ Seca for sale or part out

    I'm deffinately interested in the CDI unit, but do you still have it, along with the front mud guard (fender, I believe you call it, in the US)? Could you give me a price for both, including the shipping to the UK? Thanks in advance!
  2. MerlinDudley

    For Sale - 1982 xs400RJ Seca for sale or part out

    Send me your email address, my email is and I'll send you my home address! Thank's in anticipation.
  3. MerlinDudley

    And then there was five.

    Where do you find these cheap bike's? Here in England, a basket case would cost in the region of £750.00 (GBP) The bike on my profile cost me £1100.00! and I later found out that the coil's and CDI unit were on their way out!
  4. MerlinDudley

    For Sale - 1982 xs400RJ Seca for sale or part out

    Do you still have your 82 Seca? If so do you have the CDI unit, and both Ignition coil's? Plus how much would they cost me, including shipping to the UK?
  5. MerlinDudley

    1982 xs400j dohc carb's needed urgently!

    Thank's Jeff Can you send me an email address, where I can send my home address to you securely? You really are a lifesaver, my friend! I was thinking of using my old jet's, as they are almost new!(two months ago) and they worked great on my bike! Thanks in advance Merlin
  6. MerlinDudley

    New XS Project

    Your not kidding, IF I could get one is such good condition over here, for a price like you paid, I'd have ripped his arms off, to get the keys, and paperwork, from him! Merlin _/\_
  7. MerlinDudley

    1982 xs400j dohc carb's needed urgently!

    Thank's Jeff, I can't get many maxim spares here in England! My bike is a Canadian grey import, anyway, so it's apt that the carbs come from your part of the world! How much do you want for a pair of those carbs, then Jeff? The approximate cost of shipping would be of great help to me too...
  8. MerlinDudley

    New XS Project

    A very nice find! Here in the UK, a ratty xs1100 whould set you back more than £3000. and one like you brought for $400. Would set you back at least £5,500 so you grabbed yourself a real bargain there! Merlin _/\_
  9. MerlinDudley

    1982 xs400j dohc carb's needed urgently!

    Hi there fellow xs nutz! I find myself needing a matched pair of carb's, for my 1982 xs400j maxim! Due to myself being a bit ham fisted, and clumsy, I broke a part of my carb body (I dropped the bloody thing's and snapped a part of the body off) does anyone have a pair of these carb's for sale...
  10. MerlinDudley

    Carbs Leaking Like Crazy

    By draining your carbs, everything has dried out, the float needles have stuck in the wide open positions! The only way to cure it is to dismantle the carbs, and free then manually! Merlin
  11. MerlinDudley

    top end swap??? , xs360 and xs400 top ends

    DON'T just change the camshaft, the lobes are higher, and you run the risk of bending your valve stems, just by turning the engine over! Is it worth ruining your engine just to save a few quid, and a few hours in the workshop? DON'T DO IT! Swap the top end over, and ALWAYS err, on the safe...
  12. MerlinDudley

    Front brake, what's going on here?

    The first thing I'd do, is to strip the caliper down, then clean and oil those carrier pins, as the pads can't move freely on them, that alone will cause the uneven pad wear! Then change all of the seals in the caliper, making sure that the piston, can move freely under pressure. Merlin
  13. MerlinDudley


    Hi, you will need a vacuum fuel tap, tale a look on fleabay, they usuall have a good selection of usable used parts for the Maxim/Seca, at reasonable prices. Merlin
  14. MerlinDudley


    IF, you don't replace the sprockets, you will forever be buying new final drive chains! It's false economy not to replace the whole final drive, chainset (chain and both sprockets) still it's your choice! But just imagine your new chain jumps the sprocket, and locks your rear wheel? Best case...
  15. MerlinDudley

    Twisted Lower Triple Tree?

    I got my replacement yoke, from eBay, there seemed to be plenty of them on there, at reasonable prices too! Shipping cost will be less for you too, being in Canada, as mine had to be shipped over to England! Merlin
  16. MerlinDudley

    What model of the XS 400 do i have ?

    Hi Noah, with the 12E motor, it will be an XS400 Seca, as the Maxim has the 12R motor, the main difference being the Seca has a six (6) speed gearbox (transmission), whereas the Maxim has a rive (5) speed transmission I hope this has been of help to you? Merlin
  17. MerlinDudley

    My XS360 build finished....finally!!!

    Your 360 sounds exactly like my maxim! I actually expected ror your engine to sound a bit tighter? Or is that just me? Thinking everything is tight, after a rebuild? No matter, you do good work, keeping another old beauty, on the road! Merlin
  18. MerlinDudley

    Twisted Lower Triple Tree?

    DON'T try twisting it back, the casting has been compromised, and it will likely weaken it further! Get another bottom yoke (tripple tree) I may have a straight one, depending on the stantion size? I think the one I have is for 32mm stantions, I brought it by mistake, when I found a crack in the...
  19. MerlinDudley

    First Bike - Let's see what we can do!

    I love the look of those silencers (mufflers) very reminiscent of the BSA Bantam, from the mid 60's! Have fun getting your old girl, going! Don't forget if you get stuck on anything, there isalways someone on here, who can help with advice! and Welcome to the Mad House! (Otherwise known as the...
  20. MerlinDudley

    Advise for sale price?

    OK Tannis, I hope you didn't mind me asking, as the accessory's for the Maxim are almost none existant here In England! Merlin