1. V

    Swapping fuse box

    Hello, so I had a question regarding the old fuse box. The one on my 1978 xs is trashed and Im doing a scrambler build, so I got a new one. I got one that is meant to come off the battery and have the whole fuse panel hot all the time, but didn't think about the fact that it needs to be keyed at...
  2. V

    New bike - please help me plan!

    Hey guys, I’m a semi new rider who just bought a ‘79 xs400. I briefly rode about 5 years ago, and pumped to get back into it. I am going to modify most things on the bike. I’m looking for input from more experienced wrenchers on whether certain things should be done first, last, etc. Any input...
  3. J

    Wanted - Front Brake Components to fit '79 XS400

    Title says it all. Got a great deal on a running XS400, but certain parts had been stripped off it completely. Looking for literally all the components for front brakes. Live in NC, but happy to pay for shipping.
  4. J

    Question about replacing batteries

    Hey everyone, I'm super new to this forum and super new to the XS400. I recently picked up a 1979 XS400F and the battery is real old, and real dead. I really want to replace it with a maintenance free battery but I can't seem to find one that says it works for the 1979 model. BikeBandit says...
  5. O

    Wanted - XS 250 or XS400 Starter motor

    For SOHC 1980 model. To ship please, good working order.
  6. J

    '79 bouncing idle. I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING (kinda)

    So this has been a year and a half worth of trying to figure out what is wrong with my bike. I bought this fully running about 3 years ago I think, and rode it around with no problems for about a year and a half. Here's my problem now: My idle will bounce around a bit and "searches." After...
  7. HicklingSam

    BS34 - 79, or later?

    Hello everyone. First post! I've done a bit of searching, but have a couple of questions about some carbs I've just bought - as I have a bit of time to wait for them to arrive, and was hoping to get some other bits ordered whilst waiting. I've got a '79 250 frame, which I'm putting a '81 (14V...
  8. G

    1979 Yamaha XS 400 2F Points and Condensor

    I took the cover off and oil came running out. Still has a constant drip. I take it there is a seal back there? This oil would be coming from the crankcase? Thanks, Gareth Williams
  9. Liamrdv

    Xs1100 troubles

    so I know this isn't xs11.com but I've had a lot better input on here so I'm hoping for some luck. I bought this bike (79' xs1100 standard) and the guy I got it off really was doing some weird stuff with the wiring , I know it turns over and runs just fine by jumping it from the solenoid. I...
  10. A

    need to upgrade 1979 xs400 2f charging system

    Hi, I am new here, from guatemala, I recently bought a 1979 xs400 2f and I´m working on it, changed some motor parts and the engine runs well, i´ve found out that my alternator no longer works and I want to upgrade to a PMA system, I´ve done some reading mostly on this forum and found some...
  11. motoman1979

    Wanted - Stator for a 1979 Yamaha XS400

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a stator for a 1979 XS400. Maybe you have one on an old parts bike. These things rarely fail, but mine apparently has. Tired of waiting for one to pop up on Ebay! It should have 3 white wires and 1 yellow wire coming off of it. The early 80's XS400 had only 3 wires...
  12. C

    Finished! 1979 xs400f

    7 Months later after obtaining a $50 1979 xs400 I finally completed it, (sort of) And took it for its first RIDE, TONIGHT! I figured id make a new post here, without all my retarded replies, and questions. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing getting into this, but this site, the...