1. D

    XS400 Bobber

    Hey Guys, Ive got a 1982 XS400 monoshock rear end which I am converting to a bobber, I'm struggling to find a fuel tank that fits the width of the frame. Ive tried 80's sportster tank which are 6cm across the bottom centre mount. The width of my frame is 8.5cm-9cm. Would love to know if anyone...
  2. Yolandamaha

    Where do I start?

    Hello! Brand new here. I'm not new to riding, but this is my first project bike. I've wrenched on my old 96 XJ for the last 8 years (anyone interested? she's for sale). I just scooped up an 82 and looking for a good place to start. She'll crank up but I know I need a clutch rebuild and rear...
  3. MaximBobber

    Another NEW Member with a XS400 Caferacer!!!

    Hey Bike Lovers, I'm new to the Forum and thought I'd start off by sharing my '82 Maxim XS400J Custom Cafe Racer Some details of the build: 82 Yamaha Maxim XS400J Custom chopped frame Cognito Moto Triple Tree 2012 YZF R6 Front Fork Conversion Ducati Sport Classic 1000 monoposto rear shock...
  4. Amen

    For Sale - 81 XS400 Hardtail $1000

  5. D

    For Sale - 1981 xs400 Special Heritage

    I am selling my custom made 1981 Yamaha XS400 Special "Brat Style" cafe racer. I literally built this thing with blood sweat and tears. I love her dearly but it's time for me to get something bigger. Serious inquiries only. I'm not in any rush to sell her so no low ballers. $2,500 OBO. I am also...
  6. D

    Single fuse wiring harness?

    So I found a trimmed down schematic for an 81 and I've followed it making my own slight modifications to fit what I need and I'm using a stock key ignition but otherwise I stuck to question is that there is only one fuse on the main power wire can I run it like that? I understand if it...
  7. T

    Tips and suggestions for first bike build

    Hey guys, so I just bought an 81 xs 400 and want to customize it. I was thinking either a bobber or a café racer, I like both ideas. I have a lot of experience with motors and electronics, and basically everything except fabrication/welding. I was wondering what build would have the least amount...
  8. T

    Custom Axle spacer

    I bought the hard tail kit from voodoo vintage and I have a longer axle because this end makes it 1 inch longer. My question is what can I use for spacer to fill in the distance between the wheel and frame.
  9. Higgy

    State Inspection Worries

    So my upcoming project will be a hardtailed XS400 bobber. After reading the requirements for state inspection, I am finding that there is stuff required by my state (NH) that I do not want to add to my bike build. Mirror, muffler, speedo, and horn in particular. Now I have ridden in NH for...
  10. G

    First build need some help and ideas and just to say hi to the new guy

    I'm new to the forum and new to the xs400 world doing my first build got bike yesterday have a idea of what I want to do with it. Going for the rat bobber look I want it to look like a guy built it from parts in his garage in 1950's the thing holding me back right now is the extending of the...
  11. N

    Time to get her on the road....maybe

    Hello folks, been a long time since I have spent any real time on here. Sadly the XS has been way down the list recently but I started back on her today. Been so long since I worked on her I couldn't actually remember what was needed so I gave her a look over and slowly the reasons why I...
  12. B

    Finished Bobber

    Finally finished my 400 bobber. Attached peanut tank and added a very artistic sissy bar. Very pleased with how it came out. Hope you guys like it!
  13. 1982xs400

    Looking to buy a '82 cafe project. need seat info.

    :bike: Looking to buy a '82 cafe project. Needs seat pan fabrication (seat pan and rear sub frame has been cut off), needs a battery, gauges etc. any ideas how to construct the seat and fender.
  14. kevinsmith1517

    new to site, recent bobber purchase

    Hey guys, new to the site and just posting something here. 19 years old, live in Kansas and came across what I feel to be a deal. Been looking for a bike for awhile and now the time came. Recently bought a bike with a '78 hardtail with an '81 engine. Going through the bikes wiring because it...
  15. A

    cornish xs400 build

    Hey everyone, finally got going on my first bike build. Fabricated the hardtail frame and axle plates over the past week. I am aiming to do most of the work myself so if i ask too many questions please tell me. I will post pictures as soon as i can. Cant seem to do it from my phone
  16. V

    pamco ignition

    these days I have seen on the site of mikesxs, Pamco injection kits for XS400. Someone has them mounted?
  17. M

    new to this forum !

    Hello I im matt from NJ i am new to the forum I am just about done with my xs400 bobber got it in peices for dirt cheap took me about a month or so to put her back together, just going to share some pictures of what I did and how its coming along now
  18. T

    new to the site and need help on bobber build

    hey guys im currently new to this site and will have pictures of the bike when I get to my home computer. I have just picked up a 1979 xs400 and want to bobber it. I was wondering if any one has links to spoke rims and also I need to find a place that has longer cables for throttle, clutch...
  19. H

    Build progress with pictures to follow

    OK I've ordered up a ton of parts. I'll post some pictures in the coming weeks. 1981 XS400 18" rear Eruo mag wheel, disc brake 18" front mag wheel, dual disc brakes Modern sport bike inverted tube front end, 50mm tubes Modern sport bike handlebars Modern master cylinders and calipers...
  20. bifalconer

    Finished my Custom XS360 Brat

    Been working on this 1976 XS360 for a couple months now. Bought it running and stock cheap for my first bike and wanted to turn it into a Brat. What do you guys think?