1. R

    Brake master cylinder compatible replacements

    Hello guys, I own a 1981 XS400SE and would like to change the brake master cylinder. I am new to working on motorcycles and not really sure how to tackle this task. Has anyone already done this? If so what compatible replacements have you used? What should I watch out for and what should I...
  2. J

    Wanted - Front Brake Components to fit '79 XS400

    Title says it all. Got a great deal on a running XS400, but certain parts had been stripped off it completely. Looking for literally all the components for front brakes. Live in NC, but happy to pay for shipping.
  3. Sodakrunner

    Need Help! Front brake kit?

    Hello new to this forum and recently bought a xs400 it runs and drives quite well but has no front brake! I need everything from the lever to the line to the caliper to the router. was wondering if they made some kind of universal kit with a more modern components that I could fab to fit my...
  4. Z

    Bolt Specs for Caliper Mounting Bolts

    So in my stupidity, the front brake caliper mounting bolts came loose on the road and were lost. I need the specifications for the bolts so I can get new ones. I'd assume the bolts are metric so something like M10? Thanks in advance.
  5. Brazzz

    For Sale - 1981 XS400 Parts Fork, Wheels, Gauge Cluster, Ignition, Struts, etc...

    UPDATED ITEMS FOR SALE Frame Front Forks Rear Strut & Shock Front Wheel / Tire / Disk Brake / Caliper Rear Wheel / Tire / Drum Brake Assembly Tach & Spedo Ignition & Key Frame has been recently repainted, has VIN, no damage I am willing to part out any section of the frame by request. Name a...
  6. Cdelisle95

    Rear Brake Issues

    Hey guys, I have been fixing up a 1979 xs400 on and off for the past year. The bike sat for about a month, and when I took it out for the first time, the back brake does not function at all. (This is a dual disc brake bike.) When I went to bleed the brakes in hopes of fixing the issue, pumping...
  7. Almost_Infamous

    N00b brake question

    Hi everyone, So my 400S needs a new front disk master cylinder, the factory one is just completely buggered. I am considering going aftermarket and I found a lever and cylinder set on amazon that will fit the handle bars, but in the description is says: For 125, 200, 250, 300cc SO does the...
  8. Almost_Infamous

    Wanted - ISO 81' SX 400 Special front disk master cylinder

    Old one is completely buggered... screws stripped, old and cracked etc. etc. I just don't want to piss around lol. I'm in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks lads! :thumbsup:
  9. allanrps

    Brake Light Blowing Fuses

    Hi all, Recently while riding my my turn signals died out of the blue. I went home and found that the problem actually included the horn and the tail, indicator, and turn signal lights. I blew the fuse on that circuit. When I replaced the fuse I found that the problem occurs when the front or...
  10. goz1980special

    Looking for whole front disc brake assembly for my 1980xs400.

    hello all! been workin on this project through the winter, however the guy i bought this bike from took off, and threw away the front brake. it looks cleaner yes, but front brake is way more safe. im not sure what all years/models would match up, but it is the disc style wheel and fork mounts...
  11. L

    Disc Brakes for 1978 xs400

    Guys I have a 1978 xs400 (2e?) Was wondering if these 1981 xs650 front and back wheel brakes could transfer to my bike? Is this a fair price? Also side note would any of the other parts in the ad transfer? Thanks!