1. B

    Master cylinder won’t bleed or build pressure

    Hello got a 1981 xs400. Trying to rebuild the front brake master cylinder. Got the kit took apart the master and the seals were destroyed all cracked and in pieces. So I don’t know where the new seals are suppose to go. Can someone tell me if this is the correct way everything is suppose to go...
  2. B

    Sourcing a replacement a front brake line

    I have a 1983 Yamaha Maxim 400 (aka XS400F) with only 2,300 miles on it. Apparently the front brake line has collapsed (from within... don't ask) and it needs to be replaced. From Master Cylinder to front caliper it's a 42" line. I'm on the East Coast (Maryland)... whose a good source? I've...
  3. N

    78' XS400 front brake upgrade (new member)

    Hey Guys & Girls! Bert here, from Nelson NZ. Thank you for letting me join this awesome forum! I've just bought a 78' 'Cafe racer' And it's turned out to be a basket case.. Front brakes were "rebuilt" but the piston is rusted beyond usable, the bleeding nipple snapped straight off by...
  4. R

    Front disc upgrade

    Hello guys, glad to know there is a forum dedicated to this bike. I just bought a 81' XS400 SE and would like to change the front rotor and maybe the brake lever and pump as well. It's my first bike and a I'm still learning so sorry for my lack of knowledge. Has anybody done this, and if so...
  5. Andrew D Wisenbaugh

    Brake system rework

    I acquired a 1980 xs400 and finally have gotten the time to work on it and have found that the brake fluid is completely crushed over (possibly original break fluid). The main thing im wondering is if it is even worth trying to do a rebuild or if there is something that is a direct replacement...
  6. BladeRunner

    Brake Swap upgrade

    Looking to see if there are any other calipers and master cylinders that would fit/work on the XS400 maxims, the current one sorta sucks, and i cleaned and replaced pads already
  7. Greggy

    Front Brake Line Size Check?

    Greetings from the latest XS400 Newb! So... I just scooped up an 82 XS400 project and am focusing on the front end first off (Single disc). I have pretty much everything I need except the front brake cable/line. I am at a loss for sizing. Would a 1100mm (43") cable work or what is the stock...
  8. SoraXS400

    Brake Caliper

    Looked at my caliper today, noticed my brakes were trash again, piston is leaking. I've looked online and finding a rebuild kit for this thing is a pain in the a$$. Anybody got a link to the rebuild kit or a new caliper? I'd prefer a new caliper (I believe it's a 32mm (ID) piston. Thanks
  9. freiesss

    Brake Upgrade?

    Hello fellow XS riders, Have any of you upgraded front brakes on your XS400? If so, what did you use/do? I could just replace the pads but I'm looking to get a little more stopping power and if anyone has any tips or suggestions, let me know! Thanks! Brian 1982 XS400
  10. mmmboost

    Let's see those rear master cylinder setups!

    Once again the previous owner strikes again. I no longer have a stock MC on my bike and I have a bel-crank "racing" master cylinder installed on a welded on bracket to my frame. It looks terrible and I'd really like to clean this up and keep the rear triangle tidy for my cafe setup. Let's see...
  11. M

    XS400RJ Seca Front Caliper

    I'm in the process of bringing a Seca back from the dead, the engine is running great, minus a clutch cable stretched to death. However I'm having some problems with the front brake, and was wondering if anyone can give some advice. This piston cup is stuck, I bleed the brakes and pumped it out...
  12. kshansen

    Was looking for front brake cable for 1978 XS400-2E

    A few days back I had asked if anyone had or knew of a place to purchase a new front brake cable for this drum brake bike. Did some searching on Ebay but was not sure the ones there were right as they were listing for other, I believe dirt, bikes. Tried Mikes, said NO. Anyone here that had one...
  13. nickklugs

    Front drum brakes

    So, I have a Xs360 (Haven't found out what year) but the front drum pads fell of the shoes. I don't want to but new ones so I was thinking/wondering if there is a strong enough adhesive that could glue 'em together? And I am guessing that gluing them together would be like this:bike: and then go...
  14. L

    PLEASE HELP-Major issues after installing new parts.

    Hello good people of the XS400 world! Where do I even begin? Well...I got a few new parts for my bike (I have an 81 XS400 H). First thing was the new turn signals. They're small and cheap (pics below) They have one green and one orange wire. Initially I installed the rear ones and at first they...
  15. E

    1980 XS400 Special II brakes

    I recently bought this 1980(?) XS400 Special II and it needs some new brakes really badly. There hasn't ever been any stopping power with the back brake and the front brake now seems to be letting go a bit more. I don't mind keeping the drum brakes for now but the problem is that I've never...
  16. V

    Need dimensions of brake light screw

    Was riding my 1980 xs400 and my brake light cover fell off (the red plastic). I bought another one online but it didn't come with the hardware. If someone could do me a huge solid and measure the dimensions of the two little screws that hold the red cover in place that would be great!! Thanks
  17. C

    New Brake Seals

    Hi all, My shiny new 78 XS400 had a slight problem with the front brake binding. I've taken the caliper off & will soon set about removing the piston, which is now stuck. To try to be ready, I'd like to order replacement seals, but I'm a bit confused as to what's needed. Wemoto show only 1...
  18. T

    Do Chinese master cylinders come with pistons?

    Hi all, I'm going to buy a new master cylinder for my '83 xs400 Maxim project. I see many available on ebay from China which will fit the bill which I am able to get shipped to Canada. However, what I can 't figure out is whether they all have the piston assembly already in or whether I'd...
  19. M

    Front mounted,front brake caliper??

    Hey, so... after a conversation on another thread, it was suggested that i could turn the front end of my bike around to combat another issue i had. This would mean reversing forks left to right and therefore having the front brake caliper mounted on the front of the fork. I have done this and...
  20. Heritage Guy

    Need Master Cylinder for 82 XS400

    I need to replace the master cylinder on my 1982 XS400 Heritage Special. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket brand? I need the tail light switch and lever with the cylinder.