carburetor jetting

  1. B

    Carburetor Problems BS34 1979 XS400

    The Bike I have came with carbs that are not original and I am having several problems getting them set up. 1. What is the correct level for the float bowl as measured with a clear tube? The original floats sank and have been replaced. 2. The bike runs but is rather anemic. The jets and needle...
  2. BambinoFan

    Question on Main Jet sizing

    Hey friends, Looking to rebuild my carbs to deal with a running idle issue - Thinking the diaphragms are shot. While I'm in there figured I might as well re-jet the whole thing. Ordered a rebuild kit from Taiwan, now I'm just confused about the main jet sizing. Baby is a 84 xs400j Maxim. The...
  3. J

    Is my carb ruined? :/

    Hi dudesters, so im thinking about getting this old bike running, and got around to doing the carbs after a short span of inactivity (the thing has been dismantled for 7 years give or take). So to my surprise i found both idle jets were jammed in too far, subsecuently got stuck and the tips of...
  4. P

    Wanted - 2 Main Adjustable Needles (part # 452-14116-09-00)

    Hello everyone, Long time no see/post. I have been away in a career for a bit, and thankfully haven't run into troubles with my bike (80/81 xs400sg) nor really needed to break into the carbs...until now. It turns out, one of my adjustable needles snapped because the prior owner had replaced...
  5. wirehairs

    Quick carb screw setting question from newbie

    So, as you might remember from another post, I've just rebuilt my head, putting on new piston rings, valve seals, and reground my valve seats. Hurrah. However, because it took me a few months to accomplish this, I think my right carburetor got gummed up a bit because I'm no longer getting...
  6. Recreateme

    Screw covering pilot jet?

    I am new to this but when I opened my carbs up I easily found and replaced my main jet but found a screw screwed tightly into where my pilot jets should have been. I removed that screw and found both pilot jets stripped... Anyone know what that screw was doing there? Is that normal and how...
  7. ksqrly

    Perfect DOHC carb set up

    Ok so I have straight pipes and pod filter. Tuning my carbs with different setups. Right now I have a 135 main. stock is 127.5 and 117.5. Please dont worry about the stock jets sizes being different this has been well debated on other threads. The pilot is the stock size I realize this needs to...
  8. Paralyzed-Poly

    Air Screw Replacement

    Hey guys, I'm new to both the forums and bikes in general. I picked up a 1981 XS 400 Special Heritage back in march and have been fixing it up since. I've come to my last problem before being road ready. Both air screws or pilot jets or idle mix screws (far to many names for them on here) were...
  9. happy61

    Rejetting for Pods

    Hello folks, I'm new here and need some advice. I have a 78 XS400 that I've owned since new. Bike was ridden daily to work for years to the tune of about 30K miles. Bike sat for 20+ years but is in good shape. I recently decided to get her running again a have it in the hands of a bike...