1. M


    ok, i have all the fab work done on my 1980 xs400, basically im down to the wiring and just need to get it hooked up to get it running to make sure its all sound before i proceed with paint and all. anywho! i know there is a thread on making a wiring harness and all that jazz but i have the...
  2. W

    In line fuses

    Was wondering if anyone out there has used inline fuses instead of a fuse box? I'm liquidating my turn signals and just thought of trying the inline route instead. Any input would be appreciated. Thx
  3. Jones

    The Chicken or the egg????

    Whatup my fellow XSers, So ive made it to a critical point where I need advice... I recently got my invoice for my jig and plan to get it as a Christmas gift. Upon searching the net I seen eastwood was selling their mig 135 for $300 plus free shipping. So What come first? The Jig or the...
  4. Jones

    Single backbone specs?

    Hey, Just trying to gather a few more things for my winter RE-hardtail and want to go to a single backbone down to the base of the frame. My question is, Does anyone the specs for the tubing size of the center tube for the backbone, and aslo if anyone know what degree of the angle that would be...
  5. R

    First Time Build - XS 250

    Came across this website whilst looking for bits an bobs for my build and thought I'd post.......First time build after picking up an XS 250 about 12 months ago. Its been a big learning curve as this is my first build... I attach some picture of how it started and I will put some more up once I...
  6. Jones

    Newbie in need!!!

    Hey fellows XSer's, Newbie her from Milwaukee, WI. Got my bike about 6 months ago, paid a guy to do a hardtail for me since its my first bike and partial build. Anyway, after 4 looooong months of him procrastinating, I decided to take my bike back and finish it myself. Finally cracking into and...
  7. O

    My first XS400 build

    Hi guys! I'm new here, or i have been around a week or 2 but have spend my time here reading and reading :) Soooo much data and insperation. My short story: I'm a 35 year old guy from Denmark (so sorry for shitty english in advance) and i recently bought my first XS. Its a 1980 XS400 2A2...
  8. M

    XS400 Bobber Vancouver, BC

    Hey guys, I was on this site a few years back with my old xs400. Went through a dirtbike phase as well as a kawasaki phase. Glad to be back to my yamaha self. Shes a work of art, and i like it. Plans are to hardtail it this winter. I love the angle of a hardtail but love how short it is now...
  9. N

    Newby seeks advice - Yam XS250

    Hi Guys, firstly apologies for intruding as I am actually a Yam XS250 owner, but I am desperate for some advice as I cant use my ride at the moment. My brother has given me his 1981 Yam bobber, however as I am quite short in the leg department I cant yet put both feet safely on the floor when...
  10. H

    82 Seca chop

    Borat Thung earthlings! Been reading this forum for a while now since I picked up a 82 DOHC Seca from ebay as my first bike. It looks disgusting at the moment but it was cheap and starts and runs after a bit of work. I put a new petrol tank on from a Suzuki GS550 which fit almost perfectly...
  11. M


    ok, im looking into springer forks. ive already checked to see if a 650 springer would fit on the 400, but to my knowledge, from asking on this site, the 650 fork is a little longer than the 400. i also heard through another thread that a harley either dyna or DNA springer will fit.. but im...
  12. R

    Havent got a clue what she'll be in the end but what does everyone reckon

    its and xs 250 frame with a gixer 400 front end , gixxer 400 tank custom seat , gsxr400 rear wheel and swing arm and the mono shock conversion is in process what does everyone think
  13. T

    New member, and new to the xs400, picked up anew project

    Well i figured id post here and say hello! My name is Justin and im in NC. Im new here and just traded off 2 non running projects for a running and ready to ride '82 400 maxim. Its already been made into a chopper, it has some decent work and some shoddy work. Im going to try to fix some of...
  14. 83xs400


    This might be useful to some of you fellas out there.
  15. M

    yet another question

    i was just curious if a 650 fork will fit on a 400. since i dont want to make any adjustments anywhere or have anything custom made...i came across a 650 springer fork and was curious about the size... i figure it is the same diameter but does anybody know if it is the same length? or if it is a...
  16. M

    Ok!!does anybody know??

    I have made a similar post about this topic but the information lead me nowhere. But does ANYBODY know if the bobber/chopper wiring harness for a xs650 from will work on a 1980 yamaha xs400. If not will ANY 650 complete harness work, if so, what year? i already know all about the...
  17. R

    Complete electrical failure & Fire Help please im going insane

    basically the story is i bought a lovely little XS250 soft tail bobber of the good ol' site of chance ebay and it ran perfect for around 3 weeks untill the lights would flicker and die , eventually i found it to be a dodgy scotch clip fuse holder the previous Owner fitted ( claimed he had a...
  18. S3Rider

    What would I need to change on this diagram.

    I am looking to make a kick only bare bones hardtail chopper. Found a simplified diagram online and was wondering what all of you guys who have experience doing this see as a problem. In making it just a kick only can I just remove the section to the starter. Or will I need to make some sort of...
  19. new kid on the brat

    wtf! lol

    :wtf: some friends "and i use that term loosely" dropped this of at my house a while back! i thought everyone would get a kick out of it!!!:laugh: or:doh: i cant decide
  20. sprocket

    XS400 intake single carb

    I just knocked out flanges for 10 XS400 single carb intake manifolds. Material is ordered to finish the manifolds next week... TIG time!!! All 6061 T6 aluminum, CNC flanges, TIG welded, with optional vacuum tap and either straight back or out the side carb location. Manifolds will be...