1. Yolandamaha

    Clutch Rebuild Sheared Bolt

    Well have any of y'all seen this? Looks like someone sheared off one of the bolts and then buttoned it back up?! The plates actually looked decent (didn't bother measuring thickness since I'd already ordered new ones) and I have a new basket/hub assembly on the way. I talked to a Yamaha shop...
  2. Yolandamaha

    Where do I start?

    Hello! Brand new here. I'm not new to riding, but this is my first project bike. I've wrenched on my old 96 XJ for the last 8 years (anyone interested? she's for sale). I just scooped up an 82 and looking for a good place to start. She'll crank up but I know I need a clutch rebuild and rear...
  3. H

    Clutch help!

    Rebuilding an old ‘82 Special. I ran the clutch cable down and into the case, but when I pull on the lever, it doesn’t retract at all. What’s going on here? How do I get proper clutch engagement and springiness?
  4. J

    Apart from the usual. Xs400 clutch missing peices.

    Hello friends! And a big thank you to the post view. Here's my dilemma, Buddy of mine has had a buggy sitting being his house for a while. Awesome little kart. Recently it has become my buggy. I found out it has a xs400 powering it. I know there are several variants of this motor. It has 12r...
  5. Maxim-umm

    Clutch replacement

    I searched around and didn't quite find a definitve answer to my question, so i ask in a new thread: I have a 1982 xs400j Maxim DOHC. When replacing the clutch plates should I do both the fiber and steel plates or can i just do the fiber plates? I believe the steel plates are ok since the...
  6. 1982xs400

    Fourth gear chatters !!

    Fourth gear hard to replace...?? split case or replace from clutch side ?? . replace all gears?? thanks
  7. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    Re-finished my front controls

    Like most 40 year old controls, the coating was half off mine when I got my bike. A good friend told me about this product called Plasti dip. It's like it easy, spray. I'll keep you guys posted on how it handles to the wear and tear. So far so good
  8. Kosan181

    Cylinder leaking?

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Valve leaking? It seems to come from ignition point. Also I can go faster that maybe 45 and shifting into 5th gear gives me no speed. Could this be my clutch?
  9. sdhadley94

    Compression loss

    Today I replaced my clutch friction plates, springs, and steel plates in my 81 xs400 sohc. But somewhere along the lines I lost compression.. like I can't even find the compression stroke using the kick start. All I did was drain the oil, sump and take off the clutch cover to access the clutch...
  10. klootwyk

    Is this clutch f@#%ed??

    Recently picked up a 1983 maxim 400 project bike. (Long story, explained in detail in another thread). Long story short, I got it for cheap because the clutch cover has been left off for two years and the bike sat outside in rain and snow.. so I got it for cheap because owner thinks it's scrap...
  11. klootwyk

    help me decide !

    I'm considering purchasing a 1983 maxim 400 that I've foud cheap locally. problem is that it has been sitting outside for years, with the clutch cover off. other than that the bike looks to have everything on it, except the front brake lever. I can purchase it for $100. is it worth it, or am i...
  12. nickklugs

    Dies in gear

    So I got it running and when it's up on its stand (rear wheel of ground) when I put it in gear it dies. What switch is causing this and how can I bypass it? Or what should I do?:bike::thumbsup:
  13. Mickey85

    Now that it's running, some issues

    Alright, I've clocked about 100 miles on the bike, mostly around town driving, but some highway. RPM kinda freaks me out in top gear, but I'm used to a big vtwin on the highway, so 6200 rpm at 60 is a bit of a freak out... Anyway, lately, I've noticed a hanging throttle between shifts and if...
  14. Mickey85

    Finally got to ride it...

    And it sounds like a very angry wasp... This is a long one... I only took it down the road and back, but I got it to 4th gear and about 40 mph. Now, for the problems... The clutch is very on/off. I adjusted it at the chain cover, tightened the screw until it reaists, then back off 1/2 turn...
  15. 8

    Possible Clutch/Transmission issue

    So this is my first bike. So I have no mechanical experience. I have an 81 xs400. It all started going down the freeway and I noticed I couldn't get up to speed like normal. So I took the next exit and I could down shift and shift back up fine. Then all of a sudden started making a weird...
  16. D

    1980 XS400 SG. Possible seized engine

    1980 XS400 Hey, I just bought a 1980 XS400
  17. M

    Intro & Kickstart Problems

    Hey Guys, New to this site. It is great so far. Tons of useful info. To start out I picked up a 77' XS 400 for 170.00$. This is my first motorcycle. (My thing are snowmobiles) The bike hadn't run for a couple years, and hadn't been licensed for 25 years. I got it going fairly easily...
  18. A

    Please help! Starts fine then dies

    Hey everyone this is my first post as to I am a newer owner of an 83 xs400 12R (I think). Bike had been running fine and put new fork seals in over the weekend. Then Monday morning started up just fine but the problem happened when I went to put the bike in gear. It completely died. No...
  19. O

    Neutral to 1st problems

    When im down shifting from 5th to 1st, i can down shift smoothly without any jerking but when i get to neutral/2nd and down shift to first my bike jerks. And sometimes its hard to get to first, it would get stuck at neutral. What could possible be the problem? my bike is currently torn apart so...
  20. S

    Push Rod Ball Bearing in Crankcase?

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can save me some time and mess with my '82 XS400SJ! I was adjusting my clutch cable when it totally dislodged from the engine side. No problem I thought and pulled the right crankcase cover off (the one that holds the worm gear assembly). I took the opportunity...