1. J

    XS400 Electrical Questions

    So I’ve found an XS 400 local for $300. The seller believes there’s a short somewhere in the wiring, they claim they were riding when it happened and they actually got shocked and then the bike died and has no power to anything now (assuming whatever happened popped the main fuse) You guys...
  2. A

    xs400SJ Unique Coils?

    Hey All, I have a 1982 XS400SJ Heritage Special that is currently only firing on one cylinder. I had a shop take a look at it and they narrowed it down to a faulty coil that needed replacement. They told me that this specific year/model was Canada only and had some sort of unique coil that...
  3. markjs

    XJ650 questions about coils

    OK, so we're reviving an old XJ650 Maxim, and we have one coil that quit altogether. The only replacement we had available today was from an 85 Shadow 700. It seemed to work at first but the spark is at best weak and intermittent. I was only able to get two plug caps, and both new caps were on...
  4. A

    1982 Seca no spark after rainstorm

    Hi guys, I'm a little lost on this problem and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I've got a 1982 XS400 Seca that was running as of early August but now has no spark on either side after it was out in a good rainstorm. I have the service manual and I've been attempting...
  5. Ben_Wagner

    81 XS400H Coil Wiring Question

    I recently did some work on the wiring harness of my bike and when I put the coil on I plugged the [red/white and orange] plug into the right coil and the [red/white and grey] plug into the left coil as per a wiring diagram I was using as well as a post on here by xschris. Upon turning over the...
  6. W

    Need some wiring help

    Hello. Joined the forum to help out a friend who asked for my help with his 1979 XS400. 1. The bike sat outside for 2 years and even if you supply 12 volts, none of the lights, gauge cluster, or even the starter works. The ignition cylinder is getting 12v and the switch does switch on 12v after...
  7. brendonna69

    Removing timing cover on 1981 xs400 Spc. II w/ electronic ign

    Hello. This is my first post here. I reside in the small town of Athens, Ohio. I purchased my xs a few months ago from a friend in the military for a measly $150! It is a 1981 XS400 Special II, and has not been rode in 8-9 solid years. I just ordered a new cleaned up jug (seized pistons)...