1. Chase Power

    Electrical bugs i really need help with

    Alright so this is my first post, i have a 1983 maxim xs400 and its a bit of a project bobber, im haveing some electrical issues come up that i havent been able to figire out in 4 years, the previous owner had only "shorten" the harness whatever that means and changed the taillights hook which...
  2. Liamrdv

    Steering Head Issue?

    Hopefully someone may have had experience with this in the past, I had picked up an XS400 last summer, and Ive been fixing it slowly throughout the year and I've now come to this as it's pretty well all in working condition , those issues that have not been fixed have parts in the mail...
  3. Liamrdv

    that there master cylinder and doin a thang

    So I've come to the issue that my master cylinder will not create any pressure? I do not have a clue what could be going on but even if I remove the hose it doesnt spill any liquid out of the master cylinder, not sure what to do here! Also if I squeeze the brake lever a plume of silvery looking...
  4. W

    83 Seca not starting

    Just like the title says my newly acquired seca is not starting. My dad and I had just finished cleaning up the carbs and doing other necessary work to get this bike safe and legal to ride when we went for the all important test fire when we were greeted by a sound best compared to blending only...
  5. J

    Need to find out what this handlebar part is called and where I can buy one

    I noticed that my handlebars aren't exactly in-line with the front wheel. They lean slightly to the left. So upon further inspection I noticed that the rubber on the left side below the clamps that hold the handlebars themselves seemed to be misaligned to the hole. I tried loosening it up and...
  6. V

    Shift lever is always loose.

    I've got a 1980 xs400 special 2 and my shift lever is always coming loose.I keep toghtening the bolt but it never really comes loose. I tried putting a longer bolt in with a but on the end but no success. So basically do I need a new lever? Anyone had similar problems? Thanks!!.
  7. stephen2us

    is this a broken tachometer cable?? how replace and fix?

    Hi.. I have a 1981 special II, and after switching the handlebars to euro styles, I noticed my rpms were reading zero when throttling. investigating I found what is in the picture, and I assume this is a tachometer cable? I am not mechanical, and changing the handlebars were challenging...
  8. Rambo814

    Aftermarket Levers

    Hey guys, I'm looking to build my XS into a Scrambler/Tracker. What I'm wondering is if anyone like ASV or ProTaper makes shorty levers that we can use on our bikes. I know the clutch would work, but I want the front brake lever, too, and I've never seen one with the brake light switch in it...
  9. Metroknow

    Swapping out the ignition lock assembly on an 82 XS400

    I need to replace the lock assembly on my 82 XS400. Unfortunately the lock is fine, but the cast mount is broken. I'll include the sad picture shortly. I have found a few used ones on eBay, but I'm wondering if there is an upgrade I could do since I've got to replace it anyway. On the 82 it...
  10. Metroknow

    Replacing the throttle cable on an '82 XS400

    I recently noticed on my '82 XS400 that the throttle seemed to be sticking a bit - sure enough, the throttle housing was broken at the handlebar end and "repaired" with some electrical tape by the previous owner (I've had it for a couple months or so). Rather than monkeying around with it to...
  11. V

    Need dimensions of brake light screw

    Was riding my 1980 xs400 and my brake light cover fell off (the red plastic). I bought another one online but it didn't come with the hardware. If someone could do me a huge solid and measure the dimensions of the two little screws that hold the red cover in place that would be great!! Thanks
  12. B

    Starting issue/Low Volts to Coils

    I have a 81 xs400 i bought awhile back and got it running. While out of town i told my brother he could ride it. He couldnt get it started and after checking for spark he got nothing. I checked power to coils and im only getting 1-2 volts. Battery reads 12v, headlight and taillight read 12v but...
  13. D

    Trying to get the right grips

    Hey guys I have the stock handle bars on my 1980 XS400 and I'm trying to find the correct handle bar grips that go over it, I ordered 7/8 size handlebars from eBay and they just came in and the throttle grip won't go over the throttle housing (I believe thats what it's called) the white plastic...
  14. J

    Redoing Gauges: Mini Tachometer/Speedometer

    Didn't find any threads showing how people mounted their after market speedometers/tachometers. I'm currently redoing my front end: Headlight, Gauges, Lights, Fork Gaiter, etc. I started with the stock gauges, which i took off and labeled all the wires. The mini tachometer and speedometer...
  15. kevinsmith1517

    new to site, recent bobber purchase

    Hey guys, new to the site and just posting something here. 19 years old, live in Kansas and came across what I feel to be a deal. Been looking for a bike for awhile and now the time came. Recently bought a bike with a '78 hardtail with an '81 engine. Going through the bikes wiring because it...
  16. N

    Biltwell Whiskey Throttle

    Has anyone tried this Biltwell Whiskey Throttle? if so, is its quality worth it's price? Was it able to connect to the stock xs400 throttle cable? Thanks, Nick:thumbsup:

    Strange Trouble with Left indicator!

    I am having some problems with my indicators. It wont signal left unless I flick it right first. once I have cancelled the signal I will have to repeat the process, anyone know what is causing this? Thanks, Sam.
  18. M

    Help bike just broke down :(

    Hello guys okay I've putt about 110 miles on the bike since I got it on the road two days ago bike drove awesome and loving it, took it for a ride again today got about 10 miles away the motor just turned off solid no studded nothing just died, just got back home from walking it :/ bike has half...
  19. robindean

    Lowering For My Wife?

    My wife is 5'2" with shorty legs. We're in the market to buy her a Nighthawk 250 which has me thinking, guys lower Ninja 250s for gals all the time. Could I lower my Seca 400 for my wife? Also, the controls are too big for her hands. I'm wondering if you folks have any...
  20. S

    Brake Lever Adjustment

    1981 xs400s I know there has to be a way to adjust the distance the brake lever sits from the grip. My wife has small hands and the distance right now is too great. I see there is a screw there that seems like it would be the adjuster but the lever just slips back to it's "maxed out"...