1. J

    1981 XS 400 H Troubleshooting Help

    Hi all, newbie here. Really appreciate the people who've taken the time to assist me so far - got my XS400 started for the first time last night! The backstory...acquired a non-running 81 XS400H as a winter project two weeks ago. I've been going through the forums and following this one in...
  2. ucmlamb

    How to remove Cylinder body?

    First off let me say that this is a great forum. I cannot tell you how many times I have found exactly the answer I was looking for on here. Read the how to for splitting the crankcase and it was very helpful in locating all the bolts especially the ones hidden on the bottom of the case. To my...
  3. A

    Old pistons in new cylinders?

    Hi folks, Not been here in awhile. My efforts on the XS are a bit sporadic as I keep striking issues with getting it going. Now, I happen to have a set of NOS standard size barrels for my 79 XS400F. I was hoping to find new std pistons but they don't seem to exist in the 'A' variant I need...
  4. Almost_Infamous

    N00b brake question

    Hi everyone, So my 400S needs a new front disk master cylinder, the factory one is just completely buggered. I am considering going aftermarket and I found a lever and cylinder set on amazon that will fit the handle bars, but in the description is says: For 125, 200, 250, 300cc SO does the...
  5. Almost_Infamous

    Wanted - ISO 81' SX 400 Special front disk master cylinder

    Old one is completely buggered... screws stripped, old and cracked etc. etc. I just don't want to piss around lol. I'm in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks lads! :thumbsup:
  6. D

    Left side running hotter, right running cooler

    Hey guys I just got my 1980 XS 400 running, but noticed that my left cylinder is running hotter than my right, I checked with a laser thermo (left running 300+, right running around 120). I pulled the plugs and checked the spark and there both getting good spark, I noticed the right plug is...
  7. C

    One side only fires at high revs

    Hey guys, I've finally got my 250se running, it's got a 400 top end on and mikuni vm32 carbs. It runs well if a bit rich on the right cylinder but the left only fires at high revs. The carbs are pretty new and have only been round the block a few times I've broken them down and given them a...
  8. B

    *shout out* Travelling thru Estern Europe on a Yamaha xs400F 1979

    Eastern Europe Emergancy (EEE?) Hello guys! I have been planning a trip to eastern Europe the last one and a'half year. This year in may i took off from Denmark; first stop, Poland. I went to all the bigger city's with a personal interest in polish cultur, from there to the High Tatra...
  9. B

    Firing On One Cylinder

    SO I started my bike for the first time since disassembling…and it seems to be only firing on one cylinder (left). The left cylinder gets hot (as it should) and the right stays completely cool when running. The other piston is free and has plenty of compression (i can tell by feeling the air...