1. B

    Xs400 engine job

    Hi everyone! I've very recently bought an 83 XS400 Maxim, I did a compression test and have about 35 psi difference in between the two (sitting on the bike, left 130psi, right 95psi) proceeded to do a leak down test and concluded the compression is going into the crankcase. I haven't opened it...
  2. H

    Starter replacement for Yamaha xs400 Maxim

    Hello, I think I have a 1984 Yamaha maxim xs400 DOHC YICS. I had intermittent starting problems where the bike would not crank, and swore it was the battery because it went dead trying to start it. The bike has a new battery now and I jumped the starter solenoid and still nothing. The bike...
  3. Qwervo

    Lift / stand / lift table advice DOHC

    Hey fellas, I’m planning to do some work on the bike for the first time during the winter. Mostly maintenance, some electric fixes and some upgrades on the handlebar controls. I have a little storage room to work on the bike and the next step is to buy something to lift the bike to work...
  4. R

    My XS400 dohc cafe racer!

    Hi guys, I never post anything but this forum helped me a lot to build my bike! I am still fighting with the "perfect" jet-configuration for the carbs, but the bike runs quite nice. There is a video on Youtube Cheers :)
  5. Mike P

    Wanted - Airbox to carb boots for 83 xs400k

    Hi Everyone, I'm in need of the airbox to carb books for the DOHC 83 xs400k. If you've got some laying around in good shape, please message me and send some pics. Thanks! Mike
  6. Mike P

    Need carb help on an 83 Maxim!

    Hi everyone, I'm just finishing reassembly of my 83 maxim, and I can't get the carbs to sit properly in the airbox boots. They are looking a bit too worn out, as the clamps just push the carb out of the boot when I try to tighten them. I would love some advice for the following: 1) Any tricks...
  7. D

    Engine will NOT mount

    So, I picked up an '82 XS400RJ w/ DOHC, and as part of my tune up procedure checked the valve gap... Now I can't get the engine to mount to the bike, what started out as 2 bolts is now the entire engine... First question is do the top mounts need all 6 bolts? (2 to hold bracket on per side and...
  8. SoraXS400

    Exhaust Change?

    Before I start I bought a 1982 Maxim 400 DOHC bike for $800 (what a steal for me ;) ) and only had to rebuild the fuel petcock and lines so far. This bike I believe already runs a little lean as the throttle response is not the best from idle, is this common? I do not know if the carbs are in...
  9. billday

    '82 XS400 (dohc) petcock rebuild question

    Hi guys, Long time no post. I'm rebuilding my petcock with this kit The kit has everything you'd want except for the in-tank fuel filter. Does anyone know a source for that item for this machine? Cheers...
  10. OopsAboutThat

    DOHC Seca/Maxim Engine Differences

    Hey all! I've recently started an engine rebuild here and I have a Seca engine as well as a Maxim engine. My plan is to use the best bits out of both engines. I've checked part numbers and it seems that the crankcase, head, cylinder, valves, camshafts and most other internals are all matching...
  11. S

    82 Maxim DOHC 400 electronics retrofit

    Wow, the electronics on these old bikes are a NIGHTMARE. I started a build thread a few months ago, and got it finished (road worthy) a little over a month ago. Ive put about 1000 miles on it so far and i absouletly LOVE the bike. About a week ago, that hunk of junk left me high and dry though -...
  12. M

    Should my 82 DOHC have an oil screen?

    Hey everyone, I just changed my oil on my '82 XS400RJ Seca. I looked here a bit first, and saw people talk about removing the oil screen and cleaning it out as well. Most write-ups here are for SOHC, but I found the cover with 6 allen bolts and figured mine would be in there. There is...
  13. W

    DOHC jetting problem

    1982 xs400rj seca airbox delete, now using EMGO 52mm pods hesitate when high rpm (>5500-6000), will get worst when full throttle (WOT) according to service manual, stock jets are LHS127.5 and RHS117.5 jetted to LHS132.5 and RHS122.5 got better then pods with stock jets, but the hesitate still...
  14. Greasey Fingers

    SOHC vs DOHC for styling, what do you prefer?

    Thought I might make a poll for fun, what do you prefer styling wise...SOHC models or DOHC models? For my taste its 100% sohc, I really dont like the direction they went with the styling on the dohc models. Its like the bike lost all of its soul :laugh: But thats just for my taste and taste...
  15. bentwrench

    Got a little carried away - time to customize

    Okay, when we last left our intrepid hero, he had restored his 1983 DOHC XS400 to reasonably good shape. She ran, she was mostly purple, and she was ready for a new rider. And then she didn't sell. Which is mostly the fault of our intrepid hero, who is not a good salesman. And the winter...