electric start

  1. The Wang

    Electrical issue?

    I replaced the starter solenoid, and fuses. Now the neutral/brake/oil indicators don't light up, and it wont turn over with the electric starter. I tried kicking it but couldnt get it going (I sprayed fuel into the carb throats, and then straight into the cylinder) Any help appreciated
  2. B

    1978 Yamaha 400 Electric Start

    Hello! I’m new to this page but had some questions. I recently got a 1978 Yamaha 400. I believe it’s an XS however, the title doesn’t say and from my knowledge it was custom build found at an estate sale. It’s extremely hard for me to kick over so I’m looking at my options of converting into...
  3. Aedan Graves

    My winter project

    Hi all, Just bought a used xs400. not sure what year or model, the reg papers just say 1980 xs400 but I'm not so sure... It's got wire wheels and drum brakes with an electric starter. haven't read up on that combo much but I'm guessing its an XS400H based on wiring diagrams. I'll upload pics...
  4. G

    Electric start ground ?

    Hello, 1980 xs400 special Can anyone tell me, does the the electric start switch connect in anyway to the turn signal switch?
  5. G

    Electric start help!

    Hello all! Very new to the forums here but I am some need of some desperate help with the final touches on my cafe racer build. I'm running into 2 problems right now. My electric start currently is working, from reading other posts this is what I've learned and done. I took the ground from the...
  6. B

    Variety of electrical problems/Electric starter won't work

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I bought my XS400 a little while ago and I've been plagued with electrical issues ever since. I was hoping someone could give me some insight! I'll tell the story below. When I bought the bike, the previous owner had to jump it, and it broke down on the way home...
  7. pIatipus

    installing an electric start on 2e

    Bought my second bike, a stunning 1978 and I love it. Its a xs400-IIe, the most cost effective when built, so the electric start wasn't included. I want to add one. Any one have suggestions? Or where to start? I'm excited to learn, but am pretty new at this. Any starting points would be...
  8. J

    Electric start and kick not working! Where to start?

    Hello all. Picked up my very first bike a couple months ago and it worked great up until now. Currently the electric start isn't working and neither is it kick starting. When I turn the key I hear a continuos click sound until I turn it off again. I'm new to motorcycles if you didn't get that...
  9. C

    small battery for button start

    hey, so I'm after a smaller battery i can fit on soho but still keep the button start. any one had any luck with this? i found a few options and am kind of leaning toward this http://shoraipower.com/lfx14l2-bs12-p78 i think it should be fine(i could be wrong though) what are peoples thoughts...