1. B

    1978 Yamaha 400 Electric Start

    Hello! I’m new to this page but had some questions. I recently got a 1978 Yamaha 400. I believe it’s an XS however, the title doesn’t say and from my knowledge it was custom build found at an estate sale. It’s extremely hard for me to kick over so I’m looking at my options of converting into...
  2. Siouxx

    XS400 electrical issues

    I'm having a few issues that I'm having trouble figuring out. I put the bike back together this week. Battery was dead (going to buy a new one), but I gave it a charge and started it up after some struggling. Got the bike running, but here are where the issues start. Previous owner threw the...
  3. M

    XS400SE simplified rewire

    I'm working on designing the rewire for my 1981 XS400SE (4G5). I plan to use an RR38 regulator/rectifier and a simplified design for the wiring. I'm hoping this will eventually be an easy to follow diagram for any of you contemplating carrying out a rewire Can anybody point out any places I'm...
  4. J

    Unique Stator fault... Is it fixable??

    Hi guys - I'm currently working through the charging system on my 1979 xs400 in search of at least one gremlin. I can get the bike to start, but it won't run for more than a minute before it eats up its own juice and dies. I determined that the stator was shorting out thanks to some awesome...
  5. Monowakari

    what kind of timing light?

    Hey all, Pamco electronic ignition with e-advance just arrived! I'm wondering what kind of timing light I should buy? - new to this - Preferably on the cheap, but good enough to set this puppy up and get to rippin' Cheers
  6. B

    Electrical/Battery/Engine Won't Turn Over?

    Looking for some help. The saga starts two years ago: I was really happy scooting around on my 81 XS400 Special. I rode it for about 6 months... it idled pretty high, but for the most part, it ran just fine. It didn't have an electric starter button, but I rigged one up that worked great. On a...
  7. allanrps

    Permanent Magnet Alternator Mod

    I just finished upgrading my bike to a pma charging system, and since it went so well I figured I'd write up a guide for it to give back a little to the community. The fragmentary information from the thread we have on this forum isn't really of much help. This isn't a difficult project, but it...
  8. iphonhax

    NEWB HELP! Don't Know where to start. Spark plugs are not sparking starter not workin

    Hey all! I am new to posting on this site, I have been lurking around reading stuff for a while now. I have a bike that I got from a friend it is a 1981 XS400S and when I got it the engine turned over and the starter worked. Well I took it apart painted the frame and put it back together...
  9. C

    Battery specs?

    I'm in the process of sourcing out a battery for my cafe build and was wondering if you guys know any of the stock specs for the following? How fast out charging system charges the battery? What is the minimum CCA requirement for both the electric start and kickstart? What is the minimum...