engine rebuild

  1. BambinoFan

    Xs400 Maxim Engine Rebuild

    Hey all, Just wanted to post my about my success pulling the engine outa my bike. Crazy experience so far, better feeling of achievement than playing Zelda right now. Bought the bike used last year, had a full summer of riding before the bike started falling apart on me. Oil leaks, slipping...
  2. S

    Newbie, Found this mystery little piece in the engine . . . (THE PLOT THICKENS!)

    Hey everyone! I'm a newbie, both to this forum and to working on engines. And to riding lol. I'd really appreciate any input on this. I made a mistake - I was taking apart the engine on my 1978 XS400 and as I was splitting the crank case, I found this little piece had fallen onto my workbench...
  3. Ben Thompson

    1982 XS400J (Maxim 400) - Engine Replacement

    Engine swap - Is an engine swap possible? What other engines will/could work? Current Engine Number : 16N - 000113 Frame Number : 15G - 001719 Will other XS400 Model engine's fit without mods?
  4. thekinggrim

    Gooseneck Chopper

    Gday peeps thought my current xs400 chop build might tickle some of your fancies its a 70s inspired gooseneck frame hardtailed one off just started work on it this week still gotta rebuild and polish the old xs lump but planning on running a 1/2 chain driven pma alternator as the old coil and...
  5. Houseman39

    Kick Start Locked Up

    Hi All, Have been using this forum for a few months but only just made an account - because I ran into a problem. Hoping for some insight - I love to learn so bring on the knowledge! I bought my first bike, a 1980 xs400s, in July. Classic story: it had been sitting in a garage unused for...
  6. burr

    1981 XS400 Engine Build: A Story of Pictures, Videos, Beers & Tears

    Hey Everyone! After hijacking a few threads, I figured I'd start my own. I'm rebuilding my 1981 Yamaha XS400H (4R5 engine). It's my first bike. I'm pretty mechanically inclined but I've never worked on anything like this before. Here goes nothing… A Little Intro: Bought this guy for $600 CAD...
  7. Tyler H

    engine hits a wall

    So I just pulled the top end on my 1980 xs400 and replaced a gasket that was leaking about half way down. I reassembled everything and with the top cover back on I put a 17mm on the flywheel and turned it to make sure it all went well.. it didn't. I'm hitting SOMETHING inside and its causing the...
  8. Myke Nytemare

    What models (if any) have the same engine?

    Hello all, Ready to pull the trigger on an Xs400 that is not complete (lots of redone and new parts), but the engine is original and hasn't run in a while and when it didn't leaked and has physical (laydown) damage. Since I'm going to have some time putting the bike together I figured I could...
  9. P

    Locking ACG Rotor Bolt

    I have a 83 Maxim with the DOHC. I'm tearing off my cylinder head and I'm following the manual. It says to lock ACG rotor bolt. How do I do that?
  10. Arclight88

    Will a 1978 2E Top End mate to a 1981 Bottom?

    Will it work?
  11. P

    Camshaft alignment in Valve Cover

    Hello fellow 400XS riders! I have just finished my rebuild on my jugs and I have a question on alignment of the camshaft. In the manual it says straight up with the Camshaft centrifugal and Projection on the retaining bolt ( both marks lined up) with the LT mark on the alternator cover in...