1. M

    Can't Take It Off Choke

    So... This kinda feels like AA, "Hi My name is Mike and I have a problem." JK. But in all seriousness, I'm hoping a few kindhearted Journeymen XS-folk can lend me some knowledge. Experience level: Noob, like total, complete noob... Bike: 1981 Yamaha XS400HS BLUF: basically, bought diamond in...
  2. N

    Wanted - New Valves for SOHC engine

    Hey all, I'm looking for a NEW set of valves for my 1978 Yamaha XS400. One of my exhaust valves is bent and they are all worn beyond getting the stem resurfaced. The OE part numbers are: 1L9-12111-02 INTAKE VALVE 1L9-12121-02 EXHAUST VALVE They are no longer avaliable from Yamaha in Japan...
  3. R

    Muffler for 2 to 1

    I'm trying to find a muffler to use for a 2 to 1 exhaust with stock headers and can’t seem to find answer as to what size I need. Thanks in advance
  4. G

    Exhaust Wrap

    Is exhaust wrap worth doing? Anyone use it? Anyone dislike it? I'd really appreciate the imput.
  5. Bury Me In Smoke

    For Sale - Parting Out 1976 XS360 & XS 400 Engine

    Selling everything I'm not using for a build Side Covers - $40 each Rear Turn Signals - $30 each Both Front Turn Signals w/ Headlight Mount - $70 Chain Guard - $15 Tool Box (no tools) - $15 Front and Rear Fenders - $30 each Battery Box - $25 Rear Inner Fender - $25 Seat (no tears) & Seat Pan -...
  6. Marc Douglas

    Exhaust Header Nut and Shim Question

    Hey Guys, new member here! I've been digging around the forums, but I can't find the answer to my exact question. I recently completed my first build (which is incidentally my first bike ever) and I'm running into a potential issue with my exhaust headers. I reused my old exhausts and...
  7. F

    Scrambler Exhaust Build

    Hi everyone, it's been quite a while! Ever since the newest Triumph scrambler came out, I have been pining after a pair of high pipes. Couple that with my friend purchasing a cabin in Northern Wisconsin (offroading trails like you wouldn't believe), and you have the recipe for entering into a...
  8. E

    Running lean; exhaust issues

    Hey friends! This is my first actual post on here, but I've been around I here for a couple years now getting my 79 xs400 up and running. Recently i did a bunch of mostly cosmetic work on the bike which involved taking off the exhaust. The guy i bought it from did a custom 2-1 exhaust. It...
  9. SoraXS400

    Exhaust Temperatures

    Does anybody have stock exhaust temperatures for the '82 XS400 Maxim? (DOHC, YICS) I'm looking at new exhuasts and in the mean time also looking for my temperature probe and I was wondering what the difference between the stock pipes are and an almost straight pipe design would be. Also, has...
  10. Lego

    Exhaust headers diameter

    Hey guys, I am going to build custom exhaust headers, and after a bit of studying I am considering my options. Stock headers are 38mm outside diameter, and they are double pipes so i think inside diameter is around 35mm for example. If I build custom headers from 43mm pipe with thicknes 1.5mm...
  11. SoraXS400

    Exhaust Change?

    Before I start I bought a 1982 Maxim 400 DOHC bike for $800 (what a steal for me ;) ) and only had to rebuild the fuel petcock and lines so far. This bike I believe already runs a little lean as the throttle response is not the best from idle, is this common? I do not know if the carbs are in...
  12. axl_foley

    new issue: idles perfectly but on throttle, pops loudly and fires unevenly

    hey! these forums have helped me do so much work on this bike over the past year or two and i had it running beautifully. but i recently moved to CA and brought the bike in the back of a moving truck. there was atleast one giant bump i hit where i thought everything in the back of the truck...
  13. M

    XS400R Rear monoshock, and exhaust

    I just recently purchaused a xs400r at a steal, however it needs some loving, and cleaning over the winter to be road worthy, two things I've been having a hard time sourcing it out are a replacement monoshock, the one I have will work if need be, however has some pretty nasty surface pitting...
  14. D

    Engine Heating and smoke coming from the exhaust

    Hi, I have recently bought a Yamaha XS400 1982, It's my first bike ever and I just have a very little knowledge of mechanical work. My bike heats up very fast if I go for 5 to 10 km's, a smoke starts to come out of the exhaust area. There's enough engine oil so I don't think that is the issue...
  15. nickklugs

    2-1 carb set up

    So I was thinking about going 2-1 with my xs360 because I want a simpler setup that's easier, just the usual. And I know that doing this will cause the left cylinder to run lean. Anyways, what if I make the left exhaust pipe more restrictive causing it to run richer? Would that work?
  16. L

    PLEASE HELP-Major issues after installing new parts.

    Hello good people of the XS400 world! Where do I even begin? Well...I got a few new parts for my bike (I have an 81 XS400 H). First thing was the new turn signals. They're small and cheap (pics below) They have one green and one orange wire. Initially I installed the rear ones and at first they...
  17. Juju400

    Rust spots on Spokes and Exhausts

    I'll try and post pics. Anyone know how to counteract this?
  18. S

    Was running and riding, then running, now won't start.

    I recently bought an 81 xs400 special, picked it up on Tuesday afternoon since the weather in WI is finally riding weather. She had been sitting in the sellers garage for half of the winter without a battery tender, so I knew the battery was dead. Brought a new battery with me to pick it up...
  19. V

    Kickstand is denting exhaust pipe.

    Whenever I release the kickstand it will hit my exhaust pipe. Not sure if that's the way it always has been or if previous owner was neglecting to fix it. There is now a fairly large dent. The centre stand was removed so that's not an option. I would like to fix this as soon as possible cause...
  20. S

    Exhaust Mounting Problem

    So I finally got all the parts I've needed to get the bike running, here it's been two months and change. I went to mount the exhaust and I'm having an issue with too much space between the collars that mount to the studs, they seem way to far off of the head. The bags have the part number for...