1. drewpy

    made a chain guard today

    Lat time the bike was MOT'd the assessor gave me a warning that they check I need a chain guard fitting. I could still run without one, but would stilll get that warning on the MOT certificate (printout nowerdays) snagged a stainless steel shelf from work so I used the edge as the main run and...
  2. O

    Would these custom bike parts work

    It's been ages and I've been messin with some ideas for my re-engineered bike. Custom head and cams, valves, piston, the works. I want to see what you guys think and if you have any ideas that'd help 1) Full fairing made from aluminium and acrylic sheet for the visor, about 2mm thin and...
  3. Greasey Fingers

    HOW TO: Make a custom 'swing arm chain protector'

    First off this is drewpys idea, cheers mate! I thought it was a great solution so posted this maybe it will help someone out. I needed to protect my swing arm from the chain and remembered drew did something with plastic like this, anyhow heres what he did (from what I understood) he used black...
  4. 1

    xs400 mild tracker build

    started with this 3k miles super molested xs400. The last owner fuc*ed it up pretty bad had a tall hand shifter no air filters rotted out honda mufflers ghetto seat solid strut "hardtail" bicycle ape hangers :( He had bypassed the fuse panel and "countnt get the headlight to work.... I...
  5. BBS360

    Stock XS360/400 exhaust dimensions

    up. Too bad the PO let the baffles rust out of the aftermarket mufflers. There's probably no back-pressure right now at all. The aftermarkets aren't designed to have the baffles removed but I think I can cut them out and have something welded back in. The mufflers do outwardly resemble...
  6. BBS360

    3D Printed Parts

    Brake fluid reservoir: Modeled the reservoir from scratch based on my XS360's very aged reservoir. Metal inserts are required to accept stock screws. I have the inserts installed in a prototype and they fit the stock cover perfectly. I haven't been able to test it but bikes where the cap...
  7. kevinsmith1517

    new to site, recent bobber purchase

    Hey guys, new to the site and just posting something here. 19 years old, live in Kansas and came across what I feel to be a deal. Been looking for a bike for awhile and now the time came. Recently bought a bike with a '78 hardtail with an '81 engine. Going through the bikes wiring because it...
  8. rugbywarrior89

    Tonouchi Exhaust Pipes?

    Does anybody know of an outfit that sells an exhaust design similar to that on the Tonouchi Build on the home page? I obviously know they custom fabbed their pipe but I would love to have a set just like that without needing to speak Japanese.
  9. D

    Can I cut open my exhaust(see pictures)

    Hi there! Driving around for about 5000km and getting a little bit bored of low rev's sounds(there is actually no sound at all but the sound of the engine). I'd like to get a little bit more out of my standard exhaust. Can I cut up my exhaust around the weld(black arrow) so the inner...
  10. B

    using double wall exhaust

    I cut up some old 4 into 2 Honda pipes i think. the outside diameter is about the same as my mac 2 into one. i have figured out how to make it fit into block proper. the big question is when i weld the 2 double wall pipes i was thinking about putting a 45 degree grind on the end of both pieces...
  11. N

    Chopper wiring diagram

    My son just bought a xs400 chopper. It needs to be completely rewired. Does anyone have a bare bone chopper wiring diagram for a xs400 ?
  12. J

    XS400 vs XS400 Special

    Hello all I'm looking at turning a XS400 special into a cafe/tracker type bike. My worry is that the cruiser style frame of the Special will not have the same look as the standard XS400. I understand that the major differences between the two are mostly aesthetic. ie raised seat, raised...
  13. B

    shorten inner speedo cable

    Has anyone tried to shorten the drive cable for speedometer and resquare the end I need inner cable for my tachometer as its cable snapped. I'm gonna try it anyway not hing to loose. Was just wondering if anyone had tried.
  14. D

    New motor for bobber help!

    Hello so I have a 1979 XS400 I made into a hard tail bobber. I cracked the lower engine case and can't fix it. I was going to get a new lower and upper case but Yamaha doesn't sell crankshaft plane bearings anymore so I'm thinking about swapping for a bigger motor. Is there anyone out there...
  15. B

    where the starter used to reside

    Do you guys think the starter well would get to hot for say a small battery and such to reside in.
  16. P

    XS400 Tracker/Brat Build with Frame Modification

    Hi everybody, first post on the forum so bear with me if I make any mistakes here. Also, sorry about the length, this got way longer than I expected. Link to imgur gallery here: http://imgur.com/a/8ev4B At this point, I'm done with what I would consider 'Stage 1' of the modifications to the...
  17. thekrnel

    Machining up some swing arm bushings

    Does anyone have the dimensions for the swing arm bushings from a 1980 XS400 SOHC. I am going to machine some bronze bushings like they sell on MikesXS.
  18. L

    400 cafe slow build

    well I have been riding this xs for about two years now haven't really done much to it because just been putting it aside so now its time to at least start with it. its going to be a slow process because of other projects I got going here it is how I got it two years ago so my plan is to...
  19. bcware

    Can I get some Arc Welding Tips?

    Wormholes! I am pretty sure my welder is too weak for metal this thick. Initially I thought I only needed enough power to fall into the amperage range listed on the STICK, but it looks like power requirements go up as the metal gets thicker. According to some charts I found online (my cheap...
  20. festy

    Update on my recent work

    Hey guys its been a while since i've posted anything on here. This past year i have been so busy i didn't get to everything i wanted to. Fortunately now ill have a bunch of time on my hands so i might as well continue the addiction of working on my bike haha. Got myself a welder and a torpedo...