1. N

    New foam air filter

    Hi, I have a question about installing a new foam into the box filter. I have cleaned out the old original foam and scraped the glue residue on the sides. My question is do I have to glue on the new foam filter? Also, do I oil the UNI foam or not? On the service manual, it says it shouldn't...
  2. S

    Foamy oil

    I had 15w-40 in the bike before just for winter test runs. Decided to go ahead and buy Valvoline 20w-50 motorcycle oil in for the warmer temps now. But once I start the bike and it runs for a couple seconds, the oil becomes pretty foamy. Ive done some googling and what I have found is it could...
  3. Monowakari

    Custom Seat Advice

    Bear with me, The idea is for suggestions and advice here, not, "lets be practical kid, you cant do this." :thumbsup: Converting from solo seat (with fairly chopped frame) to enough room for up to a 2 hour trip through vancouver island (<90kmh with twisties and highway stretches) with the gf...