for sale

  1. Rhinno

    For Sale - 79 XS250, Australia

    Selling my project/parts bike in Melbourne Australia. In parts, photos show how it used to look. About 13500 km on the clock. Comes with same tank and seat, plus a small amount of extras. Make an offer
  2. Bury Me In Smoke

    For Sale - Parting Out 1976 XS360 & XS 400 Engine

    Selling everything I'm not using for a build Side Covers - $40 each Rear Turn Signals - $30 each Both Front Turn Signals w/ Headlight Mount - $70 Chain Guard - $15 Tool Box (no tools) - $15 Front and Rear Fenders - $30 each Battery Box - $25 Rear Inner Fender - $25 Seat (no tears) & Seat Pan -...
  3. G

    For Sale - 1978 XS400

    79169415_589188681976335_7876364236429633088_n by growleyg posted Jun 5, 2020 at 2:38 PM Looking to sell this 1983(?) XS400. I just picked it up as a project but I don't have the time or energy to do it up. Turns over, has compression. Needs a battery, right switch cluster, seat, new forks, and...
  4. N

    For Sale - 1977 XS400 project bike

    Bought this bike over summer, moved off to school before I had time to get it in riding condition again. Started fine when I had it, but ran on one cylinder. Needs new piston rings, valve seals, etc. Previous owner had made this into a scrambler type thing. I was planning on turning it back...
  5. J

    For Sale - 1976 XS360 Speedometer

    I bought a project xs360 a few months ago and the speedometer was included, but not installed on the bike. I'm not sure if it works, or if there is a way to test it(bike is in tear down status). If interested or have any questions about it let me know. Offers welcome.
  6. T

    Advise for sale price?

    Anyone have any input for what a fair value is for my 1983 XS400 maxim? Been looking around trying to gauge the market, but at this point bikes this old are so different, it's tough for a novice to judge. Bike info, 6000 miles, starts right up and runs very well. Inside of gas tank is clean...
  7. BDxs400

    Make Offer - 82 Seca xs400rj

    Well time has come where I have sold my Seca :(, its been good lol. But hopefully I can help someone else out. I still have my parts bike. tried to sell it with my bike just didn't work out. Parts bike was close to complete. Had 27,000 miles on it when I parked it and was in good running...
  8. K

    1976 xs360?? for sale, advise

    Ok, I am not 100% positive if this is an XS360 or not, the carbs are a tad smaller than my 77XS400, so I assume, it says 1976 on the collar. Below are the pics of the bike I am interested in selling. I would like some ideas of what it might be worth to put a starting price on Ebay? I was...