1. N

    XS400J (Maxim) Alternative Forks

    Hi there, I hope it's ok to post this. I'm very new to the forum. I am in the UK and just bought an xs400j (Maxim). I was hoping someone has found some alternative forks for this bike because being in the UK, It's really hard to get frame & body parts. I'm not adverse to changing the head...
  2. J

    Fork Tube Replacement Resource???

    Hi, Still working on my wife's XS400 Seca. It is rebuilt and running well but it needs new fork tubes. I disassembled and found deep pitting which is causing the leakage. I found some on the Race Tech website but they are imported from TNK. 1. Does anyone here have a resource for...
  3. Gramatron

    XS650 Fork conversion

    Hey guys, I've been roaming the threads trying to get as much info as I can for a 650 front end swap. (I'm planning to use the dual front disk setup and like the larger tube size.) But the one thing I have yet to know for certain is which bearings to use. I currently have a set of 650 forks...
  4. R

    77 vs 81

    I am bringing an 81 xs400 (4300 miles) back to life. The engine fires up and sounds good, but the front forks are bent(the triple tree looks good). I have access to a 77 with several features that make it attractive (good front, disc rear). My questions are: Will the front from the 77...
  5. H

    XS400 Project with pics!

    Nevernind the forks being on the wrong sides!! I was just test fitting the triple trees and stuck the forks and wheel up there for a couple quick pictures. Looking at them now I see the forks are on the wrong sides. The brake caliper mounts go behind the forks. Lol woops. Eventually it'll 18"...
  6. A

    Anyone know the size for fork seals?

    Hey, I'm looking at replacing my crappy old fork seals. I have my 33mm forks but after hours of searching can't find technical sizes for the fork seals or dust wipers :banghead: P.S. Any tips on fork oil weight?
  7. E

    playing around with beta alp parts

    I had an hour to kill so thought I'd just have a play and swap some parts over from my beta alp to my xs400, it's unlikely I'll go down this route though as I don't think my abilities are quite up to the build, despite liking the way it looks. It doesn't help that the price of alp parts it's...
  8. yomamaha

    Newbie with a shopping list.

    howdie, I've been spying on this forum for a while and recently decided it was time to join in the fun. I own a 1978 xs400e (dubbed the "YoMamaHa) that I inherited from my father. He bought it new and rode it for a few years (he laid it down with my mom on the back on their first date) and then...
  9. 1lowdiesel

    Front end wobble.

    Ok, so I had a little front end shake when I was slowing down (15-20mph) and let off the bars so I figured I'd make a fork brace. Only problem now is that after taking it out for a test ride the wobble is even worse. The forks are lowered and I put new fluid in not too long ago. I don't...
  10. a40nabowl

    xs400 38mm or 39mm

    So I just got my xs and I was told that the forks are 38mm and since I was missing 1 fork cap, I have been looking all over for a fork cap or set. I finally found a place where they have a set and before I ordered I decided to take my micrometer out and measure it. I have a set of 35mm of my...
  11. Y

    Which front forks and rear shocks?

    New to this, just picked up a xs360 from CL for $300, that wasn't running... Maybe I paid to much, maybe I didnt. Bike was complete, had everything on it from the factory except the pipes. Checked it out and I liked the fact it had decent compression etc so I brought her home. Bought a can of...
  12. rmal

    Lowering forks

    Hey Hardtailed - I cut the front springs of my '78 xs400 about 2 1/2" to lower the front end. I read your comment here about adding spacers. I didn't add spacers - should I? I haven't ridden the bike yet. What should I make the spacers out of? thanks... rmal