1. birdbrain

    Dent in Frame...

    Grabbed a 1978 xs400 2e - Kick start only in okay shape. Been cleaning the carbs, new oil, battery etc. When taking a look at the frame I noticed this dent. Could this be the end of this bike - as in not safe to ride any more? Pretty bummed out and looking forward to any feedback. Perhaps it...
  2. thekinggrim

    Gooseneck Chopper

    Gday peeps thought my current xs400 chop build might tickle some of your fancies its a 70s inspired gooseneck frame hardtailed one off just started work on it this week still gotta rebuild and polish the old xs lump but planning on running a 1/2 chain driven pma alternator as the old coil and...
  3. J

    Wanted - Looking for frame cover for 82 Xs400 maxim

    Pic included, looking to buy or find a cap for this side of my frame.
  4. B

    XS400 Seats

    I'd like to use the "Saddlemen Eliminator" tail section and seat for my '81 build and was wondering if anyone has used this seat on theirs before. I need to figure out if the seat frame hoop I'm looking at will work. What size seat frame hoops are you all using for cafe/brat builds?
  5. B

    did I mess up my frame?

    After hours of painstaking swing arm bolt removal I noticed I may have damaged the inner side of the bolt hole on the frame. This was probably due to me being an idiot and slamming a bolt that didn't fit properly in the hole in attempt to remove the swing arm. (I also had to grind out the swing...
  6. N

    XS400 Frame 3d Model

    Hi Guys, I just started my first 1980 xs400 build and have been looking to try and find a 3d model so I can work on my design, fitment for custom fabricated parts etc etc. I tried to scour all the typical CAD sites but I can't find anything so I was wondering if one of you guys might have one...
  7. Brazzz

    For Sale - 1981 XS400 Parts Fork, Wheels, Gauge Cluster, Ignition, Struts, etc...

    UPDATED ITEMS FOR SALE Frame Front Forks Rear Strut & Shock Front Wheel / Tire / Disk Brake / Caliper Rear Wheel / Tire / Drum Brake Assembly Tach & Spedo Ignition & Key Frame has been recently repainted, has VIN, no damage I am willing to part out any section of the frame by request. Name a...
  8. Brazzz

    For Sale - 1981 XS400 Special Part Out

    Will ship any part just send me a zip code and I can get a quote. Bike was running when the motor was pulled, all parts should be in working order. What is pictured is what parts I have, the only things not in the photo are the exhaust and carburetor. Name a reasonable price for the part you'd...
  9. J

    Odd bulge in frame. 1980 XS400

    So on the left hand side of the frame, below the engine, I found what appears to be an odd bulge in the frame. Any idea if it is normal for there to be a bulge in the frame there? That would be the spot in question. Doesn't seem right to me. Figured I would check with you guys about it...
  10. M

    77 frame vs 80 frame questions

    Does anybody know if there is any difference between a 77 and 80 xs 400 frame? I know the bikes were a bit different but I feel like the frame hasn't changed inbetween those years. How often does a bike frame actually change right? I wouldn't be surprised if the sportster frame is the same as...
  11. M

    Looking for grommet for sidecover

    The side-cover on the right side of my 1984 xs400 has had the grommet holding the batter cover on disintegrate. I've looked around unsuccessfully to find a replacement. I'm hoping someone here has run into the same problem and has a source.
  12. Ketchup pusher

    Making the mechanical speedo electric

    Hallo there I had this wonderful idea of converting the mechanical cable type to a digital electronic output, to work with any electrical cauge. :wtf: So since i'm no genius with motherboards or whatever you need to make a conversion , i need your guys help. :shrug: I have three ideas...
  13. J

    Recommendation for Lift for tear-down/repaint/rebuild/tires

    Model: 1980 XS400 Special (XS400SG) I am in need of a lift or some kind of solution to getting it up off the ground so I can remove both the wheels so I can replace the tires as well as do a complete tear down of the entire motorcycle for restoration, repainting, and then reassembly. The...
  14. P

    Tachometer ratio

    Hello, I'm looking into dime city's 2.5" tachometers, the question is they offer two ratio settings, a 1.5ratio and a 1.7 ratio. Can anyone tell me what ratio would work with my 81 xs400 special II Yamaha? Thanks.
  15. Firestone

    1977-78 xs400 tank on a 1981 xs400se?

    What do you guys think, would the more squared tank fit on the 1981 400se? I have the xs400se with the stock tank, but i kinda like how the older tank lines up with the frame. Gives it a nicer look in my opinion. 1981 Yamaha xs400se 1977-1978 Yamaha xs400 Sorry for repost, if...
  16. K

    Need help fixing vibration

    The bike is a mostly stock '81 XS400-SH with 7500 miles (had it since 1900 miles around 6 years ago. It's fairly beat-up, but been a solid bike for getting around for several years now. It runs just fine. I use it frequently now because getting parking on campus in the daytime is impossible...
  17. T

    Factory rims fit voodoovintage frame

    Hello I have a 79 xs400 and I wanted to put a voodoo vintage ridged frame on it. To keep the cost low I wanted to use the factory rims. Will this work with the new rear frame section or will I have to find new rims?
  18. V

    Chain tension increases as wheel spins.

    Hello I've got a 1980 xs400 special 2. I was noticing a grinding noise and determined it was coming from the chain. Upon inspection I noticed that as the tire rotated everything would be normal until it would hit a spot where the chain tightens up. For now I have the tension set at the tightest...
  19. O

    84' Maxim 400 Compatible Gas Tanks

    Hi all, So I've ripped apart my maxim to convert it into a café racer. Is there a gas tank that would work with my frame? The stock tank isn't really a café racer type. Im thinking cb500 tank? any thoughts?
  20. markjs

    Ironhead Maxim?

    Has anyone ever faked a hard tail by welding and undercarriage in for say an Ironhead 1000? I imagine if I can think of it, someone has tried, hell maybe here many have and are well known to some of you? I like the idea a lot and I have a title'd frame for the project. I'm a dirt farmer and...