1. O

    XS400 front fender bolts

    Hello. I got an 1981 xs400 that came with no front fender. I purchased an aftermarket fender that I love the look of but I need to find the bolts to attach it. I don't live close to a motorcycle shop and was wondering what size the bolts were and if I could get them from the hardware store
  2. P

    Wanted - WTB XS400 Chrome Front Fender

    Back over a year ago, I was in a small accident on my bike (no injury, 0% fault) which caused a slight crack to procure on the left side of the front fender (ahead of the forks) that I believe to possibly be getting worse here over time. Thus, just in case, I was curious if anyone actually had...
  3. M

    XS400RJ Seca Front Caliper

    I'm in the process of bringing a Seca back from the dead, the engine is running great, minus a clutch cable stretched to death. However I'm having some problems with the front brake, and was wondering if anyone can give some advice. This piston cup is stuck, I bleed the brakes and pumped it out...
  4. Almost_Infamous

    N00b brake question

    Hi everyone, So my 400S needs a new front disk master cylinder, the factory one is just completely buggered. I am considering going aftermarket and I found a lever and cylinder set on amazon that will fit the handle bars, but in the description is says: For 125, 200, 250, 300cc SO does the...
  5. Almost_Infamous

    Wanted - ISO 81' SX 400 Special front disk master cylinder

    Old one is completely buggered... screws stripped, old and cracked etc. etc. I just don't want to piss around lol. I'm in British Columbia, Canada. Thanks lads! :thumbsup:
  6. J

    Cutting Fenders

    Hi all, I am wanting to cut my front and rear fenders (cut the rear fender and slide it back a bit under the seat). I was just wondering if there is any tricks to doing it - other than measuring carefully. I plan on using an angle grinder. Do I need to round off the edges, or just file off...
  7. Jso123

    Front caliper leaking

    After replacing ( with a kit ) the master cylinder and hose with a steel one, I THEN noticed brake fluid leaking out by the front calipers... My Yamaha service manual is not much help. It just says replace pads when worn.... Can anyone direct me to some instructions ( geared to a 6 year...
  8. Jso123

    Front brake weak...

    Need advice... I went to Harbor Freight and got their el cheapo one man brake drain kit. The fluid was pretty dirty. Filled up 2 bottles and now it is pretty clean. However, it doesn't work much better. 2 observations: my master cylinder had only the rubber top liner. The diagram had a...
  9. goz1980special

    Looking for whole front disc brake assembly for my 1980xs400.

    hello all! been workin on this project through the winter, however the guy i bought this bike from took off, and threw away the front brake. it looks cleaner yes, but front brake is way more safe. im not sure what all years/models would match up, but it is the disc style wheel and fork mounts...
  10. Savantjk

    Other brake calipers that fit stock forks mounts?

    Have any of you guys found another caliper which will bolt up to the stock mounts on a 81 model? I'm having to get a new master cylinder so I figure I might as well juice up the stopping while i'm there.:shrug: Thanks, -Jeramy