1. The Wang

    Carb flooding

    Im still waiting on some parts to service the jets and replace the bowl gasket, however I still have a serious flow out of both carbs when I connect fuel. It's so bad that when I take the line off fuel flows back out. I'm wondering if it could be my tank pressurizing, as I adjusted the floats...
  2. Vacantstance

    Dumb question: starting bike without the gas tank on it.

    Again, I’m brand new to motorcycles. I’m finally at the place where I want to start the bike but I’m not able to. I have spark, decent compression and I’m feeding fuel directly through the fuel inlet on the left carb. As I pour fuel into a container that has a hose with the other end connected...
  3. Joost D

    fuel leaking through carburetor

    When the engine is running or when the petcock is on prime, the gasoline drips from the back of the carb. It seems to be coming from the 2 jets. All rubbers and gaskets have already been replaced. Does anyone have experience with this? In the link is a gif where it can be seen clearly...
  4. bricks

    Carb fuel inlet, general question

    Hello everyone. First post, thanks for having me :) A friend gave me a 1983 Yamaha xs400 Maxim (wohoo!) and I just started fixing it up. It cranks but doesn't start/fire, so I rebuild/cleaned the carb, re-installed, set the petcock to prime and let it sit for a few minutes... It still won't...
  5. dannyTheBoat

    Carb intake mod

    Hey all, I have a '82 xs400 that has been mine for about 4 months now. I am a new rider and new to wrenching and I have found a lot of good info on this forum. My bike is below. As you can see, it is a bit chopped up, but the PO did a good job with it and it runs very strong. Lately it has been...
  6. S

    Wanted - Fuel tank

    Hi, Looking for the squarer version of the fuel tank to finish my project. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks Steve
  7. JonUpNorth

    I need someones opinion who's smarter than I am

    my 82 maxim 400 has been running quite well, I've done a bunch of short rides around the neighbourhood putting a total of 260km's (around 160 miles I think) so far this season. BUT, unfortunately so far throughout the season while out riding the engine has quit on me twice. The first time, I...
  8. P

    Inline fuel shutoff

    My petcock is leaking on my 78. For a quick fix, could I just put an inline fuel shutoff on and leave it on prime while running? Or even leave it on the on position.
  9. U

    Revs at stops

    I've been riding my bike to work the past few days. It starts great (enriched out all the way at first then clicked in after a few moments. And it runs fine. Then about the third stop light I get to (3 miles?) it starts hanging at about 3k at stops. If I turn out the idle speed screw it drops...
  10. T

    Peacock on Prime, now idle too high and Air filter full of fuel

    Hi guys! First, I wanna say that I love this forum. I have my first bike and you guys helped me a lot through all the threads. Aright I have a XS400 RL 84 (Seca). It works well and I'm turning it in something nice! I empty all the old oil, put new in, did 100 km, changed the filter and...
  11. U

    New exhaust... Will I need to rejet?

    I got these (http://www.dimecitycycles.com/vintage-cafe-racer-caferacer-bobber-brat-chopper-custom-motorcycle-exhaust-parts-17-inch-reverse-cone-megaphone-muffler-80-84030.html) from dime city cycles I don't plan to change the air filters will I need to rejet? Would that be up on the main, the...
  12. B

    Maxim fuel tank capacity?

    I'm not sure how big my tank is on my Maxim, I was looking through the manuals on the form and they say that the tank is something like 5 gallons? That can't be correct, I thought our tank was something close to 3ish gallons giving roughly 150 miles of range. I normally fill up around 100 miles...
  13. F

    Best octane to use in xs400

    Hey folks! I have an 82 xs400 Special, with nothing aftermarket on it. I've tried my google-fu and haven't found a concise answer. Would you all recomend regular unleaded or high octane? Also does ethanol affect performance in any way? Thanks in advance!
  14. B

    What Tanks Are Compatible With '81 XS400?

    Hey guys! Just picked up an '81 XS-400 Special II. The tank has a leak on the left side at the seem, and from what i understand, I could possible spend more trying to fix it and chasing the leak than just buying a new one. So I am wondering…what other tanks work/fit best besides the...
  15. U

    Need some help with a fuel and possibly an electrical issue

    Thanks to much help from this site I've got my bike running. Today I went to drive it to the dmv and the battery died. I've run it several times with driving and may have left the key on for 20 min. Is that enough to discharge a new battery? Will it sitting in the bike unused a couple weeks...
  16. C

    Petcock leaking, what's this?

    Ok, so my petcock is spitting fuel out the side where this little hole is. The hole looks like it's supposed to be there. the little tiny gasket covers the hole but that gasket is pretty chewed up. So, is that hole necessary? What's the remedy here? Just new rubber gasket or what?
  17. B

    Clear fuel line?

    What are you guys using for clear fuel line? Is there something at a hardware store? just not sure of material. The only stuff I can find is on line can't seem to find any at auto parts stores.
  18. bentwrench

    Need some help with crud identification

    I'm pretty sure I know what this is, but I need the opinion of the masses. I went out to drain carbs and put the battery on a charger for the winter, and I noticed two things: 1, nothing came out of the drain plugs on the carbs, even though they sloshed, and 2, there was a growing brown...
  19. desoda

    Gas leaking into oil

    I just started driving my XS400 this year, and I've had to change my oil 3 times in the past 2 months because I'm getting gas into my oil, even if I turn off the petcock after every ride. I've been told it may be dirt in my float bowl, but I really don't know what that means. Any ideas?
  20. BRATneveRAT

    Runs better on its side???

    hi guys i have a 1980 xs 400 special and i have a problem..the bike when standing up right read history on bike: cleaned the carbs replaced the floats replaced the inline fuel filter my problem is wenever i lean the bike to the right it runs insanly awesome and when i stand it right side...