1. Aedan Graves

    XS400G Special 2 Tachomitor and Speedomitor remake

    Back with another question for my XS400g cafe racer, I would like to remake my instrument cluster to be slimmer with an Arduino. My question is, whats the ratio for the cables going to the mechanical Tach and Speedo?
  2. KC_Royals


    Wondering what most use for riding boots/shoes? Just like around the town riding that can be worn to work as well, a business casual look. Trying to find something around $100. Thanks!
  3. brockd

    Rain cover/brake lock

    Hey all - picking up the wheels this week and she'll be stored outside much of the time. Can anyone recommend a decent rain cover and (if you think it's worth it) a disc brake lock? Located in Toronto so availability at Canadian distributors preferred. Tx!
  4. A

    Bronze bushings XS400SE, 1982

    Hi! I´ve searched the forum a lot but I can´t find an answer to my question. I´m going to swap my old bushings for bronze ditos... I contacted mikesxs but the ones he is selling does not fit my XS400SE, 1982. I checked on e-bay but most of them cannot say if they will fit. I got an...
  5. Peter

    Can not select neutral

    When riding my bike for some time, when I stop I can not select neutral Can any one help
  6. A

    First gear not working

    Hello community, I couldn't change to first gear, so I opened up the crankcase. Mainshaft and layshaft ratchets are completely fine, not even a little bit worn, and the gear changing mechanism on the right side looks fine too. What could be the problem?
  7. M

    does an xs400 belong on the interstate...

    I did a quick search and didnt see this topic recently anyway.. sorry if its an over post. My question is, whats the opinion of a bobber xs400, does it belong on the highway, as in interstate, where speeds are 65-75mph, and most people are doing well over that. My commute to work takes me...
  8. JARichmond

    Planning a big road trip. HELP!

    Hey everybody. It's been a long time since I was a frequenter on this site, but I'm loving how much the community has grown since. Anyhow, I'm still alive, and haven't been run over yet. Now I come to you for advice. Recently I had a turn of events that led me to become very close with someone...
  9. Robsteeler66

    Motorcycle cover

    I've been looking on Amazon and eBay for a bike cover. Our garage is storage for all of our stuff right now, so I have to leave it outside until we're done with our house projects. Anyone have any recommendations for a waterproof cover? I did a search and can't find any discussion on here.
  10. willem

    microwaving riding gloves: just don't try it

    right so a few words of experience-based wisdom. My gloves got really wet a while ago and it took for ever to dry them, which resulted in them smelling like something between a wet dog and a 3-week-old carcass. Not good. After some googling I found some home remedies: I first tried freezing...
  11. jacjr

    Iphone 5 w/ otterbox motorcycle phone dock

    So i googled these things and they do exist, they mount to your bars (usually, typically) im looking for one that can be used for my iphone with the defender series otterbox. "the riders claw" is out of the question I was wondering, have any of you guys bought one?
  12. Sesty

    Im guessing one shouldnt be cheap when buying a helmet?

    i am looking to get a new brain protector soon. There is quite a HUGE selection of helmets out there and an even larger range of prices. I cant exactly afford the high end $400-900 helmets, but i dont want to skimp out and get a $70 dollar Costco one either. Over a $100 im assuming they will...
  13. B

    Best type of gear and costs - UK

    OK having more or less got my bike sorted I'm hoping to be back on the road imminently! Today girlfriend & I went to local Yamaha dealer in Worthing to see about lids for 2 and a jacket for her (she doesn't want to wear leathers if at all possible). I was already lucky finding a really heavy...
  14. butcherandthelamb

    '82 xs400 maxim saddlebags and such?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for luggage. I would ideally like to not have to move the rear turn signals. I just got the thing and have had the carbs cleaned and new tires and don't really want to to any mods as of yet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. flornz

    Riding boots with some heel height

    Guys, I'm in the market for the best possible riding boots with some heel height under $100. Suggestmentations?
  16. N

    Open faced helmets....whats your eye protection?

    Curious to what everyone is wearing as eye protection with their open faced helmets. During the day light I just wear sunglasses but for night time I have nothing....any suggestions, recommendations, opinions?
  17. karatekid1194

    Advice on a good Windshield?

    Anybody have any preferences on a good windscreen for the xs400? Looking for something short enough not to look weird but tall enough to save my chest from bugs. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. ksqrly

    T-shirts PLZZZ

    Hey xs400 admin this is to you. Its probably a lot of work to organize, but can you make some shirt for us proud xs400 owners, like you did for THANKS. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FOR PUTTING THIS SITE TOGETHER!!!!!! -who ever you are
  19. mikegeeee

    Cool helmet

    I just found this cool helmet at a thrift store... anybody know anything about it from the markings on the back?? the inside says... "this helmet meets z-90 1-1966 NY approved" cool as hell if you asked me!!!
  20. river

    Help me identify this jacket!!

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum seeing as I am a new proud owner of a '77 xs400. Anyway I just lost a brutal ebay bidding war on this jacket and can not find one like it anywhere. Can anyone take a guess as to a brand? Style? Era? Anything that would help me track down a similar jacket??