1. freiesss

    Make Offer - 1982 XS400 Parts (Post 1 of 2)

    All parts are in good condition. (This is post 1 of 2) Please PM me to make offer. Thank you!
  2. J

    Can someone help me establish which of these is most like the original 1980 XS 400 Handlebars?

    I need to replace my handlebars. I'd like to go with as close to original as possible. I found these handlebars on MikesXS (bottom of the page). I think the Virago Type is the closest to original (although out of stock) and the XS650 "Special" Pullback Type is very similar but a little "taller"...
  3. N

    Biltwell Whiskey Throttle

    Has anyone tried this Biltwell Whiskey Throttle? if so, is its quality worth it's price? Was it able to connect to the stock xs400 throttle cable? Thanks, Nick:thumbsup:
  4. S

    Help with Handlebars

    Alright, so I've had my 1981 XS400 special for about 6 years now. I love this bike, it fits me great and I'd like to learn to work on it. So, first order of business is I need to change out the handlebars. I laid it down a few years ago and the handlebars bent. There is no damage to the forks...
  5. A

    Clip ons Slipping

    I've had trouble with my clip on bars slipping on the forks. Don't know if I should clean down the forks, use some type of adhesive for the forks, or anything else. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  6. M

    help me id this cable near clutch

    I replaced the handlebars on my 1981 but in doing so a cable next to the new clutch cable came apart.... I dont know what it is to know if I can purchase a new one or if it is able m to reconnect how it is currently. Basically I don't know much of anything about this bike... or any. It is my...
  7. xadmp

    Need help with custom parts

    Hey guys. I'm going to be buying a 1980 Yamaha xs400 special and I'm incredibly new to motorcycles in general. I want my bike to look very similar to this when it comes to the seat in this picture but I don't know names of anything. I don't know where to look for fenders and gauges and seats...
  8. 1lowdiesel

    Lets see those Handlebars...

    One of the biggest things i had to decide on my bike was what type or style of handle bars to go with that would match the look of the bike. Also getting fid of the bulky factory controls. I searched everywhere and couldn't really find any threads that were just about different style bars on...
  9. karatekid1194

    Bar risers for my 1980 xs400 special?

    Anybody know of a good aftermarket bar riser set for a 1980 xs400 Special?