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  1. blaketots

    XS360: Oil on right cylinder spark plug

    Hey y'all! I have an all-stock 1977 XS360 that is having power issues on the right cylinder that is causing idle issues when coming down from speed (dying at stop lights if I don't keep revved up, but easy kick to start back up; erratic idle when warm). The right cylinder runs way colder than...
  2. E

    New turn signals wont flash, just stay solid.

    Hi, so here's my problem, I recently installed new indicators on my 1980 XS400G, everything is hooked up properly and works, except for one huge problem, the indicators wont flash. They just stay solid when ever I switch on either the left or right side. I have done some research and I think I...
  3. Fegelein Der GroBe

    Xs360 Rough Idle, No throttle response.

    After a year and only one effective start, I finally got something out of my xs360. It sounds like trash, and I need help. It takes many kicks to even get a response, and when it miraculously starts, it requires tons of throttle, has no response to it, Reba from 250 to 750 rpm, and it sounds...
  4. Kawakaze

    Carb. identification & gaskets help

    Hey ya'll, So I'm in the process of restoring a 1977 XS360, this is my first project bike and so far I've found this forum to be extremely informative and I'm very grateful to have found it. I'll get straight to the topic here. Im having some trouble identifying which Mikuni carburetor...
  5. E

    Crazy High RPM after revving the engine

    So pretty much my bike is running fine until i rev the engine, after that the rpm's seem to go crazy high and wont go back down unless I am to pull on the choke all the way, someone want to enlighten me as to what may be happening? I have a 80' XS400G if it helps Thanks,
  6. T

    What the heck is this bike???

    So I just picked up my very first bike today for free from an older lady whose husband passed some time back. She said it had sat in the yard for a number of years since his passing. She had no idea where the key or title for it was, or even what model year it is. I found two identical 9 digit...
  7. W

    Unknown Problem?

    Just got the bike a few weeks ago, was riding it yesterday and noticed as I coast to a stop the bike makes a high pitch noise. Any ideas? Thanks The bike is a Maxim 400 1983
  8. H

    runs and then dies + more

    Okay to start off I just want to let everyone know that I am brand spanking new to motorcycles but I am fairly mechanically savvy. So to start, I bought the motorcycle a couple weeks ago thinking that it ran perfectly, which it did for the 15 minutes they had it running, but after the paperwork...
  9. V

    Help me identify this aftermarket battery lead.

    I recently purchase a 1980 xs400 with fairly low miles and very clean body. The battery would never hold a charge longer then a few days. Upon inspection I noticed there was two leads on the positive terminal. So I unhooked the one that I assumed was aftermarket and now my battery holds a...