1. J

    Is my carb ruined? :/

    Hi dudesters, so im thinking about getting this old bike running, and got around to doing the carbs after a short span of inactivity (the thing has been dismantled for 7 years give or take). So to my surprise i found both idle jets were jammed in too far, subsecuently got stuck and the tips of...
  2. I

    Right cylinder missfires

    Hello, In the last two short trips I've had a problem with missfire on my right cylinder. The bike starts but has problems for about 15 secs. I can't figure out is it better with full choke or half on hot weather. Anyways, i drive it in half choke for some time so it warms up nicely. After it is...
  3. J

    '79 bouncing idle. I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING (kinda)

    So this has been a year and a half worth of trying to figure out what is wrong with my bike. I bought this fully running about 3 years ago I think, and rode it around with no problems for about a year and a half. Here's my problem now: My idle will bounce around a bit and "searches." After...
  4. Houseman39

    Starting Reassembled Engine

    Thanks to all who helped me on my previous thread! (Reassembling the engine - check it out here Now that I've got the new crankshaft and rods in and the whole engine reassembled I'm trying to breathe life back into my 1980 XS400...
  5. M

    Just about given up

    I've been reading this forum for about a month now. I've tried just about everything on this site so far but my bike still won't work. I have a 1979 xs400e (I think). All original everything. It was given to me after sitting for almost a year in the sun. I had ridden it and it ran great...
  6. Chad

    Low HP and slow throttle response

    So my 1981 XS400SH I have had 20 years (old reliable), got a crack in the manifold boot, ran lean and hot, melted a plug, and broke a valve. Now after a head rebuild and new valves and guides (and a new tank), and several valve adjustments, it idles great and roars when I get up to speed, but...
  7. rockinjon

    Bike idles only on choke, dies when throttled the slightest amount

    Hey guys, here's one for ya: My bike quit running and I traced the issue to a bad TCI box. (I've gone through 3 of them in the last year!!!) I found a used one on ebay, and plugged it in, and it started. I gave it throttle, and it died. Restarted it, let it idle, and tried giving it throttle...
  8. Monowakari

    Battery Help

  9. J

    The new project runs, but need help to ID strange sounds

    Hi there. I've just joined the forum after picking up a new project, an 1980 XS400 Special, and this is my first post. The bike is a literal barn find and by the looks of it has likely seen a decade of Canadian winters sitting outside, but seems in pretty good shape despite that, and has...
  10. T

    Peacock on Prime, now idle too high and Air filter full of fuel

    Hi guys! First, I wanna say that I love this forum. I have my first bike and you guys helped me a lot through all the threads. Aright I have a XS400 RL 84 (Seca). It works well and I'm turning it in something nice! I empty all the old oil, put new in, did 100 km, changed the filter and...
  11. B

    Weird Idle Behavior

    So I've got a stock 1981 XS400, stock carbs (running cylinder air filters). My bike idles well once its warmed up, but it behaves very strangely sometimes. Once idling well, if I give it gas, the idle jumps up to about 3-4000RPM and stays there, and eventually returns after a few seconds. I...
  12. O

    Bike revs on its own to around 3-4k rpm

    Hey, I finally got around to starting up the bike today. She starts perfect on the first turn off the starter with no choke (new plugs and filters) but after about 5 minutes at idle she decided she wanted to rev to 3k and 4k if I don't turn her off, again choke or no choke she does this even...
  13. F

    How to change oil and why am I idling at 3000 when fully warm

    I'm a new owner of an 81 xs400 special II and quite happy about it myself. It runs great but I have a few questions and concerns I've been reading the forums and I'd like to thank all those who respond to people I've learned quite a bit already but it's time for me to ask some questions...