1. drewpy

    Just finished another project

    Just finished another project, a 1987 FZ600. made a few mods along the way, including racetech front springs, R6 rebuilt shock, Dyna coils, Pazzo levers. Engine ported Oh and a little touch up in the paint department :D
  2. MrYeats

    83 Seca

    As my Seca project draws near completion. Here are some pix. Any info on finding fairing mount hardware will be helpful.
  3. MrYeats


    Some progress on the M18. Figuring how to mount the rear wheel was a PITA.
  4. L

    Going to ask anyway....

    Guys & Gals, Just started to strip down for a full restore a 1978 XS250 C (think its a C, has disc brakes front and back) and needless to say the seat pan is shot......can anyone point me in the right direction for a replacement? Would be happy with a decent copy to be honest as I don't...
  5. BBS360

    Thoughts on whether to buy a TX500?

    The XS650 board might be better suited to answer but I'm not yet a member there. There's a 1973 TX500 for sale near me. I know they are notorious for engine problems but at only 11k on the odometer and apparently running pretty well, I might get plenty of miles out of it. The problems are...
  6. Bull85

    What i ride, when not riding.

    figured some may get a kick out of my workhorse. needed to haul some wood today and didn't want to go get the trailer. mainly was just having fun with the kids, and showing them what there old bunk bed ladder can do....... may not be a bike, but still have fun riding this, it goes, and can pull...
  7. BBS360

    Oil filter bolt. Repair or replace?

    I'm going over all the parts that I have removed from my XS360 and I noticed that the oil cover/filter bolt does not contain the piston, spring, or pin. I assume these parts form a one-way valve for oil to travel through the filter. No way to know when the PO lost the parts or how long it...
  8. bifalconer

    Finished my Custom XS360 Brat

    Been working on this 1976 XS360 for a couple months now. Bought it running and stock cheap for my first bike and wanted to turn it into a Brat. What do you guys think?
  9. V

    Triumph Daytona 600 Stator Problems

    Hi guys My 81 xs400 keeps revving up to around 4000rpm and wont drop. Have checked for air leaks and found none, but that is a problem for another day. My Triumph Daytona stator burned and I got it rewinded. It still wont charge the battery and it is brand new. The voltage at the 3 yellow...
  10. Greasey Fingers

    Oh no what have I done...another project!!

    So I bought a 1975 cb250 cheap off ebay :doh: I have a spare tank ill throw on and make a rat bike with it:laugh: The motor turns over and sounds really good, like it has great compression! Ill update when I fire it up.
  11. markjs

    Oh the joy of being in love with a bike!

    :D :bike: :D
  12. markjs

    Hopefully this will be my next bike.

    I am gonna try and compression test my '83 engine today, see if I can stick with my XS400 Maxim, but should it be too big a project I got my eye on one of these with this same color scheme. Lot of miles on it, 60K, but well maintained and while not as clean as the one pictured, not at all bad...
  13. markjs

    OMG, My TX500 is a NIGHTMARE to find parts for!

    Neither air nor oil filters are made for my new bike. Not sure what to do?!?
  14. markjs

    Going to be hell finding parts for my TX500!

    I can't even get an air cleaner it's all discontinued and the bike is too rare for aftermarket. Gonna have to start fucking with pods on a bike dependent on a vacuum restrictive airbox. Does anyone have any ideas on where to look for rare Yamaha parts?
  15. jacjr

    dude dropped a 2012 cbr1000

    I go into my local shop here in delaware, i'm cool with the owner so i walk through the back. Well in the back is this cbr1000 with the whole right side scraped to sh*t. So i go in see if there is anything new start to shoot the sh*t... so i ask "who the F**K dropped the cbr out back" well...
  16. markjs

    If I can... Sturgis on a 400?!?

    I know it sounds crazy as @#$%! But this guy on here is getting rid of another XS400, I'm close, I already got a 17 tooth front sprocket on order, could even subtract some teeth on the back. Thing is, the bike stock can do it. The guys I'd be riding with would be probably limiting their speed...
  17. SandyR

    XJ750 Added to the stable

    Well after buying my 84 Maxim 400 a couple of weeks ago I've now ended up with an 81 Seca 750. This was not part of the plan but stuff happens. Saw it on Craigslist only a 10 min drive away and the price was so low I thought it was a misprint. Ended up first guy on the scene and couldn't pass it...
  18. codyxs400

    should I go to MMI or not

    I have always liked dirtbikes and motorcycles and am interested in furthering my education i have looked into MMI and wyotech i sighned up to go to the pheonix location for MMI i was wondering if any one had any input
  19. Hipshifter

    73 TX500

    My 1973 TX500. Didn't have a plan just starts cutting and welding.
  20. drewpy

    not an XS

    Thanks to a poster on the YOC and my persistent nagging, he's finally gave in and let me have his old FZ600 for FREE! anyway, this won't be started till the little Gilera's finished, but I may just change fluids etc and see if it will pass an MOT ;) paint work is naff, but it...