oil leak

  1. Qwervo

    Bent clutch push rod - Worn out housing

    Hi folks, I've posted about this issue in someone else's thread but was thinking it might deserve its own. I own an XS400 L Maxim 1984. I've been living with a manageable oil leak for the past 6000 miles, until I decided to investigate it. The leak is coming from the clutch push rod seal, what...
  2. C

    Having trouble with oil leaking from the crankcase

    Hello! I have a 82 12E model and it's been leaking since this winter. I opened the cover and it's a mess I read online that this is a common problem and it's usally from the clutch rod so I switched the oil seal but I find it hard to see where the leak is coming from. I went for a ride and...
  3. D

    Starter motor installation

    Hey gang, I'm very new to working on motorcycles in general, and I'm currently fixing up an old '79 XS400. I'm looking to install a new starter in the next few days, and I'm a little confused on exactly what is necessary to prevent oil from leaking out from the hole that the starter fits...
  4. xsbeachhopper

    Neutral light sensor / indicator oil leak

    I wonder if anyone can help? I’ve got an oil leak and not sure what to change, how complex a job it is and where to get the part. Assuming there’s an o ring/seal behind the plate pictured Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  5. D

    Oil leak impossible to fix

    Hi, I bought a Sanglas 400y three years ago and has been leaking on the left cover (alternator) since then some days a couple drops, some days more. My bike has the same engine as the xs400e so I've been reading the forum to fix this leak she has but it has been impossible. I have tried a new...
  6. Fishwwc

    Pushrod Bushing

    Hello everyone I've been troubleshooting an Oil leak from the left side of my motor, I think my clutch pushrod seal is bad, and from what I've read on the forum if the seal is bad then so is the bushing. I've carefully read over the procedure of how to install both the bushing and seal, seems...
  7. J

    Some Miscellaneous Problems, Experienced Advice Needed

    Thanks ahead to those curious and willing enough to hang out on the forums and dispense knowledge and wisdom to first timers like me. My first problem is a slow but persistent oil leak coming from somewhere around or behind the front sprocket. I bought my '81 Special last summer with 8600 miles...
  8. ricosmodernlife

    Oil leaking from oil filter housing - in need of a gasket!

    Hello XS400 fam, Had a fellow XS buddy come over yesterday and help me out with some starting issues that my bike had been having. My bike had been leaking oil from what seems to be the area around the oil filter housing. I asked him if a gasket could be the case and he said that was likely it...
  9. Superdog25

    Oil leak from clutch rod. Help!!

    Hello everyone. I got this bike a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to get it up and running. I have encountered a weird oil leak tho. It looks to be the clutch rod seal. And everytime I put it in first, it dies. I opened up the sprocket cover and noticed the clutch rod leaking, and when I put...
  10. Jso123

    thoughts on fixing this leak?

    I'd like to work on this leak before the snow melts. In the picture attached, it is leaking mostly from the quarter sized hole under my 82 Maxim. Not sure where to start. Has anyone had this same leak and repaired it? Thanks
  11. sjbeam2000

    Cracked case and oil leak!

    Hi guys, I wondered if anyone else has had this problem? I have a small crack in the case at the rear engine mount. Its in a recess that if you take the side casing off, looks to be where the kickstarted mechanism spring fits against. I have included a couple of pictures. I have cleaned it up...
  12. JPaganel

    Seals replaced, no more leak

    Since the bike threw the chain last summer I've had a small, but persistent oil leak that showed as a few drops under the crankcase after being parked for a day and a wet sidestand. Apparently, what happened was that the chain hit the clutch pushrod and damaged the seal. Also, there was a...
  13. R

    Oil leak

    Hey guys, I have a 1980 xs400 special. Sorry if this has been answered or asked in another post but I am having a small bit of oil seeping from clutch pushrod seal. It's not a major leak of any sorts, it's only a small build up at the bottom of the engine behind the shifter. My question...
  14. J

    Help! Have a small oil leak from behind cdi box. Where is it coming from????

    Looks like a small plastic circular gasket behind cdi box. Anyone know the name or how to remove it??