1. C

    Having trouble with oil leaking from the crankcase

    Hello! I have a 82 12E model and it's been leaking since this winter. I opened the cover and it's a mess I read online that this is a common problem and it's usally from the clutch rod so I switched the oil seal but I find it hard to see where the leak is coming from. I went for a ride and...
  2. Ben Thompson

    82 XS400J/Maxim - Oil Problem - Top end not getting oil

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. I recenetly bought my first ever motorcycle. Eager as a pig in shit to get going. 1982 XS400 Maxim that has been modified with 33,000kms.Previous Owner Upgraded/Mofidied: I have uploaded a picture of the original and one of the bike currently. Headlight...
  3. S

    Foamy oil

    I had 15w-40 in the bike before just for winter test runs. Decided to go ahead and buy Valvoline 20w-50 motorcycle oil in for the warmer temps now. But once I start the bike and it runs for a couple seconds, the oil becomes pretty foamy. Ive done some googling and what I have found is it could...
  4. S

    What Oil Do You Use?

    Just bought a 1982 XS400s and want to know what oil I should use. Ive heard 10w40 or 20w50. But I would like to know what brand you use and the name of the product. Thanks.
  5. blaketots

    XS360: Oil on right cylinder spark plug

    Hey y'all! I have an all-stock 1977 XS360 that is having power issues on the right cylinder that is causing idle issues when coming down from speed (dying at stop lights if I don't keep revved up, but easy kick to start back up; erratic idle when warm). The right cylinder runs way colder than...
  6. bricks

    Minor oil leak on lower part of engine (83 Maxim)

    After cleaning up the engine I noticed a little oil leak up front on the lower fins and assumed it was the head gasket, but after further inspection it's coming from this little bolt. Anyone know what this is or how to stop the leak?
  7. Noodles

    Motor oil and oil filter discussed.

    Hey guys, I searched the threads on here and did find some answers, but I would like to have a specific thread (this one) that gives the info needed to do a correct oil change. Another words, what type of oil to use- and also what oil filter. For a guy like me who would like to be able to go to...
  8. R

    Motor oil help

    I need to change oil because the one I'm using now is synthetic and my clutch is slipping badly and the motor is leaking all over the garage floor. I have been going through posts here on the site about what oil to use but none of the oils suggested are available in my country, but i have found...
  9. ricosmodernlife

    Oil leaking from oil filter housing - in need of a gasket!

    Hello XS400 fam, Had a fellow XS buddy come over yesterday and help me out with some starting issues that my bike had been having. My bike had been leaking oil from what seems to be the area around the oil filter housing. I asked him if a gasket could be the case and he said that was likely it...
  10. Monowakari

    Whatever can go wrong, does.

    So long list of problems to take care of right now. Piston Rings Left Cylinder burning oil like a siv, this is new. Gonna re-fit both. -(Just a guess, but leak down test was 130psi, add teaspoon oil, 150psi) Need a new chain as mine is kind of seizing and making terrible noises. Sprockets are...
  11. Monowakari

    Clatter/Noise And Compression

    Hey, Changed my oil and adjusted valve clearances yesterday, now valves all within spec. Took a video before right cylinder intake valve was set properly. Didnt like the sound so went back over and checked all clearances. I just did a poor job on one of them (was .003 out! on an intake valve...
  12. Monowakari

    Valve Train Noise '78 - w/Video

    Hey Guys, Just wondering how normal this engine noise is? I moved my phone around a bit just to pick up the variety of the sound around the cylinder head. Increases with rpms all the way up through 5th gear at highway speeds. My dad's a harley mechanic and I sent him the video but I thought...
  13. J

    First Oil Change

    Just bought a 1980 XS400 and you guys have been a great help so far and I appreciate it! Keep an eye out for build pics! Do you guys have a oil of choice? So, far I have been seeing everyone use different things... Rotella T 15W-40...15W-40... conventional or synthetic?
  14. H

    Looking for oil filter cover

    Hi, I have a 1982 yamaha Maxim XS400. I went to change the oil and the oil filter cover on the bottom of the engine split into 3 pieces from being over torqued. If you have one your willing to sell me please please please contact me. I've searched the web and nothing, this parts a friggen ghost
  15. B

    Help on fixing this oil leak

    Sup guys! So I have an oil leak right at the crankcase cover where the rubber grommet surrounding the stator wires slides into the little notch. I've tried sealing this thing a few times and I've got it down to a very slow drip...but i haven't gotten it to go away completely. What seemed...
  16. B

    So many issues…where to begin?

    Hello all, I thought I would start a new thread with some questions, thanks for you suggestions on the exhaust. I finally got over to my friends place to take a good look at the bike. I found more issues than I was expecting….it's a bit long, so thanks in advance. First, this thing was a mess...
  17. doodsaibot

    Crankcase O-ring replacement/Temp. Gauge

    Long story short, I went on the most awesome ride of my life the other day. After I arrived at my destination, I parked the bike and saw oil POURING out of the crankcase like a busted fire hydrant. More specifically, it was coming from the seam of the oil filter cover. I removed the filter cover...
  18. U

    Oil pressure indicator light never comes on

    I've been riding around enjoying the bike but the other day I was reading on the forum that the oil indicator light should come on when you turn the key/start it. My light has never come on. It seems to be running pretty good so assume that the oil is flowing but is there an easy way to be sure...
  19. 1982xs400

    Anyone use ROTELLA OIL

    I wanted to know if anyone uses the ROTELLA brand oil in the XS400. Which has a JASO MC, Japanese oil rating. I also have a LS650 Suzuki s40 aka " savage" the suzukisavage forum guys swear by this oil. made for motorcycles and the wet clutch. oils for V -TWINS have more additives than...
  20. U

    Can't figure out gas in oil

    I've read lots of posts on this. I have gotten my bike to the point where it is running great but after I ride a couple miles I get gas in the oil. It does not seem to be leaking into air filters and it's not the petcock leaking because I have installed an inline fuel cut off valve. I've read it...