1. Excess Impulse

    Let's see your paint jobs!

    Just got my tank all prepped and it's ready for color, just not sure what I want to do. I'm not a talented artist or painter, so a simple single color with an accent stripe could work. I like the old school Yamaha yellow with the black blocks, or the classic enduro style with the displacement...
  2. J

    Recommendation for Lift for tear-down/repaint/rebuild/tires

    Model: 1980 XS400 Special (XS400SG) I am in need of a lift or some kind of solution to getting it up off the ground so I can remove both the wheels so I can replace the tires as well as do a complete tear down of the entire motorcycle for restoration, repainting, and then reassembly. The...
  3. covertune

    How do I go Black?

    This is my beautiful '83 Maxim, all stock except for the obvious accessories you see (top kit, saddlebags, windshield and grips). I'm not interested in chopping it, but what I'd really love to do is black it out… bars, signals, engine, exhaust, headers.. everything. However, I have zero...
  4. R

    Just a Newbie just looking for tips and tricks

    Hey! I am fairly new to the forum and figured it was about time to introduce myself. I have just started working on my xs400. I had an old set of Honda Civic rims sitting in my garage for years that a friend wanted so I traded them for his xs. I would love to give the bike a cafe or tacker...
  5. J

    xs400 cafe

    Hey everyone first let me say thanks I have spent a lot of time reading though this forum. I can't over state how much help everyone has provided for me on this build.
  6. M

    1980 Yamaha XS400 Special II Cafe Build

    So here's the first post of hopefully many. My bike is a 1980 Yamaha XS400 Special II that I plan on making into a cafe style bike. Figured I should start a build thread in order to help keep track of stuff. So at this point I'm in the gathering/collecting stage. I've decided to fab my own...
  7. Bull85

    understanding clear coat...

    ok, so I am polishing all my engine covers, I am fine with that process, and hours of work. But what I have been searching for here, and googling like mad, is an answer on clear coat....... maybe some of the guys who have done all the nice polishing can ease my brain. Do I need it. or will...
  8. M

    Some opinions please

    Im half way through my 'vision' and am now suddenly unsure. Can i have some opinions on the gold frame please, bare in mind tank is still only with primer, finished colour is on front brake disc. Not sure i want to proceed undecided as have mixed comments?? :banghead:
  9. G

    frame coatings for a budget rebuild

    Hello all, I joined some time ago after lurking for quite a while, but haven't posted until now. I am beginning a rebuild but have not, as of yet, really settled on the direction it will go and have therefore not yet started a build log. In the mean time I am doing the things that will need done...
  10. Jso123

    painting tank...should i strip the whole thing?

    Painting my bike a matte black. Doing the badge delete as well. So far only used the aircraft stripper around the badge areas. Works fast! The paint is otherwise in good shape. I'm wondering if stripping the whole tank might be faster and easier than sanding the rest of the tank to get it...
  11. briansal

    tearing into the front end.

    I am waiting for my clip ons and fork gaitors to be shipped so I decided to prep for those and clean up the forks. they are a little bit more pitted than i like so instead of polishing them i decided to paint them black. since they were off it only seem right to remove and polish the exhaust as...
  12. G

    Painting my 83 maxim, blueprint: ideas and criticism?

    Here are the colours I am thinking on, a darker red, few shades darker than maroon, then a cream coloured two tone, tanish in colour. Haven't seen many re painted stock maxims so I'm just brainstorming. Any ideas or thoughts? Criticism or support regarding the paint scheme?
  13. G

    Paint ideas?.... 83 Maxim 400

    Looking for some ideas for painting my maxim. I'm thinking of a metallic ocean blue or metallic cherry red. Bike will be kept stock besides MAC 2-1 exhaust setup. Any ideas on paint, suggestions?
  14. Old Mose

    Another dumb question

    I decided to remove and paint the side covers on my engine (one at the time). I cleaned and sanded some of the smaller parts and sprayed then with etching primer and after about 24 hours did a light sanding and sprayed the with header paint. All went well, yielding the smooth flat black finish...
  15. C

    New Paint Don't want to scratch it with knees.

    What's up bros. Just painted my Skoot "Adrian" so I was wondering what you use on the tank to protect it from your knees. Thanks guys. Carman
  16. U

    Home powder coating

    I was just given about 100 pounds of black powder coat -- free! :thumbsup: Now I've got to figure out how to use it. All I've got for equipment at this point is an old toaster oven. Do any of you powder coat in your garages? What do you use for a gun? What other tools/equipment will I need?
  17. Sesty

    Painting Mags

    i am not a huge fan of the stock mag color way and i want to paint them all black. Im not looking for a showroom finish and since they are not a huge area to paint, can i use regular ol' metal spray paint? any tips on prepping the wheels before paint besides a real strong clean/scrub, maybe...
  18. M

    Repainting Bottom of Engine?

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I am going to be repainting my engine soon - how do you go about painting the very bottom of the engine? Do you just hang the engine in the air to get to the bottom? My engine is out of the frame now, by the way. Also, what kind of paint do you guys...
  19. markjs

    My side covers for the basket case...?

    So I do have a complete Maxim battery cover, maybe the rest of the side covers, I will look, but someone mentioned fabricating? Now I want and need to sell stuff, so I will sell at least the battery cover, but how much sweeter would it be if I sold it to one of you with a way to fabricate...
  20. E

    Good turn out on tank with spray paint

    Started with a bright red tank, not my style, but also wanted to remove the side emblems and had a nice tip over on left side of tank Started out process with the mindset of cheap but as quality as possible Used dremel tool to grind off emblem mounts and took down to bare metal where I was...