1. S

    Newbie, Found this mystery little piece in the engine . . . (THE PLOT THICKENS!)

    Hey everyone! I'm a newbie, both to this forum and to working on engines. And to riding lol. I'd really appreciate any input on this. I made a mistake - I was taking apart the engine on my 1978 XS400 and as I was splitting the crank case, I found this little piece had fallen onto my workbench...
  2. B

    Xs400 engine job

    Hi everyone! I've very recently bought an 83 XS400 Maxim, I did a compression test and have about 35 psi difference in between the two (sitting on the bike, left 130psi, right 95psi) proceeded to do a leak down test and concluded the compression is going into the crankcase. I haven't opened it...
  3. G

    Carb bracket

    I bought a bike to rebuild. The last owner already started taking apart the carbs, among other things. Now that I've put the carbs back together I'm missing the bracket in the attached picture. Any chance one of you excellent people have one? The bike is a 1980 XS400 SG.
  4. Jackie O

    Yamaha XS400 Rubber Parts - Sumo Rubber

    Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know about our small online shop that specialises in rubber parts for Japanese motorcycles. Though we have been trading for few years now, not many people know about our existence. Few facts about us: - We founded our business in 2017 and operate...
  5. skintech

    Make Offer - Cheap Parts For Everybody! Come one come all!

    My name is skintech. I have a good condition 1980 xs400 and the engine froze just sitting there, and after the years, money, time and love I put into this ungrateful bike, I'm done with it. I do have lots of parts for it and a bunch of extras like brains and starters, saddle bags, bars ,seats...
  6. B

    1978 Yamaha 400 Electric Start

    Hello! I’m new to this page but had some questions. I recently got a 1978 Yamaha 400. I believe it’s an XS however, the title doesn’t say and from my knowledge it was custom build found at an estate sale. It’s extremely hard for me to kick over so I’m looking at my options of converting into...
  7. Bury Me In Smoke

    For Sale - Parting Out 1976 XS360 & XS 400 Engine

    Selling everything I'm not using for a build Side Covers - $40 each Rear Turn Signals - $30 each Both Front Turn Signals w/ Headlight Mount - $70 Chain Guard - $15 Tool Box (no tools) - $15 Front and Rear Fenders - $30 each Battery Box - $25 Rear Inner Fender - $25 Seat (no tears) & Seat Pan -...
  8. Qwervo

    1st post: Let me introduce myself

    Hi everybody, I hope you are all good and safe. After reading you guys for some weeks, I’m more than happy to announce that I just bought a 1988 XS400 L. It Was conserved stock until the previous owner transformed it into a cafe racer 3 years ago. He found himself not riding it often enough...
  9. B

    '81 Tracker/Scrambler Build

    Hello all, I'm new to this site. I don't really have much experience working on Japanese bikes, but I recently got an '81 XS400 Special and I'm thinking about doing a scrambler build. I'm wondering if anyone has experience converting the rear drum to a disc? Also planning on deleting the airbox...
  10. M

    What part do you need? Looking for ideas

    Hi all. I’m currently doing an internship in cad/cnc manufacturing at a machine shop and I have the opportunity to model and run a few parts on the machines. I figured I could make some long out of production xs400 parts. Are there any out of production parts that there is a decent demand for...
  11. winonasdad

    Parts compatibility advice

    Hello all! I'm looking for a new kick start. Broke the clamp that the lever fit onto. Found one that fits an xs500, wondering if that will be compatible on my 77 400 model. The description lists model fitments, which doesn't include xs400, but thought somebody here may know if it would be...
  12. N

    Sold / Found / Inactive - XS400se 1980, parted out or whole lot (Netherlands)

    I've oficially given up on my project, Burnadette, as it's been at an impasse for too long and I'm making room for more feasable projects (within my current skillset that is). Basically one and a half XS, two front ends, two engines, one modified frame, and a bunch of the rest. Oh and ofcourse...
  13. freiesss

    Make Offer - 1982 XS400 Parts (Post 1 of 2)

    All parts are in good condition. (This is post 1 of 2) Please PM me to make offer. Thank you!
  14. L

    Embaressing question

    This XS400 is my first bike and i'm in the process assembling it after doing a complete teardown. I'm having a problem identifying these 2 parts I have no idea where they go and i don't want to omit them obviously in case they are important. It would be much appreciated if someone could help by...
  15. J

    Any experience with Ryca Motorcycles?

    Hey all, Has anyone dealt with Ryca Motorcycles in the past? ( They make bolt on cafe kits for certain models of bikes. Not everyones cup of tea I'm sure, somewhat takes the "custom" out of Custom Motorcycle. However they do have some nice looking parts. I...
  16. C

    Site for rad start buttons? Attaching one to the frame.

    Anyone know of a site with cool start buttons? I'm looking to attach one to the frame of my xs400. A hide-a-switch type of setup.
  17. IanW

    Looking for "discontinued" main crank bearings

    Does anyone know where I can find "brown" main (crank) bearings? I am rebuilding the bottom end an '82 SOHC XS400SJ. The OEM part number is 12R-11416-20-00. The local and online dealers I have contacted say they are discontinued. I only need a single set! There must be one set hiding in a...
  18. B

    Compatible Parts for different xs400 models

    Hey guys. I'm hoping to do some restoration of my 1982 xs400j this winter so I've been on the hunt for a parts bike to use as a source for some this and that. I have found a 1982 xs400sj heritage special in my price range, but I'm thinking that not many of the parts would actually fit. I know...
  19. Paralyzed-Poly

    Air Screw Replacement

    Hey guys, I'm new to both the forums and bikes in general. I picked up a 1981 XS 400 Special Heritage back in march and have been fixing it up since. I've come to my last problem before being road ready. Both air screws or pilot jets or idle mix screws (far to many names for them on here) were...
  20. K

    Hello XS community….I have parts I am going to be selling in upcoming posts!

    Hello, I got involved with the Yamaha XS models by chance. A friend had 2 bikes in a barn (literally) that I bought…one had a title and one didn't…. I really didn't know what I was buying and did little research, but it has worked out well. The 1977 XS400 has a title and I have worked to...