1. D

    Hellow. I'm new around here. I sell xs400 1982

    Hellow people! I'm new around here. I am an xs400 1982 owner. I want to sell it. It is a little restored, it is have license, sings and premiums. It is in mother condition. Works perfect and it is serviced. With 82.000K/m The price is 3000 euros. [/ATTACH]
  2. W

    Introducing myself

    Hey guys, Just wanted to introduce myself and my new (to me anyway) 83 Seca. Just under 14k Miles. She needs some attention with a few things but all in all seems pretty solid. This is my first bike too so I plan to be learning a lot with this one. Here's a quick pic that I snapped...
  3. billday

    Seen at the Rhinebeck (NY) motorcycle show last weekend

    Espied amongst the hordes of Harleys. Saw a couple of nice XS650 builds too.
  4. Y

    King sportster tank?

    Howdy, just wondering if anyone out there has mounted a King sportster tank (3.1gal) vs the standard 2.4 gal sportster tank and has any pictures? Cheers, T
  5. BamaBill

    My XS400

    Been going through some changes with it. I had it stripped down and was just about to do some chopping, hacking and other unthinkables and figured I would just end up ruining it and never finishing it. So I decided to go back almost stock with the chassis and add some fun parts. I really like it...
  6. Metroknow

    Photos of the inside of the turn signal housing

    I've been enjoying my '82 XS400 for about a month now, but in the last week or so the turn signals no longer blink consistently - the stay on as a solid light now (they seem to blink sometimes after shifting gears, but often are just a solid light particularly when I come to a stop). After...
  7. scifiredneck

    my first yammy

    hi guys and gals. afeter being on the site and reading tons of threads and looking at great pictures for ideas I have decided to start a thread of my first build. this is a 82 heritage special I picked up from a buddy for $400. everything was bone stock except the bars anf filter pods. after...
  8. D

    78 XS400E Daily Rider

    Gents, Found this baby in eastern PA on Craigslist for $500. The PO had no clue how to do anything on it and rode it around with a nasty backfire out of the left pipe. Got it home and pulled the carbs but no good. It turns out the timing was really far off. So after a quick adjust it worked...
  9. E

    '79 xs400 get ready to ride and then what?

    $300 Craigslist find, runs like crap, missing parts. Here is the pic from the ad, that paint has got to go Put the other tank on while painting the chameleon painted one, then cleaned the carbs, install a new ignition switch (old one was in a box of parts in pieces) New headlight and...
  10. Y

    flat seat for 81 xs400 special

    Hi all, new member here. Thanks to everyone here I was able to get my bike running great. Now i'm on to doing to some mods and firsi thing i want to do is the seat. I'm really interested in a flat seat that looks factory. I found this seat...
  11. Bull85

    Tear down begins. 82 heritage special.

    winter project started, in August!! finding some unexpected things from the previous 9 owners. HA! some I knew as I have the original service manual from 82, with notes from owners. some are just frustrating, like the shotty painted engine parts......................... years of grease to...

    Does my engine sound normal? (Video Link)

    There is a knocking/tapping when my engine is running which sounds like it is coming from the underside of the tank, you can hear it in this video. Just wondered if this is normal for these bikes? Thanks, Sam. :bike:
  13. bifalconer

    Custom XS360 Brat, original paint.

    Just about done building this Brat bike. Its my first bike, I'm only 16. Picked it up stock and running. Cut off the rear portion of the frame and welded on a loop. Found an old fender in my dad's buddy's scrap pile. Bought a good cafe style taillight. Took off the old riser handlebars and...
  14. I

    How much is this XS400 worth in Australia?

    Dear XS400 community, I'm not sure if this is in the right place (please let me know if I should post this in classifieds or elsewhere), but I was wondering if anyone would know what I should sell my XS400 for in Australia? I bought it from an older guy who had it since new, and as I was...
  15. E

    78 xs 400 odds n'ends parts

    Here are a few parts, as long as you have pay pal and can cover the s&h they're yours. Will sell individually Passenger pegs : 10$ Front fender : SOLD Original bars : 15$ Clubman bars : 20$ Headlight mounts : 5$ Shifter : 10$ Chain guard : 15$ Intake boot : 10$ Air boxes : 15$ Side covers 35$...
  16. K

    xs400 Café from Sweden. First bike build!

    Hey Guys. First of all i would like to apologize for my poor English. As a Swede i am more comfortable speaking than writing.. Now that we got that covered. This is a build-thread for My fist bikebuild ever. I picked up an xs400 Special -82 for about 150£ the summer of 2008. The...
  17. BamaBill

    Dixie Land Delight

    For all you northerners...This is just one of those days we can't ride. Forecasted to be 65 Saturday!
  18. Tombo

    LED Brake Lights! (Pictures and Poll!)

    Word up. Don't forget to vote (utmost importance) Got me new LED's earlier this week, but just now got a chance to install them. About my bike: 1980 XS400 SOHC, with H4 headlight conversion, stock signals, and a recently rebuilt alternator/brand new battery providing charging within spec...
  19. ryMY

    A Canadian lost overseas

    Hello everyone! My name is Ryan Meyer and I am a Canadian who has moved to the Netherlands last year for school. Along with a couple major lifestyle changes, such as mountains at my backdoor being subtracted for the flattest country EVER, I as well do not speak Dutch. I am still learning the...
  20. NewChurchMoto

    My tracker build is finally (almost) complete!

    I've been MIA for a long while, but now I'm back. Currently I am flat track racing my bike so it looks a little bit different than this first pic, but tell me what you all think! New seat, tail section, paint job, custom exhaust, tomasselli handlebars, throttle, grips, Dunlop 60/40 tires...