1. The Wang

    Carb Issue

    Having carburator issues, wondering if there are modern carb replacements or if those rebuild kits online do the trick
  2. BambinoFan

    Question on Main Jet sizing

    Hey friends, Looking to rebuild my carbs to deal with a running idle issue - Thinking the diaphragms are shot. While I'm in there figured I might as well re-jet the whole thing. Ordered a rebuild kit from Taiwan, now I'm just confused about the main jet sizing. Baby is a 84 xs400j Maxim. The...
  3. Daniel Moulton

    New XS500 member, I hope you'll accept me. Starting frustration

    I know the xs500 is a bit of a downer in the XS line but I cant find a forum for them, so I hope youll accept me. I am working on a 76 XS500 cafe. I picked up the bike up for $100. After a lot of work I tested to see if it would run and I got it running enough to give me the confidence to keep...
  4. K

    Restoration project|1982 XS400SJ HERITAGE w/Bobber frame

    This is my first bike guys and I’m really excited to start getting things working. I’m planning on taking my time and doing a restoration with it over the winter. Bought it from previous owner who let it sit with it on, and gas in the tanks. It won’t start and im pretty sure I just need to...
  5. The Mighty Don Allan

    circlips over snaprings? or...

    Heyo, Im in the middle of a teardown, is there a reason that we shouldnt use snaprings instead of circlips to secure the wrist pins when setting up the pistons? As pictured below.. Thanks in advance!
  6. Q

    1978 XS400E

    I recently picked up a 78 xs400 barn find For 300$. It has 250 original Miles on it but its been sitting since 1991, overall the bike is in fantastic shape, a mouse chewed on the seat a little. Little rust on the pipes and the tires are toast... the previous owner drained all the gas even the...
  7. W

    diaphragm spring tension

    Hi all, I understand this is likely a newbie question but I can't seem to track down a definitive answer. I'm in the middle of a carburetor rebuild, and after putting the diaphragm assembly back together I noticed that it moves easily, but doesn't move back to the "idle" position on its own...
  8. W

    Relay testing? & replacement

    So I recently bought a 1981 XS400H with some pretty catastrophic electrical issues and have been gradually rewiring with a new harness and checking all the components individually. I have yet to give much thought to the two relays listed simply as "safety relay" and "relay" in the wiring...
  9. W

    Electrical system rebuild

    Hi all, Firstly, I'm new to both this site and motorcycle repair in general, so please excuse my probable lack of knowledge. I picked up a 1981 XS400 Special II last week, and it looks to have some pretty severe electrical issues - the insulation on the wiring harness is burned, as are the...
  10. Kawakaze

    Carb. identification & gaskets help

    Hey ya'll, So I'm in the process of restoring a 1977 XS360, this is my first project bike and so far I've found this forum to be extremely informative and I'm very grateful to have found it. I'll get straight to the topic here. Im having some trouble identifying which Mikuni carburetor...
  11. Spiffarino

    Should I rebuild?

    I just got a donor bike with a running 400 engine. Now I'm trying to decide whether to rebuild my old 360 motor to have as a spare or to sell. Is it worth the trouble and expense?
  12. Renegade

    Renegade's Phoenix Build

    In 2006, at the young age of 18, I bought my first motorcycle: a black 1982 XS400J Maxim. I didn't even know how to ride at the time. I learned to ride on that bike, I learned to wok on motorcycles on it, even customize motorcycles on that very bike. I loved it. I rode as often as I could...
  13. J

    For Sale - 75-79 XS250/360/400 SR500 rear master cylinder seals/ rebuilt 4 sale

    After having many customers asking me about these parts, i finally have them all available to sell. My direct email address will get you the quickest response. We are located in Payson Utah USA and will ship anywhere in the world. All parts are made in Japan out of modern...
  14. ohnomogan

    78 Rebuild

    Hey, guys. I’m a newbie here. Just looking for some tips on my first rebuild. First up, I’m looking for a carb rebuild kit. I’ve checked a few out on eBay, but I’m not finding many that match my year. Any suggestions on good sellers/etc?
  15. XSBrendan

    Trying to figure out what this seal/ring is for...

    Hello all I have recently introduced myself on the forum but have since forgotten my username and password so started a new account. I’m from Cincinnati I work three jobs and go to school for auto tech. My current project is a 1981 Yamaha XS 400 special I got for 150 from a friend. The bike sat...
  16. K Braun

    Choke Rod Not Moving on 79 XS400-2F

    Hi all, New to this forum and new to the XS400 and I have hit a little snag in my carb rebuild/overhaul. its seems as thought he choke rod doesn't want to move more than like an 1/8th of an inch. Is there a process to pulling the entire mechanism and cleaning? I have watch many carb rebuild...
  17. P

    1982 XS400 Heritage Special Scrambler Log

    Hello all, My name is Peter and I am from Canada, I have gotten so much information from this forum and decided to contribute by posting what I will be doing to my XS400 this summer, and hopefully get some advices and tips on how to make my XS400 into a scrambler style bike. The bike is...
  18. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    Over raving/vacuum leak

    1979 xs400F So I am now TRYING to get the carbs sync. Once I let the bike idle/warm up and shut off the choke, the bike takes off/over rev's. New battery-good charge New coils-Both primary's and secondary's checked out on install. Going to chack again Electronic Ignition! Valve spacing has...
  19. N

    Throttle Shaft Seal Replacement

    My 1977 xs400 needs throttle shaft seals to be replaced. Does that mean it needs a full carb rebuild? The previous owner said he "rebuilt the carb not too long ago." I'm guessing he either overlooked throttle shaft seals or used bad ones. What do y'all think?
  20. Chance

    78 XS400-2E rebuild

    Hi! I'm new here. So here is my garage of happiness. These two are about as far apart as they could be in condition. The front is a daily rider (ish, I live in MT) for me. The rear was dropped off today by the previous owner of both. I think they kept it as a parts bike but it's got all...