1. K

    Restoration project|1982 XS400SJ HERITAGE w/Bobber frame

    This is my first bike guys and I’m really excited to start getting things working. I’m planning on taking my time and doing a restoration with it over the winter. Bought it from previous owner who let it sit with it on, and gas in the tanks. It won’t start and im pretty sure I just need to...
  2. Q

    1978 XS400E

    I recently picked up a 78 xs400 barn find For 300$. It has 250 original Miles on it but its been sitting since 1991, overall the bike is in fantastic shape, a mouse chewed on the seat a little. Little rust on the pipes and the tires are toast... the previous owner drained all the gas even the...
  3. Echo

    '82 XS400R Seca refurbishment thread

    A couple weeks back I bought myself a new project bike. This is my first real restoration project (and my first bike, technically). Today I finally got the old girl home, a 1982 Seca, imported to Norway from the US back in '99. She was sat down in Bergen for a couple weeks after I bought her...
  4. karlkarlng

    ICBC Collector status restore

    HI im new to this forum and i would like to restore i bike ive seen on craigslist. Im going to look at it this week end but apparently it has low compression on one cylinder and a digital gauge cluster. the seller is asking for 1000 obo. what do you guys think? do i need a stock gauge cluster to...
  5. G

    XS 400 Seca restoration

    Hi all! I've started to restore an XS400 Seca (1982) to it's former glory after being out of traffic since 1995. When I disassembled the engine the pistons looked like the attached photos. Since I haven't done any engine work before I don't know if the pistons need replacing or not? The...
  6. user11206

    1984 XS400 SECA Cafesque Build

    Hello Everyone, long time no post, however I didn't want to post until I had a bike to actually contribute some information and pictures with. So my bike is a 1984 Yamaha XS400 Seca, my wife and in laws bought it for me for my birthday last year in 2015. Over the winter I had worked on it, and...
  7. Drice82

    In tank filter

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my peacock as described in out wonderful how too. I have found however that I have no in tank filter nor hosing, just a pectcock with its oval ring. The manuals description is quite vague and no exploded view of it. Internet pictures seem to be just a hose...
  8. D

    Hellow. I'm new around here. I sell xs400 1982

    Hellow people! I'm new around here. I am an xs400 1982 owner. I want to sell it. It is a little restored, it is have license, sings and premiums. It is in mother condition. Works perfect and it is serviced. With 82.000K/m The price is 3000 euros. [/ATTACH]
  9. Otsuko

    Missing a bolt and i've been trying to find the right size.

    mods please delete.
  10. Ketchup pusher

    HELP: Can i make a complete motor from these two?

    Hi there I'm new here, only just got my xs 400 last month. My plan is to make it into a cafe racer, but before i come to that i saw when i first got it that i needed to change the gaskets, no biggie, it was missing it's kickstarted axle too so i thought i might as well add that while i was at...
  11. R

    1982 XS400j Maxim - Cafe Build

    So my coworker was given a 1982 XS400j Maxim, and it's been sitting on the side of the building for as long as I've worked here. I finally mentioned something about it, and he offered to sell it to me. We settled on $100. So far, it's the cheapest motorcycle I've ever owned. It's also one of the...
  12. F

    Original photos Custom

    Dear users, first of all thank you for all the informations in this community. What a great discover! I'm a guy from Italy, i buyed an XS400 Custom SE some months ago. My bike is now under transformation, from Custom to Scrambler. I need your collaboration, if possible, for a little issue...
  13. user11206

    Hello! New member with Seca Build

    Hello everyone, new to the forums, I have an 83 Seca that I am converting into a cafeish sort of bike crossed with a street fighter sort of theme (I guess lol). You guys have been great with getting info from the site and have helped me out a lot. What has been done: Bike was an ugly...
  14. M

    XS400 Restration and Cafe Build

    Hi Everyone, I stumbled upon this forum while was researching Yamaha XS400's online an finally got my hands on one. It was quit a steal for the price and hopefully will turn into a great project. Overall condition of the bike is "ok" since I will be transforming it into a cafe style so...
  15. C

    My $50 XS400 Find

    Hi, new here to the forum and motorcycles in general. I picked up a 79? XS400 for $50, and to haul off some junk. I think I scored... the engine has compression and the bike seems somewhat salvageable. Ive began stripping of some of the crap already...Thanks for all the help and shit.
  16. brockd

    Cracked engine mount

    Drat, darnit, fiddlesticks, and all the rest. She went in to the shop last weekend to get a safety so I could pick her up next Thursday and the shop discovered a) cracked carb boots (no biggie) and b) a cracked engine mount. Obviously they can't safety her without this being fixed. Has...
  17. M

    Restoration: Where does it end?

    I recently decided to replace the fork seals on my bike. Before I knew it, the bike was almost completely disassembled. I've been polishing and replacing chrome and giving it a thorough cleaning. But now I have a dilemma: Where does it end? - Do I drop the engine and paint the frame? -...
  18. BBS360

    Stock XS360/400 exhaust dimensions

    up. Too bad the PO let the baffles rust out of the aftermarket mufflers. There's probably no back-pressure right now at all. The aftermarkets aren't designed to have the baffles removed but I think I can cut them out and have something welded back in. The mufflers do outwardly resemble...
  19. R

    i bought a 1980 xs400 and cant get it started

    Hey guys, well I bought what I believe is a 1980 xs400. When I bought the bike it was just a big pile of parts.this isn't my first bike so I figured I could get it running, but this bike is giving me Hell. I'v gone through the carbs with carb cleaner 4 or 5 times now and it is squeaky clean the...
  20. B

    Low compression on engine looking to rebuild

    I bought a 1978 XS400 it has 80 on one cylinder and 60 on the other the numbers get a little better when I put some oil in the cylinders I haven't done a leak down test on it yet so don't know about the valves yet. I was going to make sure the valves are adjusted properly before I did the leak...