1. W

    1980 xs special seat

    So I have a 1980 xs400 special, had a universal seat on it when purchased, with sat directly on the battery. I got the seat part number from the local shop, the seat that is suppose to be on the bike, along with the grab bar is way larger than the bike it seems. Width along with the seat it so...
  2. Bury Me In Smoke

    For Sale - Parting Out 1976 XS360 & XS 400 Engine

    Selling everything I'm not using for a build Side Covers - $40 each Rear Turn Signals - $30 each Both Front Turn Signals w/ Headlight Mount - $70 Chain Guard - $15 Tool Box (no tools) - $15 Front and Rear Fenders - $30 each Battery Box - $25 Rear Inner Fender - $25 Seat (no tears) & Seat Pan -...
  3. M

    Please help finding a seat!!!!

    Hey guys totally new to the group! Can someone help find a seat I can use for my 81’? I bought my bike for only $300, it was a steal!! All I did was put in a new battery, gave it a tuneup and bam a great running xs400 special! problem is my seat. I’m looking for a brat style seat. Can anyone...
  4. B

    XS400 Seats

    I'd like to use the "Saddlemen Eliminator" tail section and seat for my '81 build and was wondering if anyone has used this seat on theirs before. I need to figure out if the seat frame hoop I'm looking at will work. What size seat frame hoops are you all using for cafe/brat builds?
  5. Neomysis

    Seat for my 1983 Maxim 400

    Hi, I'm in the process to fix/restore (as much as possible) my Maxim. It needs a new seat, but those that I found on e-bay are not what I want (they are ugly) and the local upholstery wants to rip me off. I'm pretty good with tools and I have a sewing machine and material at home to make a new...
  6. jsnyder11

    Make Offer - 80 xs400 special side covers, turn signals, tail light and back rest

    Set of red side covers with badges and turn signals with all wires and all work. Also have original tail light, and chrome passenger back rest with seat. Need them gone!
  7. Monowakari

    Custom Seat Advice

    Bear with me, The idea is for suggestions and advice here, not, "lets be practical kid, you cant do this." :thumbsup: Converting from solo seat (with fairly chopped frame) to enough room for up to a 2 hour trip through vancouver island (<90kmh with twisties and highway stretches) with the gf...
  8. freiesss

    Make Offer - 1982 XS400 Parts (Post 2 of 2)

    All parts are in good condition. (This is post 2 of 2) Please PM me to make an offer. Thank you!
  9. butterbeats

    Where to 1978 XS400 find parts in Australia ?? plus other questions

    Questions For XS400 ers?? 1. Where can you get parts within Australia? 2. Is it normal for this 1978 xs400 to have a screw connection at the end of the throttle cable where it attaches to pulley, mine does?? Cannot see throttle cable or ending pictured anywhere in the manual. I see in the...
  10. Oleschool

    Looking for Aftermarket Seat

    I'm building a scrambler and want to use one of the thin flat seats I've seen on many bikes. Where can I buy one?
  11. P

    1978 custom seat

    Has anyone just cut down their seat foam and then just put the stock cover back on their 78? I want to buy a brat bike seat sometime, but thought I could use what I have. Even just someone who used the stock seat pan.
  12. J

    Where do you keep your insurance?

    Legally one needs to keep their insurance on themselves at all times while riding. The stock seat has a nice pouch for this, but I am curious where you guys store your insurance papers on modded bikes?
  13. A

    Anyone know where to get Frame Loop bent?

    So for the past week I've been looking for a shop to bend my tubing on my frame and after visiting one shop and 2 muffler shops I have come up empty handed. Does anyone know what type of shop would have a tube bender that would work for 7/8" tubing if not 1" tubing?
  14. A

    Help! Need some advise on welding

    Hey folks, I have gotten to the point where I am looking into getting all of the tubing and joints to weld my frame loop. I have cut off the rear section of my frame and am going to be welding on a frame loop to accommodate a flat tracker/brat seat. With this I am looking at finding something to...
  15. B

    Missing Seat Bar + hooks

    So the seat on my 81 XS400 is missing the bar with the hooks attached and the spring that it needs to properly latch in. Is there anywhere I can buy these parts or rig something up myself? Has anyone done it before? Thanks!
  16. J

    Frame Diameter

    Just wondering what the frame diameter is of a 79 SOHC. Specifically right around the seat/shock mount area.
  17. 7

    Does Hot Wing Glass make a good seat?

    Im thinking about buying this: ( fiberglass seat to put on my xs360. Has anyone every used one of their seats or have you heard anything good/bad about them?
  18. xadmp

    Brand new look (new seat)

    Finally got the new seat welded together. It came out awesome! Need to throw on some paint so the seat pan doesn't rust up. Next on the list is wrap the exhaust, clean up the paint job a little bit, and clean up the rust on the spokes. Any easy ideas on the rust issue?
  19. xadmp

    seat pad ideas?

    Hey all. Looking to build and/or weld together a new seat pad for my 1980 yamaha xs400. Been looking around for some ideas and cant quite come up with any decent ideas. I'm looking for a banana type seat idea.
  20. JPaganel

    I suppose I'll have to work on my welding

    My seat split along the rear seam. Looking for a new seat proved fruitless. 78 straight bench seats are rare on ebay, and a trip to Sportwheel in Jordan was a bust. All the seat pans were rusted away to pretty much nothing. I don't want to convert to an 80/81 style seat, I like the bench...