1. M

    Fixes for a leaky gas cap.

    I have a 1983 Yamaha XS400 SECA. I don't ever overfill the tank. But I noticed that when leaning the bike on tighter turns gas would dribble through the tank gas cap and run down the side of my tank. Now, I wasn't surprised by this. It's a 40 year old bike so I can only assume that some of...
  2. M

    "SECA" Etymology

    Hello everyone, I'm brand new to this forum and (somewhat) new to motorcycle riding. Last summer I got my license and purchased my first motorcycle, a 1983 XS400 SECA, and got in as much riding as I could before winter rolled in and I had to stow it away. Right now it is sitting silently in a...
  3. A

    Free - Partly functional speedo/tach cluster from '82 Seca

    The PO of my 1982 XS 400 Seca did something to the tach and completely destroyed it. I'll be upgrading, and I'll give away any/all of these parts for free if you pay shipping. The case is faded but perfectly fine. The speedo works, but it looks difficult to remove from the housing in one piece...
  4. Echo

    '82 XS400R Seca refurbishment thread

    A couple weeks back I bought myself a new project bike. This is my first real restoration project (and my first bike, technically). Today I finally got the old girl home, a 1982 Seca, imported to Norway from the US back in '99. She was sat down in Bergen for a couple weeks after I bought her...
  5. BladeRunner

    Best Race tire Maxim/Seca

    What is a good canyon carving tire for the maxim? I would like to go with Avons AM26 but Im unsure they will fit on my maxim(Got michelin commander 2 on there right now, really dislike them, although really good in wet weather) I do like BT45 and Pirelli Sport Demon, but what else is out...
  6. robindean

    For Sale - '82 Seca 400 Parts Pile - $100 (?)

    ... by the way, long time no chat folks! Kinda missed this forum 8-) So, my 1982 Seca 400 has long been sold (and sadly, neglected from what I hear). I have a list of new moto gear I'd like to purchase for the upcoming season and hope you kind folks can help me by purchasing some (or all) of my...
  7. OopsAboutThat

    DOHC Seca/Maxim Engine Differences

    Hey all! I've recently started an engine rebuild here and I have a Seca engine as well as a Maxim engine. My plan is to use the best bits out of both engines. I've checked part numbers and it seems that the crankcase, head, cylinder, valves, camshafts and most other internals are all matching...
  8. M

    XS400 Seca tank badge screw size

    If anyone can take some time to measure the screws that hold the tank badges on an 82 Seca, I'd be super appreciative. I bought a project bike that someone hadn't finished, and I'm cleaning it up now that its running, however the PO ordered replacement tank badges, they fit the tank, however no...
  9. J

    For Sale - XS400 Seca / Make offer

    I have been working on a good example of an XS400 Seca. It is complete and unmolsted however it does have the wear associated with a used but not abused 30 year old motorcycle. The following has been completed: NOS rear Shock, Fork Seal, Tires, sprockets, chain, plug wires, caps, plugs, valve...
  10. seb_xs400seca83

    shock xs400 seca 1983

    Hello, I bought a 1983 XS400 seca I will wish to know the total length of the rear shock as the one I bought the guy welding a steel pipe ... I will wish to replace the tube by an equivalent damper the original ... you have references or dimensions of the original shock ... thank you very much...
  11. BDxs400

    Make Offer - 82 Seca xs400rj

    Well time has come where I have sold my Seca :(, its been good lol. But hopefully I can help someone else out. I still have my parts bike. tried to sell it with my bike just didn't work out. Parts bike was close to complete. Had 27,000 miles on it when I parked it and was in good running...
  12. K

    First bike, first post! Is this Seca worth it?

    I'm looking at this Seca for my first bike and I'm wondering what your guys' thoughts are... I asked him and he said the miles are correct, on both the bike and the engine. Any questions I should ask him tomorrow? Thanks! :D
  13. M

    Should my 82 DOHC have an oil screen?

    Hey everyone, I just changed my oil on my '82 XS400RJ Seca. I looked here a bit first, and saw people talk about removing the oil screen and cleaning it out as well. Most write-ups here are for SOHC, but I found the cover with 6 allen bolts and figured mine would be in there. There is...
  14. T

    New at this, new project, new problems

    Hi Guys. I'm from Denver, CO. Been lurking the forum for a while and I figured I should post. I just picked up an '83 xs400R Seca (RK?): Needs carbs reassembled, battery box, and gas tank. For the most part, the bike in good shape. Came for $300 bucks with a title. Couldn't pass up a...