1. D

    Starter motor installation

    Hey gang, I'm very new to working on motorcycles in general, and I'm currently fixing up an old '79 XS400. I'm looking to install a new starter in the next few days, and I'm a little confused on exactly what is necessary to prevent oil from leaking out from the hole that the starter fits...
  2. H

    Yamaha xs400j Starter Motor Removal.

    Hello, I am just checking that I am not missing anything important here. My goal right now is to remove my starter so I can diagnose it and rebuild it. I have a Yamaha 1982 xs400j. Can I just remove the starter? Or do I need to open the engine case to ensure no flywheels fall off during removal...
  3. BambinoFan

    Starter won't stop

    Had trouble starting my bike figured "hey I should start with the battery." Lo and behold it started amazing. But I heard some weird tumbling noises, so I hit kill but the starter was still pushing on. Had to unscrew the battery, sparky mess. How'd I mess this up? What is wrong?
  4. H

    Starter replacement for Yamaha xs400 Maxim

    Hello, I think I have a 1984 Yamaha maxim xs400 DOHC YICS. I had intermittent starting problems where the bike would not crank, and swore it was the battery because it went dead trying to start it. The bike has a new battery now and I jumped the starter solenoid and still nothing. The bike...
  5. D

    Bike won't turn engine

    I fried my ignition coils, replaced them and now won't start. Also found white wires from stator melted together. Cut out bad wires and spliced together. When I run my key on and kill switch on to start the bike I have a massive voltage drop at battery. From 12.8v to 8v almost instantly. Turn...
  6. O

    Wanted - XS 250 or XS400 Starter motor

    For SOHC 1980 model. To ship please, good working order.
  7. C

    Maintenance on 1982 xs400

    Does anyone know of a reputable shop near the Bradford/Newmarket (Ontario) area? I need a new starter, etc. but don't know of any shops that work on older bikes. Thanks, Rob
  8. e30rob

    For Sale - WTB: Reman or NEW starter for 1977 XS400

    I just picked up my first street bike, being a 1977 XS400 cafe bike. It seems that the electric starter has gone out, with no luck jumping it to a battery. It looks like no one offers new or even re manufactured starters for the XS400? Looking for one to replace mine! Reman or new preferred...
  9. BigJosh

    trouble shooting 81 HE restore

    First post! Been using this forum for a couple months while restoring my FIRST bike - 1981 xs400 HE. She's teasing me guys. Cold start is great but after short test drives, getting up to speed and downshifting, dies EVERY time and will not start electronically or by kick. Floods, drains...
  10. G

    82 starting problem, wiring? Help!

    Battery is charged and all lights working. Have I wired something wrong? Power is drawn when I turn they key....that's all though. Thanks in advance. Here is a facebook video of my issue
  11. G

    82 starting problem, wiring? Help!

    Batter is charges and all lights work. Have I wired something wrong? Power is drawn when I turn they key....that's all though. Thanks in advance. Here is a facebook video of my issue
  12. Lego

    Jump starter - plug in connector wiring

    Hey everybody, I am using small 3Ah battery on my XS400, which is completely OK when the bike is warm, or during summer weather. But i have issues to start the bike in colder weathers, or after longer stay. So i used to hook up external car battery with aligator clamps to start, disconnect and...
  13. H

    runs and then dies + more

    Okay to start off I just want to let everyone know that I am brand spanking new to motorcycles but I am fairly mechanically savvy. So to start, I bought the motorcycle a couple weeks ago thinking that it ran perfectly, which it did for the 15 minutes they had it running, but after the paperwork...
  14. B

    XS400 Starting problem solenoid or switch??

    Putting together an '81 XS400 barn find that was in a thousand pieces (most of all now in the right place), re-wired and ready to go, having an issue with starter, first thought was solenoid, so no have new one, still nothing thinking starter motor, all fine (hot wired to battery +/-, turned...
  15. ricosmodernlife

    Wanted - ISO: Right hand bar switch assembly

    I'm looking for the right hand switch assembly for an 81 XS400. I'm missing the starter button, which is proving to be quite the pain. Any help would be great!
  16. T

    Sluggish starter motor

    Hi, My bike in general has issues with startup, but slowly I am getting it working. I am having issues with very slow/sluggish starter motor - I thought the battery is weak, but replaced battery and it seems that my starter motor doesn't have enough power to rotate enginge faster than "thud...
  17. butterbeats

    Just changed bars and now electric start not working.

    Hi Xs400ers, I just put on straight drag handle bars. Changed from the standard setup and now electric start not working. I have changed bars before on same bike and no problem. This time no electronic ignition. Kick start works. No visible breaks in electric wiring. Fuses all good. Still...
  18. C

    BIKE NOT STARTING... Help! (Throttle and choke kill electric start)

    Hey guys, so after getting my bike back from the shop two weeks ago, where it left running, it has decided not to start. When I attempt to start the bike with my electric start, if I have the clutch out or if I give the bike throttle, my electric starter hits a dead spot and sounds like it's...
  19. Allissa Subasavage

    What Next... The Weather Is Getting Nicer..

    1980Xs400 Special Alright. So original owner swore it ran fine last Summer-October. Get it home, battery seems dead, so just charged it. Let it rest overnight, yada yada. Replaced, and it acts like it wants to start. Go back a few days later using a jump pack and almost the same thing, but it...
  20. C

    Kick start works....electric doesn't. Help?

    Hey team, Bought my xs400 4 years ago, electric start worked then. Fooled around with changing the bars to clubman and now I can only kick start the bike to get her fired up. Any idea what I can do to fix? Where can I find the new part to replace? I enjoy the kickstart but it would be nice to...