1. P

    1982 tank on 1983 xs400R?

    Hey all, Recently i purchased a 1983 Xs400r Seca and the tank is absolutely toast. While looking online I found a few 1982 tanks that are in good ish shape and not too expensive. Does anyone know if the 1982 tank will fit on my 1983? Thanks!
  2. P

    Wanted - ISO 82 XS400r Seca Tank

    Looking to find a replacement tank for a 1982 XS400 Seca, I know how difficult they are to find, but if anyone has one they'd like to part with, or knows where I can find a replacement, please let me know! Thanks, Parker
  3. N

    ‘82 XS400 Seca Tank and Body

    Just recently bought a 82 400 Seca and the original tank was replaced with a very ill fitting one. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or info on either where to get a new tank or better fitting replacement. I had to make a bracket for the current tank to fit the mounting position and accept the...
  4. S

    Wanted - Fuel tank

    Hi, Looking for the squarer version of the fuel tank to finish my project. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks Steve
  5. Brazzz

    For Sale - 1981 XS400 Special Part Out

    Will ship any part just send me a zip code and I can get a quote. Bike was running when the motor was pulled, all parts should be in working order. What is pictured is what parts I have, the only things not in the photo are the exhaust and carburetor. Name a reasonable price for the part you'd...
  6. teachusJesus

    Wanted - xs360 or xs400 tank

    New to the forum. Looking for a '77 or '78 xs360 or 400 (squarish) tank in decent condition for a decent price (no major dents). Let me know what's out there.
  7. M

    XS400 Seca tank badge screw size

    If anyone can take some time to measure the screws that hold the tank badges on an 82 Seca, I'd be super appreciative. I bought a project bike that someone hadn't finished, and I'm cleaning it up now that its running, however the PO ordered replacement tank badges, they fit the tank, however no...
  8. freiesss

    Make Offer - 1982 XS400 Parts (Post 2 of 2)

    All parts are in good condition. (This is post 2 of 2) Please PM me to make an offer. Thank you!
  9. H

    Fuel tank that fits XS400

    Hello greenhornet here from DK I want a new fuel tank on my XS400, bought a DT80 1970 but it didn't fit :s Is there any other models that fit like xs650 or sr500 fuel tanks, it has to be wide enough to go over the ignition. I would like a small fuel tank like a GT80s tank :s Please help kind...
  10. Gramatron

    Fiberglass Fuel Tank: Pros vs Cons

    Hey fellas, So as parts research and sourcing continues for my build, I've come across a tank from DimeCity that I like the shape of. The thing is, this tank is fiberglass. I've never had a fiberglass tank. And though the site says the tank is good on all XS models, I have concerns. A)...
  11. T

    Fuel Petcock

    It has proved near impossible to find a fuel petcock for my 81 xs400 that is in working order. Do you have any suggestions for a bolt on aftermarket one? :banghead:
  12. cjxs

    Tank swap (non XS tanks)

    I'm trying to find a second tank for my bike and I'm pretty sure I won't find an xs400 tank in Ukraine, neither drop style nor the boxy one (which won't fit anyway). Does anyone know if there's any other model I could try? Preferably it has to be a direct fit or at least with very minor mods...
  13. B

    What Tanks Are Compatible With '81 XS400?

    Hey guys! Just picked up an '81 XS-400 Special II. The tank has a leak on the left side at the seem, and from what i understand, I could possible spend more trying to fix it and chasing the leak than just buying a new one. So I am wondering…what other tanks work/fit best besides the...
  14. P

    81 maxim painting.

    Hey guys I have some cracks on the side of my fender. It's directly ontop of the brace that's underneath the front fender. I don't know how to solidly fix this. Should I just paint it primer and see how it goes? Also I don't know what to do with the moth of the tank. I could tape it but I don't...
  15. wester

    Urgent: Tank Thoughts?

    Hi all, Ok.. i'm definately going in the cafe direction. and one of the pieces i like about most cafe models is the square boxy tank. So i've been keeping my eyes open on the interweb and found this... 73 suzuki (i think it's off of a gt185)... would this work for what i'm going for? plan on...
  16. dburrows6735

    Knee dent tank

    Hey guys, I’ve started my knee dent tank and want to fill you guys in on my progress. I started with an 81 special tank. I bought a ball pin hammer, plastic tear drop hammer, paint stripper, bondo, sand paper, wire brushes, and some Surly brews. I have no body work experience so here...
  17. NewChurchMoto

    Pinholes in my tank after dipping it..what do I do?

    I took my tank to American Metal Cleaning and had them dip it to take off the paint cause I didn't want to spend a shitload of time grinding it down. Now there are a few little pinholes at the seams and the gas is leaking. I went to Vicious Cycle to see if they had something to coat the inside...