1. drewpy

    some more tech history from Yamaha

    the dohc twin has a mention :)
  2. Luke M

    Need help with timing.

    I need some help setting the timing on a 78 XS400 guys. I followed the instructions in the manual but the timing seems to be still completely off. I loosened points A and attached a test light to point B. I spun the motor over so that it is aligned at the "LF" mark. Before"LF" and after the line...
  3. petei

    How to Add an inline Fuel Filter

    I know it is an easy job but I was uncertain about acouple of thing when I did it so I though I'd write up a How to for those who know as much as me (i don't know much :)) If there is anything i should change or add please let me know. Here is the link to my new blog...
  4. C

    Fork Upgrade Musings

    Ok, so I def want to upgrade to a more modern fork setup, partly for looks, partly for stopping power/performance. I recently snagged a good deal on a set of 2004 GSX-R600 fork tubes. So here’s what I'm thinking. I’ve been researching triple trees and bearing and tube diameters and crap so I...
  5. ZuluWarrior

    Put your opinion on the oil I'm using

    Hi people I have decided to start using Shell 20w50 API SH rated oil in my '82 Seca DOHC motor. Yep, its a car engine oil and it meets the owner's manual's recommended rating (20w50). I know that some say "JASO MA only" and some say "Anything is fine as long as you change regularly". I...
  6. drewpy

    rewire how to

    well folks, started the rewire tonight and will add the stages as and when I complete them. If I do it this way, I can remember what I did rather than trust my crap memory. this is for my tracker without starter, indicators and with an ignition relocation. Plan This is the most important...
  7. B

    How do you check the oil?

    Hi there, My name is Bram. Perhaps this is a really dumb question, but I'm new to the world of motorcycles and recently bought a 1983 XS400. I don't really have any friends who ride so I was hoping to find someone that can walk me through some of this basic stuff. - Checking oil; is there a...
  8. B

    How to make a bottle style manometer.

    Ok, I made one of these manometers instead of the usual ones a lot of the others have posted because there is no risk of sucking fluid into the carbs with the bottle style. What you need: -2 glass snapple bottles -10-11 feet of clear tubing about 1/4 inch od and 3/8 or so ID. - two rubber...
  9. madpressdog

    upgrade charging system?

    I have just built my first bike last spring and dieing to ride this **cker, only the crappy charging system keeps crapping out. All summer every time a left the house i would load up the ramp and straps in the truck so the wife could come me up. Now for my question is there any up-grade to the...
  10. rmal

    Lowering forks

    Hey Hardtailed - I cut the front springs of my '78 xs400 about 2 1/2" to lower the front end. I read your comment here about adding spacers. I didn't add spacers - should I? I haven't ridden the bike yet. What should I make the spacers out of? thanks... rmal