1. E

    Replacing throttle, OEM cable necessary?

    New to the forum and am unaware of the format, so I apologize in advance for anything being confusing. I need to buy a new throttle cable for my maxim as the elbow joint is cracked a little and does not do a great job of holding the cable/cable housing in place. I was wondering if I could just...
  2. cezzz

    Single Pull Cable and Throttle Body Recs

    Looking for a recommendation for a simple and clean 7/8 Single Pull Throttle and cable that will work with the XS400. I was trying to use the Domino Rally Vintage Throttle Single Pull but cannot find a cable to stay in place and with enough adjustment. That throttle body has no threading and...
  3. A

    Wanted - Looking for throttle cable bracket

    Hi guys, I'm putting the finishing touches on a 1982 DOHC XS400R and I found I'm missing a part. I don't have the small bracket that connects the end of the throttle sleeve and the choke sleeve to the top of the carbs and I don't have a way to make one cheaply or quickly. It's the part in the...
  4. J

    Really struggling here...

    Hey guys, having trouble getting my bike to run smoothly, or at all. Some back story... Ive got a 77 xs360 with Mikuni BS38's. ive owned the bike for about two years and done fairly minor work on it, mostly just cafeing it. I usually commute about 10 minutes to work on it and never have any...
  5. N

    Throttle Shaft Seal Replacement

    My 1977 xs400 needs throttle shaft seals to be replaced. Does that mean it needs a full carb rebuild? The previous owner said he "rebuilt the carb not too long ago." I'm guessing he either overlooked throttle shaft seals or used bad ones. What do y'all think?
  6. M

    Just about given up

    I've been reading this forum for about a month now. I've tried just about everything on this site so far but my bike still won't work. I have a 1979 xs400e (I think). All original everything. It was given to me after sitting for almost a year in the sun. I had ridden it and it ran great...
  7. Chad

    Low HP and slow throttle response

    So my 1981 XS400SH I have had 20 years (old reliable), got a crack in the manifold boot, ran lean and hot, melted a plug, and broke a valve. Now after a head rebuild and new valves and guides (and a new tank), and several valve adjustments, it idles great and roars when I get up to speed, but...
  8. rockinjon

    Bike idles only on choke, dies when throttled the slightest amount

    Hey guys, here's one for ya: My bike quit running and I traced the issue to a bad TCI box. (I've gone through 3 of them in the last year!!!) I found a used one on ebay, and plugged it in, and it started. I gave it throttle, and it died. Restarted it, let it idle, and tried giving it throttle...
  9. Monowakari

    Idle Hesitation/Bog - '78 xs400

    Tore my carbs apart and cleaned them thoroughly with carb cleaner. Set the timing to be fairly accurate and point gap is perfect. Valve clearances all within spec on the tighter side (quite quiet now, might have read my old posts on the valve train noise, has all but gone away now with valves in...
  10. Monowakari

    Battery Help

  11. N

    Biltwell Whiskey Throttle

    Has anyone tried this Biltwell Whiskey Throttle? if so, is its quality worth it's price? Was it able to connect to the stock xs400 throttle cable? Thanks, Nick:thumbsup:
  12. robbiecampbellsoup

    Poor Power <2500RPM Adjusting Carburetors and Valves?

    Hi everyone, I've recently gotten into the world of owning a bike (in general, this is my first bike) and owning an XS400. A 1983 Maxim to be specific. She's a lovely color - note the bluing on the Mac 2-in-1 exhaust the PO put on - this means it's running lean? So far this is what I've...
  13. G

    Lingering throttle

    Hello all! I am having issues with my throttle lately and seeing if anyone can shed some light on my situation. What's happening is when I'm in 5th or 6th gear I'll be going on my merry way and all the sudden my throttle will just kinda linger. It doesn't slow or die, nor when opening the...
  14. xadmp

    Shaving barrels

    Anyone know anything about shaving the barrel at the end of cables? I have one that's too big for my throttle assembly and heard that some people shave the barrel down to fit their assembly. Anyone have an ideas on the pros and cons of this? Or should I just keep searching for another cable?