1. Zippo

    Valves and bike identification

    Hello! Im getting mad valve clatter out of my right cylinder. Its not as bad as it once was. I adjusted the valves per the manual but going down the wormhole on the forums I now am wondering what engine I have. The title says 82' and I have adjustable valves so that should mean SOHC right? But...
  2. Aedan Graves

    Should I change my timing chain?

    I'm about to do rebuild my top end, new rings and gasket because I noticed I'm burning oil and leaking a bit of oil at the head gasket. Now I haven't had issues with it, but I thought I might change the cam chain while I'm in there as preventative maintenance but I'm having a hard time finding a...
  3. X

    '77 XS400D - Choppy Idle / Ticking noise

    Hello everyone! I've got a 1977 XS400D with 19000 km on it (or so my speedometer says) the bike and engine is in great condition visually, carbs are in great condition as well. Im the first one to register this bike in Canada so theres literally no record of it prior to May 2021. When I...
  4. Ben_Wagner

    81 XS400H Coil Wiring Question

    I recently did some work on the wiring harness of my bike and when I put the coil on I plugged the [red/white and orange] plug into the right coil and the [red/white and grey] plug into the left coil as per a wiring diagram I was using as well as a post on here by xschris. Upon turning over the...
  5. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    Static Timing PAMCO

    1978" xs400F I am trying to static time my PAMCO. I have one clip for the timing light on the yellow wire at the coil, the other grounded to the engine. The light stays on regardless, doesn't dim or flicker in any position. Mechanical advancer is super clean and good.
  6. brendonna69

    Removing timing cover on 1981 xs400 Spc. II w/ electronic ign

    Hello. This is my first post here. I reside in the small town of Athens, Ohio. I purchased my xs a few months ago from a friend in the military for a measly $150! It is a 1981 XS400 Special II, and has not been rode in 8-9 solid years. I just ordered a new cleaned up jug (seized pistons)...
  7. M

    Using a master link when replacing timing chain?

    A mate gave me his old 79 SOHC XS400. Issue was the timing chain had broken. I removed the chain and the cam-shaft which was a little damaged. I've ordered in a new chain and cam-shaft and am ready to install. However, the problem is I'm having real trouble figuring out how to re-rivet the new...
  8. FarmBoy72

    Electronic Ignition Issues, Troubleshooting, and "refurbishment" (1 cylinder misfires and crackling)

    Hello guys, A few years ago when I switched my 78 from points to TCI I replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors in the ignition. These type of capacitors only have about a 10-15 year lifespan sometimes so its a good measure to replace them right at the start. After doing so the left...
  9. axl_foley

    new issue: idles perfectly but on throttle, pops loudly and fires unevenly

    hey! these forums have helped me do so much work on this bike over the past year or two and i had it running beautifully. but i recently moved to CA and brought the bike in the back of a moving truck. there was atleast one giant bump i hit where i thought everything in the back of the truck...
  10. Monowakari

    what kind of timing light?

    Hey all, Pamco electronic ignition with e-advance just arrived! I'm wondering what kind of timing light I should buy? - new to this - Preferably on the cheap, but good enough to set this puppy up and get to rippin' Cheers
  11. Monowakari

    Idle Hesitation/Bog - '78 xs400

    Tore my carbs apart and cleaned them thoroughly with carb cleaner. Set the timing to be fairly accurate and point gap is perfect. Valve clearances all within spec on the tighter side (quite quiet now, might have read my old posts on the valve train noise, has all but gone away now with valves in...
  12. D

    Must be doing something silly when settings timing or points

    Hey all, just finished a top end rebuild (down to cleaning pistons/pin boss). Timing (points) looks all funny to me though. When the bike is running, the bolt at the center of alternator cover should turn counter clockwise, correct? L Advance marks, LF, LT, almost 1/2 turn of crank, then R...
  13. kevinsmith1517

    1981 XS400H won't fire

    Hey all, posted a couple times or so maybe less. Anyways, I am having a problem with my 1981 XS400 not firing. At first I thought maybe it was 180 degrees out because it wasn't firing, no popping or anything. Today I flipped it 180 and now it is popping about every other kick. :wtf: Any help...
  14. S

    How to time 82 xs400 dohc

    So I took my 1982 XS400 DOHC apart to fix the transmission which I did and now I'm rebuilding. Now that I have the head on I need to put on the cams and time them which I have no idea how to do. Their are two different marking on the plate for the crankshaft ect... Please help
  15. Luke M

    Need help with timing.

    I need some help setting the timing on a 78 XS400 guys. I followed the instructions in the manual but the timing seems to be still completely off. I loosened points A and attached a test light to point B. I spun the motor over so that it is aligned at the "LF" mark. Before"LF" and after the line...