1. YooperGoat

    New XS, looking for build/maintenance guidance

    Hello, new member I acquired a 1981 XS400H (I believe) and will have access to the bike later this summer when I return home. I am learning as much as possible before then. I have an idea of what needs to be done to get it running. As well as a list of questions Firstly, I plan on stripping...
  2. DanSang

    Tires 1981 xs400

    What are y'all running on your 1981 xs400s? I have mag wheels, Wondering if instead of a 120/90-16 on the back would it be ok to run a 120/80-16? What would I notice (If anything) if I did? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Carl Cooper

    1980-- Rear end too low?

    Hi folks- I'm rebuilding a 1980 Special... It's a disaster-- no wiring harness, lots of pieces missing, etc... Would love to hear your opinions/recommendations.. It's got spec wheels (18' front + 16" rear). 3.0-18 tire in the front (also spec) but a 100/80-16 in the rear (spec is 120/90-16)...
  4. Fegelein Der GroBe

    XS360 76’ Tires

    I have an all original XS360 and I need some help finding tires. If anybody could give me a link, that would be great. Any and all tire types are cool. Thanks!
  5. Huck5

    Adventure/Dual-Sport Tire Recommendations?

    Hi there, I'm looking to swap my current street-tires to a more dual-purpose tire. There are a lot of fire/logging roads around my area, and I'd like the ability to safely explore them, while still maintaining good traction/mileage on the street (in both rain and shine). My motorcycle is a...
  6. Brazzz

    For Sale - 1981 XS400 Special Part Out

    Will ship any part just send me a zip code and I can get a quote. Bike was running when the motor was pulled, all parts should be in working order. What is pictured is what parts I have, the only things not in the photo are the exhaust and carburetor. Name a reasonable price for the part you'd...
  7. BladeRunner

    Best Race tire Maxim/Seca

    What is a good canyon carving tire for the maxim? I would like to go with Avons AM26 but Im unsure they will fit on my maxim(Got michelin commander 2 on there right now, really dislike them, although really good in wet weather) I do like BT45 and Pirelli Sport Demon, but what else is out...
  8. D

    trying to understand tire size

    i am looking for a new set of tires(front and back) and i want to go with a wider tire in the front and only slight more wide in the rear on the stock spoke wheels my bike came on. i have no idea where to look online and am a little lost on figuring out how i would go about finding the width. im...
  9. B

    Duro Tires-a close match?

    Hey everyone. I'm browsing for new tires for my 1981 XS400. The PO put on the Kenda challenger in the rear (which is pretty much terrible in all weather conditions) and an unmatched cruiser looking front tire. I would love to install a matching set, but apparently they don't exist (18"...
  10. J

    1980 XS400 Wheels to 1980 XS400 Special Wheels

    Do the 1980 XS400 Special Wheels need tubes like the regular XS400? Also, what size are the tires for both?
  11. B

    Shinko 244-rear tire size not found?

    Hey everyone, I searched but couldn't find an answer to my question specifically, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I've got an 81 xs400 with the mag wheels. I've seen several people say they're running shinko 244's. The front tire (3.0-18) I can find fine. However, the recommended rear...
  12. B

    Tire recos for 1979 XS400 restore - Classic look & performance

    Hey all, So I'm continuing to work on the restore of my '79 XS400. It has spoked 18s front and rear and tire sizes of 3.00-18 front and 3.50-18 rear (the stock tires are still on this bad boy). So, what's my best option for balancing ride performance and tread wear, while keeping a classic...
  13. brockd

    Pirelli Sport Demon tires anyone?

    Anyone have any experience with this particular set of rubber? Having a hard time finding a set of wheels here with the old school sizing/bias wheels. They seemingly come highly recommended though they purportedly don't last too long. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  14. J

    Going to paint rims. Need to replace anything before reinstall?

    I am going to paint my rims, mount new rubber and add some dyna beads for balancing. I've read somewhere that I may need to install new bearings when I am done. Is that true? Is there anything else I will need to replace? I want to make sure I have everything before I start so I can finish it...
  15. C

    Good Site to Buy Knobby Tires?

    I'm looking to throw some sleek looking knobby tires on my 81. Similar to what you see here: Anyone know of some good affordable websites where I can find these?
  16. S

    1979 XS400 Tube or Tubeless

    So here's the deal. My tires are weather checked and need to be replaced. I'll be ordering them online and need to know whether to buy tubes or not. Not my bike, but it has the same wheels. I looked on the spokes on mine without finding tube/tubeless labeled. I did, however, notice that...
  17. C

    XS400 tire size...again...

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie to the motorcycle world & bought a 1980 xs400 (2A2) back in October last spring has arrived I am rather hurriedly trying to get the bike back in 1 piece so that I can begin to enjoy life on 2 wheels. Now I am trying to decide which tires to get for the...
  18. ksqrly

    What tires should I get?

    Hey everyone I have an 82 seca dohc. It has 18" rims front and back. I kind of want a white wall tire, because it would look killer on my build, but more than anything I care about performance. I have read a few posts about tires, but just want to hear more. I will probably ride this bike...
  19. JPaganel

    Rear wheel stuff

    I finally got the parts together to address my sticky rear brake. I couldn't quite figure out how to get it off, so I pulled the rear wheel. That, apparently, was a good thing. The bearings are very scratchy. The brake piston was cruddy and scratched. I have a new one. I will also replace...
  20. J

    Do you change your own tires?

    Just wanted to do a poll to see how many of us changed our own tires and how many paid shops to do it. I asked around last summer and most shops charged $40 - $100 (usually around $55) and I thought that was pretty steep - mainly because I used to work at a bicycle shop where it costs $8 labor...