1. peebuck

    1/4” collet rotary tools???

    I’m starting this thread because Im in the process of polishing the head of the bike using my Dremel. Then decide to start porting and polishing the head. How ever I can’t reach the inside of the bowls w/ my Dremel. East wood sells a port and polish mandrill kit how ever it requires a 1/4”...
  2. maxholland1

    Work space for a rebuild (NYC)

    I moved to NYC about a year ago and am dying to get back to building, as a hobby. I am looking to rent a work space to rebuild a motorcycle. I am willing to rent a work space on a monthly basis, over the winter. If the space has the tools, I would be even more grateful ($$).
  3. kshansen

    Stripped Spark Plug Hole 1978 XS400

    Not my fault must have been previous owner, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. But then the last owner did get the bike from me a few years back! He gave it back when his father in-law gave him a 1982 XS400. That father in-law would be my brother who got the 1982 XS400 from me! Anyhow back...
  4. J

    Recommendation for Lift for tear-down/repaint/rebuild/tires

    Model: 1980 XS400 Special (XS400SG) I am in need of a lift or some kind of solution to getting it up off the ground so I can remove both the wheels so I can replace the tires as well as do a complete tear down of the entire motorcycle for restoration, repainting, and then reassembly. The...
  5. NewHavenMike

    Torque wrenches.

    OK so Im in the market for a new torque wrench.. Maybe two of them. I have used/owned both click-type and beam style wrenches. Both were from Sears and I was happy about them. My place of employment uses Proto wrenches and those are sadly, out of my price range. They would never get used...
  6. D

    what's your toolbox stocked with?

    Tool talk time. What kind of brands of tools do you guys like to use? I'm talking about the meat and potatos of your toolboxes AKA wrenches/sockets/screwdrivers. Are you the type to dole out the big bucks for snap-on, or are you more of a harbour freight/whatever's on sale kind of...
  7. Lego

    Haynes manual for XS SOHC

    I dont remember if I downloaded this from this forum, if yes just let me know and i will delete this thread. Here is Haynes manual for XS400 up to 1978. i believe it can be helpfull.
  8. U

    Needed: Rotor Puller (Portland, Oregon, USA)

    6 weeks ago I found the rotor puller online for $2.42. :thumbsup: I paid for it, plus shipping, and have been checking the order status on their website ever since. The website appears to just keep incrementing the expected delivery date by one... :wtf: So far, they won't respond to...
  9. P

    List of items in original toolkit ?

    Hi all, is it possible to find what was included in original toolkit for Yamaha XS 400 12e (1986) ? I want to buy some basic tools and want something what fits my bike of course :-) But there's not list in manual and local dealers doesn't have original sets anymore. Thanks a lot
  10. N

    1978 XS400-2E Fuel Tank Bolt question

    So I've discovered that the bolt holding down my tank, near the seat, isn't a Hex bolt, but actually a hollow thread bolt. I'm guessing it's reverse threading. Not sure if any of you have run into this, or if the previous owner replaced the original bolt with this for some reason. Any...
  11. fR3ZNO

    Removing Seized Brake Caliper Piston

    Hey guys, Tried out the grease gun trick yesterday to remove my terribly seized caliper piston. Came out like a dream! So much easier than trying to use compressed air, heat, channel locks or whatever! Here's a quick little video showing what I did! Hope it helps. :):cheers::bike: Clicky Click
  12. rugbywarrior89

    Where can I get a decent cheap ohm meter.

    My voltage meter only goes down to 200 ohms and makes it somewhat difficult to measure 0.72 ohms for my stator. I looked all over town and couldn't find one lower than 200. I looked online and all I saw were huge machines upwards of $300. It seems to me I should be able to find one like my...
  13. JARichmond

    Planning a big road trip. HELP!

    Hey everybody. It's been a long time since I was a frequenter on this site, but I'm loving how much the community has grown since. Anyhow, I'm still alive, and haven't been run over yet. Now I come to you for advice. Recently I had a turn of events that led me to become very close with someone...
  14. Specdog

    Who owns a home Tire Changer?

    I'm fed up with paying extra cash to mount my online tire purchases at motorcycle shops. I'm an old dirt bike guy and have changed tires with hand tools many many times. I can't do that anymore because it causes me back pain that lasts for days. I'm researching cheap tire changers, specifically...
  15. Edward

    Measuring Float Height with clear tube on older carbs with no nipple

    I have a '78 model where the float bowls don't have the nipple to attach a hose to. I have the carb out of the bike and want to check the fuel height before I put it back. I believe I want the fuel level to be 2mm below the upper gasket mating surface of the float bowl. Any suggestion on...
  16. Herr_man

    Losing my shit over a stripped screw on the brake reservoir

    Dear fellow enthusiast, I'm no mechanic but I thought it would be easy to change my brake fluid on my '82 XS400. • So I got the the brake fluid. • I hooked up the clear plastic tube to the drain plug and put the other end in a container with the end submerged in new fluid. • I opened the...
  17. markjs

    Basket case bike carb question..?!?

    I got my basket case bike's cabs out to re-assemble and as it turns out they have been out so long the diaphragms have shrunk up and it's gonna be hell hard to get back in right without a trick that I don't know. My guess is to soak them in some gas to expand and make them stretchy but I ain't...
  18. SBrokaw

    Roadtrip breakdown preparation. What do I bring?

    Hey guys, I bought a 1981 XS400S last Saturday in my hometown but since then I've had to move 100 miles South to Corvallis for Spring term at Oregon State. I'm going to drive up to pick up the bike Wednesday and I could not be more excited. I could not sleep the night after I bought it and...
  19. maxholland1

    Sprocket Side Cover (Allen Bolts)

    Anyone know where to get the sizes for the Allen Bolts? I got a cover without any. Would it be in the Manual? Any other places?
  20. Pipeburn

    Timing Cover

    I got tired of having to statically time my bike, so I made a polycarbonate timing cover so that I could do it with a timing light. It's 1/2" polycarbonate, I cut the outside shape with a bandsaw, then smoothed it out with a belt sander. Then I used a mill to get clearance for the crank and...